Corsair Keyboard Lights Up But Not Working? Know Why & How to Fixe

If your corsair keyboard lights up but not working, you may fall on a serious issue. Have you ever thought of what’s the reason behind this?

It may happen for a firmware update that is either damaged or expired. Again, the unit may face a technical fault, and you’ve to take it back to the supplier. But we would suggest you check the activation of the Demo mode before bringing it to any nearest service center.

Because it often occurs for some weird activities of the Demo mode. If the keyboards activate the demo mode, they will receive power without any USB enumeration.

Then, how to deactivate them. So, learn out about the process along with some other significant issues and solutions.

Reasons Behind Corsair Keyboard Lights Up But Not Working

There we find some significant issues which can be the reasons behind this problem.

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Corsair keyboard lights not working or stop, whether there’s any mechanical default or sudden activation of any third-party pieces of software.

You have to inquire about this by applying some essential fixes. Below is the short chart for your regards.

Possible ReasonsBasic Fixes To Try
Activation of The Demo ModeDeactivate it
Escape Key issuesHold the escape key before plugging it into the USB
keyboard Unplugging IssueReset The Keyboard
Keyboard driver troubleshootingUpdate the keyboards
Software issuesUpdate the keyboard’s Firmware

Deactivate the Demo Mode

As we discussed above, activation of the demo mode sometimes works as a culprit for these issues. So, at first what you have to do is deactivate the demo mode. Do follow these steps one by one.

  1. Plug off the device from the CPU,
  2. Grasp the ESC key down altogether while you’re going to plug it into the device again.
  3. Now, check if the keyboard is working or not.
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If not, then switch on to the next.

Hold the Escape Key before Plugging Into the USB

If your corsair keyboard troubleshooting, especially to K65, then fix it by holding the escape key for some time.

At the same time, plug in the USB 3.0 port or the USB 2.0 port. After 5 seconds, release the escape key. The keyboard will return to its normal functions after this.

Reset the Keyboard

If your keyboard had shown some weird or unexpected behavior, you would fix it by following the reset functions.

  1. Before starting, we want to clarify that it will best suit the K95 RGB platinum or any MK2 keyboard. So, first, unplug the keyboard connections and grasp the ESC key.
  2.  Now, connect or plug the keyboard back into the CPU.
  3. Please do not lose the key; hold it until you notice that the keyboard begins to glimpse or flash.
  4. Finally, unplug the keyboard and plug it in again.
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Try out these below reset strategies if you’re a user of the K55 keyboard –

  1. When you’ve got a P.C., there you must find a keyboard with Fn and F4 keys. So, unplug the keyboard first and tap both of these function buttons (Fn & F4) simultaneously.
  2. Now, plug it with your computer again.
  3. Leave the two buttons after 10 seconds have left.
  4. At this time, you must have noticed that the keyboards are getting flashed. Now, open the iCUE and update the Firmware of your device.
  5. Avoid any sort of inconsistency warnings to pop up after finishing that task.

For all kinds of the keyboard

  1. Start by unplugging the keyboard as usual.
  2. Now hold the ESC key and again plug in the keyboard to the computer or CPU.
  3. Wait at least 5-10 seconds, then leave the key. There, you’ll also notice that your keyboard is lighting or flashing if everything is alright.
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For wireless keyboard

  1. Just unclose or remove all the connections from your keyboard and grasp the ESC key for a minute.
  2. Next, turn on your keyboard again.
  3. Now, wait for 4-5 seconds. Remove the ESC key and check whether you notice any flash or glint there.

Update the Keyboard Driver

Sometimes you may notice that Corsair starts blinking light but doesn’t allow you to work. Or you’re unable to work with that device. In those situations, it is vital to update the keyboard driver if any newer version is available.

You may now think about how to turn on a corsair keyboard; let’s do it by these below steps.

  1. Go to the settings and check if there are any leftover update notifications.
  2. You can run a driver updater who works as a software scan to do it quickly.
  3. It will inform you whether you need to update it or not. If needed, then click on the update options.
  4. Again, a software updater will also be available to install the latest driver for the keyboard.
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Update the Keyboard’s Firmware

If those above methods don’t work for you, then check if there are any software issues.

  1.  You need to open the Corsair official websites.
  2. Then you’ll find a pop-up with various options.
  3. Select the download options for installing the updated version of iCUE software.
  4. Then follow the other requirements and successfully install the software into your computer.
  5. Up next, open the software and scroll down to search for the Settings Tab option.
  6. When you find them, click on the keyboard that you need to fix.
  1. Tap on the update option. And also, select the force update radio for getting the updated version of Firmware.
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How to Fix When Corsair Keyboard Not Working

If your Corsair keyboard is totally not working, then you can fix it by uninstalling the recent windows-10 updates to an earlier date. It’s the cheapest and quickest solution of all. Just do-follow only the below instructions.

  • Go to the Windows settings and then the software update option. Or the shortcut opening way is press Windows key + I.
  • Then click on the Update & security option to search for all the options.
  • Up next, select the view update history.
  • Choose or tap on the uninstallation update.
  • Unclose all the recent updates there and select uninstallation to remove.
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Thus, you can omit all the updates from your device and activate your keyboard for work like previously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my keyboard light up but not work?

Your keyboard may fail to work because of the poor connection between keyboard and computer. Hence, it often occurs for faulty hardware, wrong bios set-up, error of the ribbon seating, etc. You need to take measures to understand the situations to tackle these issues.

How do I enable RGB on my Corsair keyboard?

The most expensive corsair keyboard has dedicated software with RGB lighting. If you’re not uninstalling this software, then you won’t enable RGB on the keyboard. So, you need to uninstall it and hold the backlight program key for a few seconds to enable the RGB effects ultimately.

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What to do when your keyboard doesn’t light up?

You can fix it with a primary checking on the keyboard lighting/ brightness settings. You need to turn on the option by clicking the Windows +X key to check the brightness. At the same time, click on the Fn+F10 altogether and inquire if the matter is working or not.  


Your keyboard may stop working for these above issues. They may be stopped to work for outdated ribbons, hard-drive issues, and sometimes the loose connection between PC and the keyboard driver.

However, if all the solutions mentioned above go in vain, you should bring them to any expert or replace the keyboard.

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Again, some users also want to build up their program, as most keyboards have RGB lighting. It’s just because they can’t change each key individually.

In that case, your corsair keyboard lights up but not working, and you may fall into such trouble. So, our suggestion is to manage each LED individually.

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