[+Video]Corsair RM850 Vs RM850X PSU- The Better Pick for Buck?

What is the difference between Corsair RM850 and RM850x? The RM850x costs $80 more than the RM850. But when you’re switching from different series Corsair PSU and tangled in between these 2 then this really …

What is the difference between Corsair RM850 and RM850x? The RM850x costs $80 more than the RM850. But when you’re switching from different series Corsair PSU and tangled in between these 2 then this really calls for a clash as the RMX series obviously gives you some extras.

Since Corsair introduced its RM series of power supplies, we got to see a newer model with some upgrades almost every year. And today, we will see the friendly clash between Corsair RM850 vs RM850X PSU.

We will review these 2 PSUs below by showcasing all the highlights that you need. So that, later on, you can decide which one will be beneficial for you.

Corsair RM850 Vs RM850X PSU: Major Differences

Key PointsCorsair RM850Corsair RM850X
Cooling Fan  Size140mm rifle fan135mm magnetic levitation fan
Cooling Fan  ModelHong Hua fan with 140mm size with  12V Voltage, and, 0.36Ampere PowerCorsair fan with 0.27 Ampere power
Capacitor ModuleIndustrial-grade100% Japanese electrolytic
Noise level TestA-Standard++
Weight1.7 kg (3.75 lb)1.71 kg (3.77 lb)
Dimension152 x 87 x 162mm150 x 85 x 160mm
PriceWorth the Price (View More Details)Comparatively 13% more than RM series (View More Details)
Overview For Corsair RM850 Vs RM850X PSU

Without any further due, let’s take you into the in-depth detailed highlights of these 2 PSUs.

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Our Recommended Pick: Corsair RMX850- Highly Effective Power with Low Noise Fan Design

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Why It Grabs Top Choice List?

Corsair RMX series is a fully modeled power supply that comes with the availability of multiple connector support that takes the place of your high-end PC configuration. And the highlighting fact is its extremely low noise operating cooling fan that attracts the PC building experts.

Stylish Outlook with Minimal Design

You see, the RMX series has been introduced thinking about the outlook and design. Its minimalistic look and availability of both classic white and traditional black color add some taste to your build, though now both the RM and RMX series seem to come with the white and black casing.

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Most Demanding Power Upgrade

Corsair’s RM850X power supply includes all the Japanese electrolytic capacitors with a 105° rating inside with all other premium IC parts. As a result, it does not disappoint you with the power delivery.

It also comes with the potential resonant LLC topology system with DC to DC conversion system that features an excellent performance output from the electrical units.

The LLC resonator converter is really beneficial for high power transmission with the entire 100% power input, no matter how much load it gets.

Low Noise Operating Fan with Power Blast

RM850X series Corsair comes with a twist in the case of cooler fan design. Unlike in the RM850 series, RMX850 features a magnetic levitation cooling fan design that is highly potential for high-temperature performance.

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The other cooling fan may lag or seem to delay in keeping the PSU cool when you do high-end graphical editing or gaming stream. The magnetic levitation cooling fan inside the RMX series provides you with a top-performing fan and an incredibly lower fan noise comparing other series.

Here, the fan rotors are custom designed to perform with low bearing noise that is the biggest twist in the RMX series. And the zero RPM mode design helps when you are working with low to minimal load it switches goes entirely silent, and quickly activates when an operation needs the check.

One of the white series users addressed it gorgeous and reviewed it on Amazon,

“The white model looks absolutely stunning and features semi-sleeved cables (I docked 1 star since they aren’t fully sleeved- I had to pay extra for white cable extensions). Functionally this is one of the best on the market featuring a zero RPM fan unless under load; even then, I never hear this. This unit is absolutely worth the peace of mind and looks great in my open-air case!”

Highly-Efficient Output

When talking about performance output, Corsair RM850X is a beast in power delivery. With high-end ICs, it delivers 850 Watt of 80 Plus gold performance power.

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Corsair RMX series comes from 650 W to 1000 W power capacity. Here, it also beats the RM series. Moreover, RMX 850 is compatible with the Microsoft Standby mode, so it benefits you with the extremely fast wake-up from sleep mode.

Then again, it features 90% peak efficiency in the case of power delivery. So, no worries when you are in the game or streaming for your followers. Even at 50°C temperature, it can deliver maximum power with the entire safety configuration.

That is why in a recent survey, we got Tom’s Hardware review portal saying—

The Corsair RM850x is the new leader in the 850W Gold category.

Designed for Multiple Connector Support

Corsair RM 850X series power supply is designed as fully modular meaning it has the option to connect any cable connector that modern PC build needs so as yours, too.

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It comes with all the connector cables with the PSU so that you can connect to any modern facilities motherboard and GPU.  Even it lets you connect the modern 12-pin GPU that you might face difficulties with some other brands.

RMX 850 comes with 3 2.92 version EPS 12V connector support, 4 PCIe connectors, and 14 SATA connector cables. This ATX type PSU neither lacks power nor compatibility.

Plus Point with Certifications

Corsair 850X series power supply comes with a higher grade certification rating that ensures reliability, durability, and safety.

The noise level and power efficiency are certified by Cybernetics, which test the configurations and operation with more than 1450 load capacity, from 115V to 230V.

