Can You Cut LED Light Strips? 4 Easy Steps& Done!

Can you cut the LED light strip? Yes. You can cut the Led light strip to make it the right size to match your need. Though some brands provide a light strip with no cut …

Can you cut the LED light strip? Yes. You can cut the Led light strip to make it the right size to match your need. Though some brands provide a light strip with no cut line, some LED light strip comes with certain cut lines, making it easier to size the strip.

Cutting LED light strips is quite tricky. You can cut the strip, maintaining caution in the right way. In this article, the LED lightweight strip cutting process is included step-by-step. You also get the answer to other questions regarding LED light strips.

How Can You Cut LED Light Strips?

In the light strip, you will find specific small parts. You have to cut the strip in this part. As these parts are small in size, you have to do it very gently.

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Can you cut LED light strips and still work? Yes, if you can purchase those LED light strip that has the function of cutting them in size. If your light strip cannot work after cutting, it can be unusable.

So, let’s explore the steps of cutting the LED light strip.

Step-1: Cut the Power

Before beginning the procedure, cut the power supply line or turn the power off. If power is on, it can cause a dangerous accident.

Step-2: Measure the Strip Length

Can you cut LED light strips to size? Yes, your can. That is why you have to measure the length of the strip and find out how much you have to cut to reach the desired length. Once you cut it shorter than your need, you cannot get it back in the correct size.

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Step-3: Search the Cut Mark

On the light strip, there are cut marks with scissors logo you have to cut it precisely on that point. So, find these cut marks on the light strip. Then choose a cut mark that is near to the point which keeps the strip right in length.

Step-4: Cut

Take your scissors and cut straight into the scissor logo mark of the strip. If you mistakenly cut it at an angle or diagonally, it will stop the light strip from working or damage it. So, you have slowly cut it in the right place.

If you cut LED light, will both sides still work? Yes, it will. But after cutting it, you have to reconnect the strip to work again. You will need a 4 pin connector to reconnect it, and you have to buy it separately.

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Let’s Know the Steps to Reconnect the LED Light Strip

Step-1: Buy the Corrector Connector

If you buy a connector without matching the need, it will not work. You have to know the strip width. Then you have to purchase a 4-pin connector with an exact match with the stripline width.

Step-2: Set the Connector

The connector comes covered. So, first, open the connector cover and then place the ends of the light strip into the connector clips. Here, follows the instruction given in the connector pack.

Step-3: Cover Connector

Now place the cover of the connector. Turn the power supply on and light the light strip to check if it is working right. If not, you have to cut the power supply again and check if you have placed the strip cut ends into the connector correctly. Adjust it and then again check.

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Now your cut light strip works appropriately.

Additional Tips

  • Though you can cut the light strip end and work well, this job is quite tricky. The strip cut end should be placed precisely at the precise place. That’s why it is tough to connect it properly. So, be careful when cutting the strip’s length and do not waste a bit.
  • There is a chance you cannot connect it correctly, and it strips working. So, check the required length of the strip before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cut and reuse LED strips?

Yes, you can cut the LED light strip and reuse the cut portions. There are several circuits in one light strip. If you can cut the strip correctly and connect it correctly, you can reuse both the cut parts. But your light strip must have the ability to work after cutting.

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What happens if you cut LED strips?

If your light strip has the functioning ability to work after cutting, you can cut it. After cutting the strip at the right cut marks, you have to set it to a 4-pin connector and then use it where you want to fix it.

How many times can you cut LED Strip Lights?

You can cut the LED light strip multiple times. It depends on the number of circuits in your light strip. The different light strip has different cutting ability. Most of the light strips can be cut three times.

Can You Cut LED Light Strips and Reconnect Them?

Yes, it is possible, but not for all the strips. Some light strips from several brands have the function of cutting and modification. In these strips, you will find the cut mark with the scissors logo where you have to cut it. So, you can cut only these strips and then reconnect them to the power supply.

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Can You Cut LED Light Strips Anywhere?

No, you cannot. There are specific tiny parts where you can cut it. In the strip, you will find the scissors logo and precisely cut the strip at that place. If you do not cut at this cut mark, the light strip can damage and stop working. When cutting, you have to cut it straight. A diagonal cut can be risky.

Can You Cut Led Light Strips to Make Them Shorter?

Yes, you can. When you find the light strip longer than you need, you can cut it to make it in the right length size. Generally, a LED strip has the cut mark in 5 cm or 10 cm intervals. So, it is easy to cut it to the correct sizing.

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Can You Cut Led Light Strips Multiple Times?

Yes, you can cut the LED light strip multiple times if you cut it at the correct point. The scissor logo notes the cut mark in a straight line. As the light strip has several individual circuits, you can see each part. So, it is safe to cut a light strip more than one time.

Final Words

Most of the light strip comes in a standard size. As you want to set it for a particular purpose, you need the strip as the length where you put it. The solution to getting the light strip in the correct desired size is to cut it. Can you cut LED light strips? Yes, you can cut it.

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There is a risk of having the strip damaged if you cut it wrong. So, know the procedure and necessary tips from this article, then cut it to enjoy the perfect lighting.

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