22 Vs 24 Inch Monitor | Gaming Rig Or Viewing Comfort?

What are the differences between a 22 inch and 24-inch monitor? The most fundamental difference is straightforward. You will get a comparatively wider screen with a 24-inch monitor than a 22-inch monitor. We are sure …

What are the differences between a 22 inch and 24-inch monitor? The most fundamental difference is straightforward. You will get a comparatively wider screen with a 24-inch monitor than a 22-inch monitor. We are sure it starts making sense.

But, when discussing the 22 Vs 24 Inch Monitor deeply, many possible aspects come to the action. As we go deeper, you will know all these primary factors in different parts of this particular blog.

22 Vs 24 Inch Monitor

Factors22 Inch Monitor24 Inch Monitor
ResolutionBetter resolutionMuch better resolution than a 22-inch monitor.
Screen Size18 inches wide and 10 inches tall20 inches wide and 12 inches tall
PriceUnstable price condition.A bit more expensive than a 22-inch monitor.
Usabilityis used for various purposes.Especially in gaming and many others.
DeskFits on Small DeskA more expansive desk will suit it.

Though you will not find major differences between 22-inch and 24-inch monitors, whatever you see will help you make the proper decision. Many companies make monitors for PCs and stuff like that. The performance may also vary with the types of companies producing monitors.

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Some people may plan to use two monitors or are already doing so, but they are eager to upgrade. As you will be spending your money, you need to make the best decision possible. It makes no difference how much money you wish to invest.

In the next segments of this article, we’ll compare. You must ensure that the parameters are appropriate for your situation. We’ve combed through the most well-known forum sites and other trustworthy sources to help you make an informed decision based on essential variables.


It is important to be satisfied with the resolution you are getting with the monitors. We are talking about this because the monitor’s resolution plays a prominent role in buying a monitor. You will often see people asking about resolution when they purchase a monitor.

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You should also have a clear idea of the monitor’s aspect ratio. Some people ask, Is a 22-inch monitor good for work? To be honest, it depends on many possible factors. According to some, the main differences between monitors are their sizes, but resolution also plays a significant role.

Undoubtedly, people worldwide want the best resolution on their monitors, which is 1080p. Besides, the standard pixel grid is 1920×1080. On a 22-inch monitor, the mentioned resolution seems quite reasonable. That means, if you have more concerns regarding resolution and pixels, you can still go with it.

On the other hand, the resolution remains almost the same if we talk about a 24-inch computer monitor. But, you may find 4K resolution here, in this case, if a renowned company manufactures it. There is some confusion about whether 1440 p is ideal for a 24” monitor or not.

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Screen Size

A two-year-old may notice which one is bigger, between 22 Vs 24 Inch Monitors. But, there is also something that you need to know about these two types of monitors. If we first talk about the HP 22-inch monitor, it has a height of 39.5 cm whereas, the width is 51.5 cm. These measurements also vary with the model you are talking about here.

If we have our eyes on the text mode, you will get 720 × 400.

You can’t have the same number of features in most 22-inch monitors regarding size measurement.

You will indeed have a comparatively larger screen on a 24-inch monitor. From resolution to the text mode side. But, the differences are not so prominent as we mentioned earlier too. As the screen size is a bit bigger than a 22-inch computer monitor, you will also get a better viewing angle with it. The height and width ratio will also increase in this scenario.

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Another case often irritates the monitor users, showing negative pictures. If you buy monitors from reputable manufacturers, you don’t need to face the hassle.


If you are done with any particular monitor, there’s no need to upgrade to another one. That’s why you need to know the usability of these monitors. There are many conditions where a type of monitor will be appropriate.

You see a 22-inch monitor, especially in an office environment. There, the office staff has to involve themselves in basic computing activities.

Tasks like Microsoft Office and basic computing browsing can be done with a 22-inch computer monitor. If you can perform these tasks with a 17-inch monitor.

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If you are a passionate gamer, then a 24-inch inch monitor will give you a decent experience. Graphics designers have to perform their tasks from a different point of view and several angles. For these, the 22-inch computer will be suitable.


We know this section is fascinating and quite usual too. Desk creates significance in your working space. Well, you can choose any type of desk that you can afford. There are many ranges of desks out there on the market.

A perfect desk also increases the charmingness of your workspace. Thus, people buy computer monitors with the idea of desks in their minds.

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If you have a comparatively tiny workspace, you can pick small desks that suit your workplace.

On the contrary, a bigger workspace needs more enormous decks, but these are uncertain. You can note this on the 22 Vs 24 Inch Monitor discussion.

Furthermore, you hardly get a desk with your monitor. You can easily customize your desk with wherever design you can.

There are also too many factors like refresh rate, panel type, etc. must come into your consideration. Viewing distance can also be a significant factor while choosing a monitor.

Price Point

We know the feeling of the newbies. Those who are contemplating the purchase of their very first monitor, usually care about their budget. Hence, if you are very tight with your budget, a 22-inch monitor will be very much perfect for you. The prices of monitors around the market are different. Many unknown brands also make monitors. So, don’t mess about the lowest price you will get in those.

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But if you compare a 24-inch monitor with a 22-inch monitor, focusing on budget, you may pick a 22-inch monitor.

If we look at the current situation of the monitor market, let us give you an idea. The current price of the Samsung 22-inch monitor is about 149$. If we look at the Samsung 24-inch monitor, the price will go up to 270$ with model variations.

As we have said earlier, if you want to save your money and sacrifice the viewing experience a bit, purchasing a 22-inch monitor will be the best for you.

But the prices of different monitors change for quite a few reasons, but you always have to pay more for the larger size of the monitor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 22 inch Monitor Big Enough?

Well, it depends totally on your perception. a 22-inch monitor will be enough for you don’t play a big resolution game or stuff like that. You can carry out all sorts of computer tasks on it.
Millions of people worldwide use a 22-inch monitor as a primary monitor.

Is a 22 or 24-inch monitor better?

Based on your point of view. But, as you get a bigger screen on a 24-inch monitor, the resolution and the angle view will remain perfect. But then again, you are still not saying a 22-inch monitor is inferior.

Is a 24-inch monitor enough for work?

Bare enough. You can do all sorts of work with a 24-inch monitor. You can also go for the bigger monitor, but this size will be entirely appropriate. You will get access to optimizing modern resolution. If you are working with Adobe products, you may have a fascinating experience.

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Is a 22 or 24-inch monitor better?

Both these types of monitors are better based on your usage. You may find a bit of advantage with a 24-inch monitor, but there are not many differences with a 22-inch monitor.

What Should Be Your Pick?

Now is the time for deciding about 22 Vs 24 inch Monitor considering the above factors. The sizes of monitors mentioned here in this blog are highly familiar. People with the first computer experience will like to buy either a 22 or 24-inch monitor having a tight budget.

If you want to save your money a bit, then going with a 22-inch monitor will be a better solution for you. On the other hand, if your activity is related to graphics or something that needs a better resolution, why not pick a 24-inch monitor? Do you still have confusion?

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