ASUS Laptop Battery Replacement Cost Guide with Top 7 Battery Suggestion

Asus laptop battery replacement cost is one of the buzzing issues among Asus laptop users. If you are one of them, we have a solution for you in this article.

It is quite a normal phenomenon that the capacity of any laptop battery will reduce day today. So you need to keep a concept on the replacement costs and categories.

In this article, we have prepared a complete guide for you to help with the battery replacement decisions. Please get through the entire content to avoid misconceptions.

ASUS Laptop Battery Replacement Cost: A to Z Guide

To tackle the Asus batteries replacement issues, Asus itself has launched a variety of battery models. Besides the Asus laptop battery originals, other brands produce model-specified batteries for Asus laptops only. In this part, we will discuss all those available battery replacement costs with laptop model specifications.

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Replacing Cost at Service Center

Service centers will certainly claim some servicing prices. It is better to get the service from an authentic or Asus original servicing shop. It might cost a bit higher than the random service centers, but at the same time will ensure a reliable servicing experience and longer battery life.

When you only change the battery, they charge the battery and labor cost (until you bought it earlier). This cost starts around $11.72 to $17.58 and can go higher.

From a random, non-original service center, it might cost comparatively lower than these prices. And when you are one of the lucky ones, you can also find it within around $10.

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As a matter to clarify, we are not trying to convince you to feel inferior to the other servicing shops despite the original ones. As any original service providers are quite expensive, most people prefer the non-originals. So, you might find them not just cheaper but also reliable than the originals.

Replacing at Home

Asus laptop batteries are easily replaceable at home with a basic idea, and you will only need to pay for the battery. Then just follow these simple steps,

Steps for an internal/ non-removal laptop battery-

  1. Power off your Asus laptop
  2. Unscrew the bottom part
  3. Detach the top carefully
  4. There is a ribbon cable and a keyboard connection plugged in with the motherboard. Carefully unplug both
  5. Take the top part off your laptop.
  6. Right next to your screen, you will find the old battery attached. Take it out.
  7. Place the new battery.
  8. Assemble the top part connecting the cables inside
  9. Screw up the bottom considering the screw sizes
  10. Turn on your laptop
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The only thing to consider is while unscrewing the bottom part, use the manual as each screw hole contains screws of different shapes.

Steps for a removal battery-

Here, the steps are pretty easy and quick too.

  • Just pull out the battery latches holding the battery panel from the back
  • After that, remove the battery cover
  • Take out the battery
  • And place the new battery
  • Then, just reassemble the cover,

And you’re good to go with your laptop with the newly inserted battery.

A Brief Guide to Asus Laptop Battery

The replacement prices of batteries depend on the type of batteries. The original battery prices range higher than the generic batteries. Here are some factors you will need to get through before selecting a new battery for your Asus laptop,

  1. Battery aging: Typically works with 300 to 500 life cycles.
  2. Standard battery care: provides suggestions for charging the battery (basically suggests full charge every 3 months).
  3. Battery optimization procedures: Suggested uses that are prohibited by the brand.
  4. Warranty period: Generally 1 to 1.5 years.
  5. Damages that are not covered by the warranty: Damages due to non-original repair and moisture damage etc.
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The battery life typically depends on life cycles, temperature, and usage. Almost all the batteries come with a warranty period of a year, which is typically its life cycle.

Which Battery is Used in ASUS Laptop?

Any Lithium-ion battery with a good discharging rate can smoothly go with your Asus laptop.

However, in this portion, we have a short-list of 7 top-rated Asus laptop-compatible batteries with the featuring benefits just for you,

Battery ModelsKey FeaturePrice
NinjaBatt High-Performance Battery4 cell high-performance battery with true discharging rate.Check on Amazon
EXXACT PARTS Low Power Consuming BatteryFast charging and long-lastingCheck on Amazon
Amanda A42-G750 A Grade Cell BatteryComes with a built-in safe circuitCheck on Amazon
Futurebatt High Quality 6 Cell BatteryBoth internal safety and certification with rechargeable optionCheck on Amazon
Cuepy Lipolymer Rechargeable BatteryJust perfect with simple installationCheck on Amazon
Fully Polymer Cell BatteryGood quality featuring as claimedCheck on Amazon
DMKAOLLK 6 Cell batteryComplete protection featuringCheck on Amazon

If you have made up to this far, you already have the best battery models. The next thing you need to do is to make sure the suit of your Asus laptop model.

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The original battery serves the best to any device. So, to avoid your Asus laptop battery replacement cost, we suggest you operate your laptop most decently, advised by the brand community. Your gadget needs your help to serve you best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is to replace an ASUS laptop battery?

The original Asus Laptop batteries range from around $17 and go up to $58 and higher.

How long can ASUS laptop battery last?

The Asus original batteries serve around an average of 300 life cycles which is approximately a year or 2 under a temperature of more or less 25℃.

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Can I still use my laptop if the battery needs to be replaced?

Of course, you can! All you need at this point is to use the adapter every time. But it’s best to replace the battery and not to let the dead battery remain inside for long.

Can you use ASUS laptop without battery?

The answer is YES! Until your laptop is plugged in with a power source.

Is it worth replacing a laptop battery?

It could be. If you replace your laptop battery with a new suitable one, more importantly, model specified, then it will easily serve your computer with a longer life cycle.

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Can ASUS Laptop Battery Be Replaced?

Asus laptop batteries are replaceable, and you can replace them yourself. But if you are new to doing such laptop servicing works, you must take it to a service center.

Final Words

No more waits; choose the best suite battery for your Asus laptop and get started for the best experience with your gadget.

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