Corsair Fans Spinning But No RGB Quick Fixes

Building a gaming pc nowadays requires the whole setup to be cool and look cool at once. And the Corsair RGB fans made it more viable as they provide vibrant colors along with decent cooling.

Yet, on many occasions, we run into Corsair fans spinning but no RGB problems. It can be just an outdated software issue or sometimes deeper.

In today’s discussion, we will look into the causes of RGB issues common among corsair fans and come up with a few fixes in the later parts that may resolve this issue for good. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the causes of such mishaps first.

Why Corsair Fans Spinning But No RGB

Faulty RGB issuesPossible solutions
Outdated Corsair Link FirmwareManual update of the iCUE version
Sections of LED not workingResetting the cables in the node and Hub
Spinning but no lighting at allTroubleshooting SATA connection
Reverting to default rainbow colorsAuthorize administrative permissions

Corsair 220T RGB Fans Not Lighting Up Fix

Corsair’s iCUE 220T casings have three preset fans with RGB connected to the Lighting Node. As they are connected from before, there is less chance of things going sideways.

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However, If you happen to have a problem with the RGB lights particularly, like partial lighting or no lighting at all, follow the instructions:

  • For any Corsair fans are spinning but no RGB, check if you have connected the lighting node with the Power Supply using a SATA connector. If you have, look for other free SATA power outlets, connect with them, and see if the fans light up.
  • As the fan model with this casing is SP120 pro, while setting up the lighting with iCUE Software, be sure to choose “SP RGB Series Fans” from the “Lighting Channel 1” dropdown Menu. (Try again selecting Channel 2 which will resolve the possibility of Labelling errors)
  • If there are more coolers, disconnect them and occupy 1,2, and 3 ports of the lighting control hub with the connectors of the attached RGB fans. If it still does not light up, it is possibly because one or more of your fans are inoperative. To check which ones are working, connect them once at a time.
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For instance, an inoperative fan connected to port 1 will make others inactive too. Disconnect the malfunctioning fan and once again connect the remaining ones with the Hub. This fix applies to Corsair fan no RGB issues. They will be functioning alright now, but the inoperative ones may need hardware repair.

  • If you want to connect another Corsair RGB fan to the Hub or Commander, it is best practice to add a similar model of RGB, in this case, which will be SP120 RGB Pro, different from SP120 RGB LED. And remember that it is essential to connect all three fans in a single Hub or Commander.
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Corsair H115i RGB Platinum Fans Not Lighting Up Fix

In case the fans are partially lighting or not lighting up at all, follow similar procedures as the 220T fix stated above. While installation, remember to choose “ML RGB Pro Series” from the lighting channel. They will fix the RGB fans spinning but not lighting.

However, sometimes H-series fans don’t take customization inputs from iCUE software. This fix also applies to all Corsair RGB fans not changing colors and emit default lighting

  • Interchange the serials of connection on the Hub. Since if one fan does not take command, others will follow.
  • Reset the Commander pro. If you don’t know how to reset Corsair RGB fans, end any process from Corsair Link software. Push and hold the “Reset” button on commander’s body using a sturdy pin and simultaneously disconnect power and reconnect after few seconds. The LED on the Commander Pro will flash, confirming the reset. Then to initiate iCUE software again and update commander pro firmware. This will hopefully resolve the problem with default lighting.
  • Update the firmware version if it does not update automatically. For manual update, click on Options on your Corsair link software (or iCUE) and select the “Devices” menu. You will see “Force Firmware Update.” After installation, reset all the customizations. The lights should be good to go now.
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Also, If you have ML series coolers in the same connector as the LL series, they will be incompatible together and either of them will stop lighting up.

That being the case, remove the cooler fans’ connector from the Hub and connect them to the lead coming from the cooler head. Finding them could be a little bit technical, so if you are inexperienced, then we suggest doing RMA.

Corsair iCUE 465x Fans Not Lighting Up Fix

465X Cases contain three LL120 fans. And mostly, the users complain about Corsair LL120 RGB not working.

Lights will get back on if you follow the troubleshooting steps similar to that of 220T and H115i, demonstrated before.

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Besides, remember to connect the Hub with the SATA outlet of the connector, and initially, during installation, choose “LL RGB Series Coolers” from the channel dropdown menu to get it to work. This solution is applicable for all Corsair LL fans not lighting up.

Also, the LL series fan and ML series fan are incompatible in the same RGB controller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need an RGB hub for Corsair fans?

Yes, it is best to use an RGB hub or Commander pro if you want to personalize the Corsair fans through iCUE software.

Can you use Corsair RGB fans without iCUE?

Yes, there are other monitoring and customization software other than iCUE. However, most of them won’t give as many customization options as it.

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Can I use Corsair LL120 without controller?

The complexities of running LL120 fans without a controller are too huge but it is possible. The best option is to connect it with an RGB controller or a commander pro which will save you a lot of hassle.

Final Words

Corsair’s coolers are lucrative and, based on the customization options, are the best RGB products. So, let not the Corsair fans spinning but no RGB errors and glitches take the best use away from you and follow this simple guide to resolve those by yourself.

Happy DIY!

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