How Can You Use A Monitor Without A PC in Different Ways?

Many people ask can you use a monitor without a pc? Well, yes, it is possible. A monitor is just the display screen that shows what it is connected with. Apart from the computer, there are several uses of a monitor that you can be a help in your daily necessities.

We always try to come up with simple solutions to your problems by researching technical gadgets. As always, this time, we will show you how to use a monitor without a PC.

Hopefully, this article will also work as a solution to your problem. Let’s move on to our discussion.

Can You Use A Monitor Without A Pc?

Yes, a monitor is a display output device that you can use in various ways without a PC. Connect the monitor to tv, Android Box and gaming consoles, etc., and use it without any computer.

If your monitor has HDMI options and an HDMI cable, of course, you can use the monitor with any laptop.

Then again, you can also connect the monitor with your gaming consoles such as the PS3, PS4, or PS5. The extreme gamers may get the kick to try connecting now!

Besides, if you want can use the monitor for playing any high-resolution videos or images. Oh, you can connect the laptop to a monitor to broaden your laptop’s working visibility.

Moreover, some monitors come with more than one port. With them, you can use the monitor for any presentation show also.

Use Monitor as a TV

Using modern technology, you can easily convert your monitor to a TV. To do this, you need to have an HDMI port on your monitor that allows you to connect it to modern devices.

However, many older monitors do not have HDMI input. If your monitor is without an HDMI port, you can use the HDMI to VGA converter. Below is a step-by-step process of turning a monitor into a TV:

  • Turn off your monitor and connect the HDMI input port of the converter to the monitor.
  • Then connect the VGA output port of the converter to a VGA cable.
  • Now connect the other end of the VGA cable to your setup box.
  • Turn on the power on your computer, turn on the display, and select the VGA signal source on display.
  • Connect the audio cable from your converter to your speaker. 

How to Use Monitor as Laptop Screen connector

You can also use your unused monitor as a laptop duplicate screen. A monitor can duplicate a laptop screen via a VGA cable. You can also attach a monitor to a laptop if you need a larger screen for a larger workplace. The process is described below that you can follow to connecting a laptop to a monitor.

  • Step-1: First, turn on the laptop and plug a VGA cable into the monitor.
  • Connect the other end to the laptop and turn on the monitor.
  • If your laptop detects active VGA, it will display a duplicate screen image on the monitor by default.

Now you will notice the same display duplicate on each screen. But if you want to control your laptop display, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the “Windows” Start button to change the settings of the dual monitor.
  • Now, enter a new window by clicking on “Control Panel.”
  • Go to a new window and click “Adjust screen resolution” under the heading “Appearance and personalization” and then click the drop-down box next to the “Multiple displays” setting.
  • Now select your preferred display option from the list and click “OK.” In this case, the laptop’s screen is considered “Monitor 1,” and the screen of the monitor is considered “Monitor 2”.

How to Use Monitor With Android Device?

From the discussion above, we learned how to use a monitor without a PC. Many people may want to know that ‘can use a monitor without a pc as android device?’ They will be surprised to know that I use a monitor with an Android device. You can also use it by connecting it to an android device like a monitor TV device. Let’s take a look at the processes:

  • Almost all monitors currently come with at least the HDMI cord connection availability. Connect the cable through the cable to the Android phone adapter to the monitor.
  • Then, plug in the cables from the Android card device and the monitor as well to the main socket to power them up both.
  • Turn on the devices, and configure the settings of the Android device by connecting it to the Wifi router.

Now, enjoy!

Some android phones have their own built software to mirror the android phone to monitor, like the Samsung Dex. For a broader screen performance environment, these devices are useful to use the monitor without connecting to the PC.

How to Use a Gaming Console with Monitor?

If you do not have good gaming monitors, this is a chance to use the computer monitor for game.

Just connect any gaming console to the display ports and done. Below is the process of connecting the gaming console to the monitor:

  • First, plug one end of an HDMI cable into the gaming console and the other end into the monitor.
  • Now connect the video cable of the console to the converter box. Input the console plugs into the same input group so that the colors of the plugs match in the converter box.
  • Connect the monitor to the adapter box or port’s output using the suitable cable on the monitor.
  • Select the correct input, but if there is only one input, the console should be visible until the monitor and console are turned on. Finally, connect the audio cable to the HDMI converter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you connect a console to a monitor without a PC?

Yes, you undoubtedly can connect any gaming or other console to your monitor, and you won’t need the help of using any computer.

Does a computer monitor have memory?

Yes, many modern monitors have a memory used to control the monitor’s configuration.


A monitor is not just to use with the computer only. We know it as an output device and so it can show the outputs of all of its supported peripherals.

Use a monitor as a TV screen, a gaming screen with your Play Station, an external monitor for your laptop, and many more.

So, hopefully, now you got the answer to your question that can use a monitor without a pc or not!

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