Corsair K55 G Keys Not Working Here Is Why with Some Fixes

Corsair K55 G Keys not working? High chances are the connection problem, or the driver needs an update. Some other causes can stand behind too.

Here we will discuss the Corsair K55 G keys problems and provide easy and effective solutions for you.

Read the article till the end. And learn how to use the Corsair K55 g keys correctly to avoid not working issues.

Why Corsair K55 G Keys Not Working

There are a couple of problems if you are having issues with corsair k55 g keys.

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We try to make an easy table with the most occurring 5 problems with their short solutions for your better understanding. After the table, you will know the details of it. We will describe all the methods easily for your easy understanding.

Here it is.

ProblemShort Solution
The “Plugin” problemPlug the keyboard into your PC properly.    
Not uninstalling the iCUE software  Uninstall the iCUE software if the g keys do not work as g keys.  
Not turning on the filter keysTurn on the filter keys option    
Wrong keyboard settingsDo your keyboard setting again, if you face problems with the g keys  
Using the age-old driversBe aware of updating your system regularly    

Problem: Plugin Issue

This is quite a common problem for us, and it is a plugin problem. Sometimes, your connection may lose because of the plugin problem.

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Besides, when you do not plug it into the socket or your PC, it can harm your device as well.


You can make this mistake occasionally. But our advice is not to repeat the mistake again and again.

You should keep in mind you have to check the connection properly before starting your work. Otherwise, if you fail to plug correctly, your Corsair K55 g keys will not work.

Problem: The iCUE Software

The second problem is a severe problem for not working the g keys.

When using a Corsair K55 keyboard, you can use your g keys for other keys by using the iCUE software. For example, you can use your g1 key for the key X. If you set your g keys like this way, your corsair k55 macros will not work correctly when you press the g keys.

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The solution is very easy. You just need to uninstall the iCUE software. Right-click on the keyboard software. Then, select the uninstallation option. It is straightforward.

Problem: Filter Keys

The third problem is not turning the filter keys or not turning off the “filter key”. Is it confusing for you! Do not take the stress.

Let us clear it up. If you see the “filter keys” are off, and the g keys are not working, turn it off. In contrast, if you see “filter keys” are turned on, nevertheless, you get the g keys issue, then turn it on.


If you want to turn on or turn off the filter keys, you need to know where you can see the option. So we will describe the path for you. You can follow it to get the filter keys.

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At first, click on the start button, you will uncover the “settings” option. In the setting option, you will find the “ease of access” option. Therefore, you will recognize the ” filter keys”.

You can turn it on or off based on your need.

Problem: Wrong Keyboard Settings

When your keyboard setting is wrong, expecting to get the proper work from the g keys is funny.

If your keyboard setting is not accurate, it can give you a feel that you are using Corsair K55 disable G keys. Do not worry. We have a rapid solution for you.


You can restart your computer to solve this. Initially, open the start option. Secondly, go to the device manager, where you will see an option named ” keyboard”.

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Now you will get a notification that says, “restart your computer”.

You have to choose the yes option. After the restarting, we can predict that your corsair k55 g keys will work suitably.

Problem: Outdated Keyboard Driver

This problem is responsible for almost all the PC and keyboard problems actually.

And it’s pretty easy to fix. If you use backdated drivers, you will face g keys, not working issues.


Do not forget to update the drivers regularly. Whenever the updates are available, do it immediately. Then you can stay away from many technical problems.

Other Fixes to Try When Corsair Keys Not Working

You are troubled with corsair g keys issues and eager to know the fixtures. You are in the right place.

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Here we provide 4 manageable, easy fixtures on the corsair g keys problem. Try those solutions for your problem, and you will get relief from it.

Use ESC Button

If you observe that your Corsair keyboard lights up but not working, you can attempt this trick.

Immediately, unplug your keyboard, then press and hold on to this ESC button for a few seconds.

While holding the key, plug in your keyboard again. You have to keep the key until your corsair keyboard starts to flash. After the procedure, unplugs it further, then again plug it. Now, the keyboard will function correctly.

Recheck the keyboard setting

Your Corsair g keys are not working, and you uninstall the iCUE software. However, the g keys are not working, so you have to reset the iCUE settings.

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Very first, install the iCUE software, take the iCUE 4.12, which is the latest version. You should always use the updated version. Now, run on the app. Then you can see your keyboard on the monitor.

Then go to the key assignments. Furthermore, do the settings according to your requirements.

Update your system

This is a standard fixture for any technological problems. Always update your system and stay up to date.

Use the Fn and F4 keys

When you are using PC and corsair keyboard not working Windows 10 version, you can follow the steps below.

Disconnect the keyboard and then press and hold on pressing the Fn button and the F4 function keys from the keyboard.

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When the keyboard flashes once release the keys from holding. Then, install the iCUE and update the Corsair software.

How to Use G Keys on Corsair K55

Using the G keys is simple. You need software for use. Check out these steps to know about Corsair K55 how to use G keys.

  • Go to and install the iCUE software. Always remember to install the latest version.
  • Now run the software, open the keyboard you see on the monitor, and click on the Action button. When you click on the (+) sign of the Action option, you will find a folder named macro.
  • Here you can write sometimes and can set it into the macro for a key. For example, if you set “run the setting” into the macro for the key g1, then whenever you press the g key in the word file, you will get “run the setting”. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is.
  • You can use your G keys like this way on the corsair k55.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to program my Corsair K55 G keys?

For programming corsair, K55 G keys, go to the iCUE app, create a macro, press the macro button, and hold it for a few seconds. Then write something for the macro and set it as a g key for this macro.

Why is my Corsair K55 keyboard does not work?

There are many reasons for not working the Corsair K55 keyboard. You may be using an old version of iCUE as well as the drivers. Moreover, your keyboard setting is not correct or your PC and keyboard connections are not appropriate.

Can you remove keycaps on Corsair K55?

Yes, the keycaps on Corsair K55 are removable. You can remove the keycaps of the corsair k55 keyboard if you want.

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We tried here to show the effective and safe solutions for Corsair K55 G keys not working. Moreover, we provide some valuable information about the corsair k55 g keys, too.

Guidance for you, always use your keyboard with a soft hand. All the information and fixtures given above are based on massive research

You can try them without any doubt.

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