8GB Vs 16GB RAM: Does More Means Better?

What is the difference between 8GB and 16GB ram? One of the crucial differences between 8 GB ram and 16 GB ram is that the more access memory, the more smooth the device’s work performance. …

What is the difference between 8GB and 16GB ram? One of the crucial differences between 8 GB ram and 16 GB ram is that the more access memory, the more smooth the device’s work performance.

In 2021, 8 GB ram is enough for a smartphone; it is a must-have for pcs.  Although you own a high RAM device, it might over drain your device.

We have compared 8GB vs 16GB RAM based on different factors and included a comparison chart below to clear all of your confusion.

8GB Vs 16GB RAM- Comparison at a Glance

 Concern 8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
  Web Browsing Maximum 8000 tab at onceMaximum 9000 tab at once
Graphics card only game   No Yes
Photo & Video editingIt can go up to 10+ photos and 5+ video editing at 1080pIt can go up to 23+ images and 9+ video editing at 4k
Office, Programming & MediaProgramming software lacks at eight GbYes

Now, explore the head-on-head comparison showcase.

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Differences in Memory Speed

RAM speed simply means the amount of command it can do per second. Despite the slight differences between ram 8gb vs 16gb, external factors such as frequency, bandwidth, and device processor impact their speed.

Windows 10 with 8GB DDR4 can have a speed of 2400MHz. But Mac does better in managing memory than Windows. Hence, 16 Gb ram gives Mac extra space for running more applications at a go.

For a semi-professional use, the 8gb vs 16gb ram macbook pro is different as 16 GB can process applications like Illustrator faster than eight GB. A 16Gb 3200MHz ram kit in Windows processes per command less than a second is excellent for high-motion graphics and professional office use.

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Storage Capacity Is a Big Concern

The Motherboard processor and capacity of a ram have a relative relation. While searching on the internet, you’ll find questions like how much ram do i need laptop wise? Regardless of Windows & Mac, this answer varies from device to device.

An original Macbook (2006) is not compatible with 16Gb ram. Still, it can work up to 8GB because it has a 32-bit operating system that understands four GB and somewhat 8GB. Both 8GB & 16 GB works on total capacity on a 64-bit operating system.

Windows 11 (64 bit) takes above 2 GB to command basic tasks, leaving a capacity of almost 6gbs to run other applications. So if it increases to 16 GB, then you get 14 GB capacity to run applications.

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Surprisingly, the latest macOS 12 can run on 4GB and extend to 8GB; it optimizes total capacity. The difference of 8gb vs 16gb immensely lessens if the operating system isn’t 64bit. So, if you have a 64-bit laptop and use creative cloud service, then go for 16 GB.

Comparing the Performance & Workspace

Recently our experts experimented with a Lenovo Thinkpad 2021 by installing a 16 GB ram into it. The boot wasn’t a problem, but somehow it was slower, and eventually, it stopped. The 16GB ram is overperforming for the Thinkpad, and RAM should never be excess than required specification.

When users load different software and browser tabs on their computer, the load goes to the available ram. The more software & tabs open, the more ram space covers up. For example, rendering 1920p x 1080p video will take above 7 GB out of 8 GB ram.

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On the contrary, the same resolution rendering will take above 6 GB out of 16 GB. Your Windows or Mac will slow down if you open browser tabs amidst rendering in 8 GB. But for 16 GB, it will go smoothly and will take less than 5 minutes.

In case of excess load, Mac creates an auto swipe file on its hard drive, but for Windows, the computer will crash. So between an 8gb vs 16gb ram laptop, a 16 GB will perform better due to more memory space.

Gaming Efficacy

The most famous debate till now is probably the 8gb ram vs 16gb ram gaming system. However, regardless of Mac or Windows, Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) affects gaming experience and quality depending on ram.

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Even if you have a 16bg VRAM and 4 GB ram, the top games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey won’t work on your computer. We ran a test with popular games with both rams using a Core i9-9900K.

As Far Cry 6 only takes 6.6 GB, it did great on the 8 GB ram. Our 8 GB ram computer didn’t make up for the Resident Evil: Village because it took a 9.9 GB allocation on the 16 GB one. Now in 2021, 8 GB memory is the bare minimum for gaming.

Advanced games like Cyberpunk 2077 start with 8 GB and 16 GB ++ are recommended for better visuals. In the case of 8gb and 16gb ram gaming, the sixteen GB one will undoubtedly provide a better visual and gaming experience.

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Price Difference

Separate RAMs are affordable and vary by version and gigabyte. By default, if we compare 16gb ram vs 8gb, 16 gigabytes with higher frequency speed can be expensive.

Currently, DDR4 is the latest upgrade, and the computer motherboard only accepts one ram. We recommend going for a DDR4 upgrade for regular to professional use.

Most windows 8 to 16 GB rams are under $150. However, an 8GB laptop or built desktop will cost from $450 to $800, where a 16 GB one will cost $700++.

However, a separate Mac 8 GB ram upgrade costs up to $100 and 16 Gb at $200. Buying a Macbook or Mac computer 8 or 16 GB costs $900 and more as the gigabyte increases. In terms of 8gb ram vs 16gb ram price, eight gigabytes comes cheaper. If you need a laptop for regular usage, price-wise, go for an 8GB one. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 8GB Ram Enough for Office Work?

An 8GB ram is great for small businesses, but large industry and marketing companies should go for 16 GB. In case office work doesn’t need a high functioning application, 8GB should be acceptable.

Is It Worth Upgrading from 8GB to 16GB RAM?

If you use the creative cloud, blender, and play high-resolution games, then it is worth it. But for Netflix and regular browsing, 8GB provides a standard experience.

Is 8GB Ram Enough for Gaming 2020?

Most games now require being 8 GB. It is enough, but for better gaming, between 16gb vs 8gb, 16 wins.

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Can I Use 16 GB RAM with 8 GB RAM?

The answer is yes. But users must match sticks, CAS latency, speed, and timing for a smooth experience.

Is 8GB RAM Enough for A Laptop for Students?

Unless you are an engineering student, an 8 GB ram should be more than enough. But because of high-performing programming resolution engineering students should go for a 16 GB laptop.

Which RAM Should You Buy?

In recent years, the evolution of social media, digital content, and gaming has made manufacturers upgrade their device specs compatible with higher RAM. Between 8GB vs 16GB RAM, there’s little difference.

However, for students, small office work, media, and regular gaming, 8 GB ram are suitable. But if you’re a photographer, software engineer, live streamer, work in a large office, and need to open many tabs, then 16 GB ram would be the best choice.

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