 And you know for the Gold efficiency, it got the rating as ≥87% to <91% on average for different input voltage. Then, for the Standard++ rating for noise level, it has been rated as ≥30 dBA & <35 dBA of noise data feature on average.

No Compromise with Safety

Corsair RMX850 provides the maximum power supply but with the lowest noise fan operation. But that does not compromise an inch with safety.

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It complies with all the safety regards including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OVP (Over Power Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection), and  SCP (Short Circuit Protection). So, no worries about the damage to your PC parts for overpowering or short circuits.

Besides, it has got the approval from FCC (Federal Communications Commission), ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service), RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling), RoHS (China), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) and many more certification mark that you will be tired to identify.

In addition to this, Corsair RMX850 is backed by 10 years of technical support worldwide from the Corsair team.

Bottom Part

Corsair RMX850 power supply is a beast in power and gem in lowest noise fan operation with the zero-mode rpm option. And the 80 plus gold standard compliance makes it more durable, reliable, and innovative in the power supply industries.

Our Second Pick: Corsair RM850- Fully Modular PSU with Minimal Fan Noise

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Though RMX series comes with more power availability and magnetic levitation fan design, the RM850 is not negligible at all. Before the RMX series, RM series was ruling the entire series. You can enjoy the fully moduled PSU with maximum power and low fan noise for a budget-friendly price.

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Unleash Design Enhancing Casing Elegance

Like the RMX series, the RM series also comes with 2 color variances- an elegant vibe bringing classic white and the traditional aggressive black. The design does not make it too fancy, but it brings out the glass casing beauty with a low-profile design.

Perfect Power Boost up

The Corsair rm 850x series comes with higher power efficiency and, at the same a low loading capacity feature. In addition, the RM series was the first series with Gold Plus certified power efficacy.

Unlike the RMX series, it might not have the Japanese capacitors but 105° rated industrial grade capacitors.

You can also enjoy here higher power efficiency with lower power consumption that is the greatest benefit—powerful LLC resonant converter help in converting the full 100% power when PSU gets the load.  

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Unique & Efficient Cooling Fan Design

The cooling fan in RM 850 series runs with zero rpm fan mode that offers you shallow noise operation to hardly zero fan rotation when PSU gets lower load.

RM series PSU does not have the magnetic levitation cooling fan, but the rifle bearing fan is not featuring with less performance. And according to experts, it is far better than the fluid dynamic fans.

Even when you’re working with multiple tabs opened and getting your professional video editing done, this PSU is surely not gonna disappoint you.

No Lack in Performance Efficacy

You can find the RM series PSU with a range of 650W to 850W of Power supply capacity. It is also efficient to wake up from sleep with a faster load and give you maximum load efficiency, especially under lower loads.

It also features 90% energy peak efficiency with maximum loading facility and less waiting for your next phase.

Power King with Multiple Connector Support

The multiple connector cable compatibility is another highlighting benefit in the RM series of power supplies. You can connect your power supply ruler to any of your suitable motherboard parts or the newer model GPU with the 12-pin.

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With this RM850 series power supply, you can get 3 EPS12V connectors, 4 PCIe connectors, and 14 SATA connector cables.

Significant Certifications Compliance

Corsair RMX 850 has a certification rating from 80 Gold rating as ≥87% to <91% efficient and A- noise level rating with ≥25 dBA & <30 dBA noise level on average. And don’t think this as less efficient.

And all these rating certifications are tested under Cybernetics organizations that test with more than 1450 variety load capacity.

One of the recent buyers is fully satisfied with this power supply and shared his overloaded experience of gaming with this PSU. He said,

It’s quite interesting that the fan doesn’t sometimes spin unless a high load this make sit quieter than my old psu on idle. My Psu was put in an old case, and I could see it spin for 30 seconds then stop. So if you see it stop, do not panic. It’s a “feature” of this Psu. (I’ve since got a new case for the new, improved cable management which is enclosed, so I don’t even get to see if the fan spins at all now).

It’s silent. I have had to check to see if the air is coming out. Especially on full load on a game that draws a lot of power. This PSU fan is the quietest I’ve ever used.

Bottom Part

Corsair RM 850 power supply is basically a budget-friendly pick with quality enough power efficiency. Under minimal to lower load, this power supply works as the beast of power and load capacity.  So, when comparing Corsair RMX850 vs Corsair RM850, the budget value goes for RM850.

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Is the Corsair RMx Series RM850x good?

Indeed, RM850x is a good PSU for the system. And its special efficiency brings more power with a longer lifespan.

What is the difference between Corsair RM and RMx?

Both are pretty good PSU but the RMX series comes with some additional upgrades. In a nutshell, the RMX series is the new leader in the RM850 with more advanced technology and the gold PSU tier grade.

What Should You Pick?

Finally, the wrapping up time with recommending our winning pick. In comparing Corsair RM850 vs RM850x power supply, RMX850 gets the best ever rating with the highest power delivery features.

After introducing the RMX series, the RM series is hard to find, and for this reason, the RMX series is gaining average popularity among PC builders.

However, if the stores have the stock, general people mostly would like to go for the RM850 power supply for a bang for the buck.

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