1333 Vs 1600 DDR3- Which RAM Would Be The Winner?

What is the difference between 1333 and 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM? 1600MHz ram can be faster in performance with a lower clock cycle but costlier too. But in the battle of 1333 vs 1600 DDR3 …

What is the difference between 1333 and 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM? 1600MHz ram can be faster in performance with a lower clock cycle but costlier too.

But in the battle of 1333 vs 1600 DDR3 Rams, who will be the winner?

RAM is the middle ground between the ultra-fast Cache of the CPU and the extremely slow hard drive. RAM is like the actual workstation of the entire computer system. That’s why you must have the appropriate RAM installed among many variations available.

Today, we are going to compare and contrast DDR3 1333 and 1600 from different perspectives.

1333 Vs 1600 DDR3- Quick Comparison

Finding a clear winner between a 1333 MHz vs 1600 MHz might seem straightforward. It’s like, if you have the budget, then why not buy the later version? Right?

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Sometimes it’s not that simple. The difference between 1333mhz and 1600mhz ddr3 ram i.e. having high powered and the latest version, won’t guarantee the optimized performance you are looking for. Maybe this is why some folks find Patriot Signature 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Ram still suitable for their laptop memory upgrade.

But before diving into detail, let us give you the essential distinctions to select the winner from the tugging war between 1600 vs 1333 ddr3 ram.

DDR3 1333DDR3 1600
Memory Cap
10667 MB/S 12800 MB/S
 Frequency Speed 
1333 MHz 1600 MHz
 CAS Latency 
7-7-7-21 9-9-9-28
 Best Application 
Best suited for most processing tasks, editing can be done with ease, suitable for casual gaming Faster, can handle most tasks & multitasking, good for most games
 Price Difference 
Cheaper Costlier than 1333

1333 Vs 1600 DDR3 – Features Comparison

We have been using the Double Data Rate 3 or DDR3 RAMs since 2007. And so far, there are six standards with different ranges of BUS Clock Speed and memory ranges.

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However, DDR3 RAMs have a number of variants – upgraded and adjusted for catering to different requirements of the customers.  In that continuation, manufacturers rolled out 6 standards of DDR3 rams until the arrival of DDR4 rams. Little increments from their predecessors enriched each standard.

As a result, the comparison of 1600mhz vs 1333mhz might not be that much obvious in terms of actual usage. That’s because the 1600mhz was delivered to us just a while later after the 1333mhz ram for gaming was introduced. But that won’t be the case if you compare DDR3 800 MHz with DDR3 2133 MHz.

Let’s talk about features of the two members of the DDR3 family – 1333 vs 1600

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Memory Capacity

There isn’t much comparison between DDR3 1333 and DDR1600 in regards to their capacity to use memory from the storage.

As we know, the DDR3 standard is limited to enrich DRAM capacities only by up to 8 gigabits.  And the four memory ranks of 64 bits will give a total maximum of 16 gigabits per DDR3 DIMM.

Performance Speed

DDR3 Rams have a clock frequency of 667mhz. As the RAM performs on Double Data Rate Transfer System, the actual speed of DDR3 1333 rams actual speed would be 1333 mega transfers for every second.

In contrast, the base frequency of 1600 MHz rams delivers 1600 megabyte data transfer per second. But if you can get an 8GB Ram, Corsair Vengeance 1333 MHz DDR3 will not disappoint you in performance level.

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So, when DDR3 1600 can transmit 1.6 million signals every second, 1333 can transmit 1.3 million signals in that same time frame.

In both cases, the circuitry is suitably adapted to cool the arrays. But to perform special performances and complex calculations, additional parts like 2 rams of the same magnitude or different denominations are added.

However, in those cases, sufficient cooling must be arranged for the parts.

CAS Latency

You will be surprised when we will tell you that in the comparison of 1600 MHz vs 1333, the better performer will be DDR3 1333.

That’s because DDR3 1333 MHz CAS Latency 7-7-7-21 can provide additional bandwidth to the CPU than the DDR3 1600 MHz’s CAS Latency of 9-9-9-28. As the DDR3 1333 is equipped with more bandwidth, it will handle data more efficiently.

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1333 will be slow by 2, but this low CAS Latency will deliver the same user which is 500mhz faster. For example, people use the Kingston ValuaRam 2x4GB of 1333MHz as the best for money Ram.

For this mechanism of CAS Latency, DDR3 1600 will be equal to or somewhat faster than DDR3 1866.

Best Application

DDR3 1333 and DDR3 1600 both run on 1.5v. It means that both the variants deliver the same amount of heat by creating the same ranges of power.  So both cause the same tear and wear on chips and motherboard, and you can’t really differentiate them based simply on the length of usage.

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As we have discussed earlier, low latency numbers can come in handy when and if you want to boost up the ram to experience incremental but noteworthy improvements in day-to-day use. From this angle, you would be better off by choosing DDR3 1333.

On the other hand, if you are into editing, graphics designing, or minute detail-oriented tasks, you should opt for DDR3 1600. If you work on 3d rendering with other advanced features, DDR3 1660’s extra clock speed and bandwidth are better suited to serve you than 1333.

Let’s talk about 1333Mhz vs 1600Mhz RAM Gaming

DDR3 1600 MHz rams have a BUS Clock Speed of 1600 MHz  – it means it uses a wavelength of 1600 MHZ for transferring data 3200 times every second.

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For most games, this speed is good enough. If the other components of your system don’t create any performance issues, the DDR3 1600 will run smoothly and cause no lagging for most games.

For DDR3 1333, this isn’t the case. The different BUS Clock speeds won’t be able to provide the experience that you can have from DDR3 1600.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use DDR 1333 and DDR3 12600 together?

Since there isn’t an issue regarding DDR3 1333 vs 1600 compatibility, you can use both of them together. But the faster RAM will be the default one for your system, and the system will be having the same speed as the faster variant can provide. And they will not be working as Dual Channel.

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Is there a big difference between 1333 and 1600 ram?

The truth is, there isn’t a big difference. 1600 was good for most games and 1333 wasn’t very far in coping up also. 1600 is equipped to handle more complex tasks with multitasking. 1600 could also handle most games but lacked performance in features like 3D rendering.

Can I use two different ram brands?

You can use two different ram brands. And you probably won’t notice any issues if you get the different brands assembled perfectly with matching voltage, CAS Latency, timings, etc. But for true performance-enhancing, you should mix the exact replica of the same rams into your system.

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Final Words

The comparison between 1333 Vs 1600 DDR3 will tend to side with 1600 if you are up for multitasking and precision gaming. But for general use and performance, there isn’t much to distinguish between the two.

Now it’s up to you – you have to decide if spending a few dollars more will be worth having the later variant.

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