Dell Charger Not Working No Green Light? Learn the Easy Fixes

Are you worry about your dell laptop? Is your dell charger not working no green light? Mainly it is happening for the AC adaptor issue. Ac adaptor means laptop charger which provides the power.

When your Ac adapter does not work, you will notice that no green light is on. Sometimes it will happen for Bios, or your laptop battery is not working.

So do not worry about your dell. We will solve your problem by discussing some issues so that you can quickly fix your dell computer.

Why Is the Dell Charger Not Working No Green Light?

A defective component, the power surge, overload charges make the dell charger not working and, as a result, no green light. A faulty Ac adaptor damage the power of a battery.

Some Dell charger not working no blue light unless the laptop battery has sufficient charge. When you say my laptop charger light won’t come on, that means your dell laptop battery is down, and the laptop charger won’t light up! Some Ac adaptor issues are causing the problem of no green light on the ac adapter.

So, the reasons are-

Possible ReasonsSolutions to Try Yourself
AC Adapter problemCheck or replace the adapter
Adapter cable issueCheck cables
Main power source issueCheck wall outlet
Battery Driver problemUpdate the driver/re-enable it
BIOS problemUpdate/Reset BIOS
  • A Faulty Ac adaptor is not capable of charging your laptop. When LED is off, there is no green light on ac adaptor port.
  • Battery driver bugs can cause the charger not to work
  • Old version Bios is the issue for specific laptop models, so the dell power adaptor light goes off.
  • Damaged Ac adaptor also causes damaged cable, and the power bricks prevent optimal dell computer performance.

Quick Fix Your Dell Laptop Issue While Not Working

If you have a Dell laptop, you will see that the dell charger light goes off when plugged in. You will see that no green light on ac adapter. And you will get an error message when your Dell stops charging.

It frustrates you when you plug it in, and the Dell charger is not working with any blue light.

Follow these fixes to fix this laptop charging problem.

1. Check Battery AC Adapter  

When you face the problem of that dell charger not working, no white light on the laptop; first check the adapter.

Also, check the battery cables both that go into the laptop port and the wall socket. Make sure no bent or crack might be causing the power to go flawless.

Test your Ac Adaptor with a Multimeter

Dell charger stop working for its damaged charger. Make sure that your Ac adapter is working. Test your charger before fell tension about why my laptop charger light won’t come on! It would be best to check your Ac adaptor with a digital multimeter.

  • Plug out the adaptor from the laptop and plugin with the sockets.
  • Check out your adaptor voltage is 18/ 19V.
  • Plugin adaptor pin into the multimeter.
  • Make sure your adaptor pin is in the right place. Black is for the adaptor and set it up into com board point.
  • You will see the red conductor pin attach with a multimeter which goes into the #vohz symbol.
  • Remember one thing that the black conductor plug is negative, and red is for positive.
  • Make sure your adaptor charger is a plugin with the socket. Now turn on the multimeter and turn the tab to the VC signal.
  • Insert the red conductor into the adaptor pin, and the black one is set for the edge. Check your multimeter, and if it is said that the volt is 18 to 19.5, then your adaptor is ok. If it is not, then you should change your ac.

2. Try New AC Adaptor

You may have the question my laptop charger light won’t come on! That means your ac adaptor has a significant problem.

 When you remove the battery and reseat the power code brick and taping f2 to start your computer, you should replace a new adaptor when you see that your Ac adaptor is unknown. Replacing a new adaptor can bring the change to 90%, that you will fix it.

3. Use Wall Sockets to Charge Your Laptop

Sometimes laptop charger has a problem with using a surge protector. Functionally it can affect charging. Or maybe it is not getting the proper ampere of current flow.

So, fix the problem; you should turn off your laptop and connect the Ac adaptor directly to a wall socket.

4. Check Your Laptop Battery Driver

If you use the wrong battery driver, you will face your laptop charger won’t light up. To fix this problem, you have to reinstall your laptop battery driver.

  • Click the windows icon on your laptop’s right side, and you will find the device manager feature from the popup menu and click on it.
  • Going to the device manager, you will find the battery list.
  • From expanding the battery list, find out the Microsoft ACPI-Computer Control Method Battery device. Click on it and uninstall the device.
  • Press the action button and choose the scan for the hardware changes option.
  • Close the drive and restart your laptop. Your battery driver automatically reinstalls and charges again.

5. Update and Check BIOS

Dell charger not working no blue light this issue is happening for faulty BIOS. Update or reinstall your BIOS to fix these problems.

Essential input or output program connects OS and hardware devices. And corrupted or incompatible BIOS settings can cause the dell laptop not to charge.

So update your BIOS. You may change the BIOS from Dell’s official site. Go and download the BIOS and update it for your windows. Before doing it, back up your data first.

Also, remove the CMOS battery and reseat again can reset the BIOS. But that would need to open your laptop case. If you are not expert enough can leave this to an expert’s hand.

6. Make Contact with the Dell Support Team

If all the method does not work, you should contact the dell support team as soon as possible.

Do you have a guarantee or warranty card? Then replace it with a new one. Dell uses the intelligent adaptor, but sometimes it shows error messages.

Final Word

Dell charger not working no green light! Give up the tension. Without a battery, a laptop can work if your other function is ok. But for backup support, you must need the charger.

In that case, you can boot your laptop or try for a new battery that comes to your computer. If you have an active warranty card, you may contact the dell support team or visit Dell’s website. To fix your laptop charger problem quickly, We hope this article will help you.

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