Cooler Master RGB Software Not Working- Reasons & Solution

Cooler Master RGB Software lets you take complete control of fan colors. There are loads of preset modes that enable you to create fascinating lighting. The problems come when you find the cooler master RGB software not working.

It can be happening due to wrong connections or any issue with the device. It is necessary to connect all the software and fan cables to the PC to get the control to run it.

However, today, we will know what the problems can be and the solutions to responsible reasons.

So, go through this and get all your answers.

Know Why Cooler Master RGB Software Not Working

A message stuck on the monitorChange the connector to USB 2.0
The issue with pairing RGB with MotherboardUse 3 in 1 RGB splitter
Cooler Master fan controller issueCarefully match the header type

Now, let’s resolve the above issues. When you face problems with the cooler master RGB controller, there are specific ways to solve them.

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Problem-1: Device Not Found Issue

After changing the RGB settings to Wraith prism cooler master, you may see a message “please plug in your cm device to continue.” This screen gets stuck, and you cannot go further without giving a solution to it.


If you can switch the USB connector to a USB 2.0 connector, the problem will be solved, and it will start to run as well.

By changing the connector, you should plug off all the connections and then again plug them on. Then run it, and it will be smooth.

Problem-2: Pairing Problem

When people begin to pair a cooler with the other motherboard, connecting the USB cable and the RGB cables from the cooler to the motherboard becomes very tough. People get it hard and cannot find the solution to it.

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The easier solution to pairing the cooler master RGB software with the motherboard is to use the 3 in 1 RGB splitter. There is a line with four holes and pins in the RGB and splitter cables. In the RGB connectors, there will be proper markings showing where you have to connect which cables.

And don’t forget to follow the lines and markings to make appropriate connections. Remember to connect female connectors with holes from the lightning units into the splitter.

After connecting the cooler master software connections to the RGB controller hub, you have to check all the connections again to ensure that all the links are well matched.

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You may need two additional cables to attach, where one goes to the SATA power output connector from PSU, and the other goes to the motherboard USB 2.0 header. This USB 2.0 is used to communicate with the RGB hub.

Problem-3: Fan Connection Issue

After installing a cooler master hyper connecting to the cooler master fan controller, lightning may not turn on. Even if the connection is with the motherboard from the 12V RGB header fan cable, it may not work well.


In this type of connection, make sure to match the header type to the RGB lighting system. You will find two kinds of header systems. One has a 3-pin system, and it is called Addressable RGB or ARGB.

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For this ARGB pin system, you have to connect then to the 3-pin motherboard header. This 3-pin motherboard looks like a 4-pins system with a missing hole only. 

When you are working on connecting the lighting system to the motherboard header, you will not use the Cooler Master fans software tool. You have to use the software that comes with the motherboard on its onboard RGB header.

Wait, Do You Know How To Connect The Cooler Master RGB Controller LED?

Connecting the cooler master RGB controller is not a big deal. Follow the steps below:

Step-1: You just have to collect or purchase an internal USB header to the USB-type female cable. They are low in the price range.

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Step-2: To connect the RGB controller, you plug the USB female cable into the board.

Step-3: Now connect the RGB controller into a standard Micro USB cable that can be a typical cable of an android phone. Now, you will see that the windows and work will catch the controller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Cooler Master have RGB software?

Yes, they have. To fully benefit from the color lightning service, you have to use RGB LED controller and the Cooler Master Software. If you can use them pairing, you can have the best control of RIG lightning, allowing you to take it to a further level. You can use thousands of color combinations and lighting effects with complete customization.

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Is Cooler Master RGB software good?

From KitGuru’s saying, it has been proved that the Cooler Master RGB Software is a successful option for using LED. It provides the easy operation feature and profound control on LED lightning software by the RGB motherboard.

What’s the difference between ARGB and RGB?

ARGB and RGB are two headers that connect LED strips with other lightning accessories to the PC. An RGB header has a 12V 4-pin connector, and it can control colors on the strip in a limited number of points. ARGB has a 5V 3-pin connector, and it can control more colors on the strip.

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Final Words

Cooler Master lighting is a fantastic, fun, and decorative option. When you have the control to set the lighting option, it will bring more joy.

It is possible by the combination of Cooler master lighting fan and the RGB software. The problem arises when we see Cooler Master RGB software not working.

With the detailed solution to every problem with the connections and settings of the cooler master RGB software can make smooth use of this software. Get the answers and grab all the fun from this software.

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