[Fixed]Dell Docking Station Not Working- Reasons and Fruitful Solutions

Complexity in any docking station is not uncommon, even if it carries the name tag of “Dell”. The reasons behind your Dell docking station not working may include display issues, connectivity issues, power outage, signal issues, etc.

If your Dell docking station is unable to connect with the monitor, port, audio system, or having decreased productivity problem or to the worst-not responding at all, you are in the right place to get rid of your problem.

The very first step to repairing the complication is to recognize the type of it. After that, you can easily resolve all of these successfully by yourself. Here is a brief guide to making your docking station run again like a new gadget.

Dell Docking Station Not Working- Possible Reasons With Fixes

Some common reasons might be acting as barriers to your docking station’s performance. You have to ensure resolving these before attempting any complicated step or troubleshooting when your docking station is not working.

Reasons for Docking station not workingSolutions to Try
Compatibility IssueEnsure your device is compatible with the docking station
Driver ProblemUpdate driver
Connection IssueCheck the connection correctly
Docking software issueConnect and enable the docking station if not manually connects

Let’s see the fixes for these issues and get rid of the docking station functioning problem.

Compatibility Issue

Make sure that the devices, ports, and cables are compatible with the peripheral. There is a huge chance that the compatibility issue is creating problems for your docking station.

For example, using dell docking station 3 monitors is impossible on older-gen Intel graphics along with the laptop LCD. This card can support dell docking station dual monitor as an addition. On the other hand, the Dell docking station can easily carry  Nvidia or AMD discrete graphics can support up to 3  additional monitors with your laptop LCD.

Outdated Driver

Update your computer drivers for USB 3.0, video card drivers if they are not up-to-date.

Updating your computer drivers is always a good idea, but this is especially important if you’re using an older machine. Enabling the latest driver will allow your machine to use the most up-to-date features and improvements available.

There are two ways to download drivers:

1. Manually update: Locate the correct driver according to the model of your pc and install it from the manufacturer’s website.

2. Automatically update: you can have your new drivers automatically downloaded and installed by enabling “Driver Update” in Windows Update.

Connection Issues

Make sure that the connection between the devices is perfectly secured. The LED light of the adapter will automatically illuminate if the connection is proper. Or else, you have to check the power source, try a new adapter, or contact professionals.

Unplug the docking station and wait for 15-20 seconds, and then plugin again. Rebooting your computer may be a necessary step to resolve this as well.

Ensuring Software Confirmation

The following steps will help you to ensure Software Confirmation for the Docking station in your pc-

  1. Search for ThunderBolt Software Icon on your pc.
  2. Select view attached devices and then go to Dell Thunderbolt Dock/Cable.

Lastly, make sure that the connection status is on “ always connected”. This will confirm your software connection. In most cases, problems will be solved by taking these steps.

If you are still struggling with your Dell Docking station and throwing questions like,” why is my  Dell K20A docking station not working?” or “why is my Dell k17a docking station malfunctioning ?”, then the rest of the article is just for you.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Not Recognizing Docking Station?

Some people like to have a docking station connected to their laptop computer. When it comes to docking stations, though, you need two cables – one that connects the laptop to the docking station and another that’s connected from the docking station to a power source.

If you see your laptop won’t charge, and you’re sure that both cables are securely connected, try restarting your PC and then plug in your laptop again.

What To Do If Dell Monitor Not Detected By Docking Station?

If you don’t get any signal coming from your computer to the monitor when you are connected to the dock but when they are connected by other means (such as HDMI), then it’s likely that your monitor has lost its settings or needs an updated driver.

In other cases, make sure to connect and disconnect your device to see if it works. If still the Dell docking station not working with monitor,  try to find out if there is any fault in the cable or any bents. Set compatible display resolution with your docking station.  The majority of cases of dell docking station not detecting monitors are caused for this.

How to Fix Docking Station Not Recognizing the Monitor?

If you roam around the internet, you will see consumers facing problems and complaining about dock stations like- Dell dock WD19 not detecting monitors or the dell d3100 docking station not detecting monitor. What to do if you are one of them?

One of the common issues includes the docking stations providing no signals to the monitor. The power source must be trusted in these cases. If not, try to fix this as soon as possible. Let your dell laptop connect to monitor and see if something happens.

If not, unplug all the connections from your dock station and only connect the laptop with it. Another trick is to reboot your pc. This may solve the problem. If you are still struggling with it, try contacting Dell Support for help resolving the issue.

Why Can’t I Use the Dual Monitor with Dell Docking Station?

When you use a Dell docking station, it is crucial that the external display is connected to the dock. This might be the reason why you are unable to use the dual monitor with Dell docking station.

Enable the video output settings on your laptop. If you use 2 or  3 external monitors with your device, make sure to set the multi-display options correctly. You can easily set this from the windows control panel of your computer.

What To Do if The Dell Docking Station Not Working After A Power Outage?

Power loss can make the docking station dysfunctional. And no matter you restore the connection still it will continue to not work well.

To solve this issue, disconnect the USB type-C cable and reconnect it after a few seconds. Well, you can see how it is working again.

Why Is The USB on Dell Docking Station Not Working?

Malfunction of the USB port while using the dock station can happen due to any reason. Following the suggestions given below may help you to resolve it,

  • Make sure that both the BIOS and the drivers of the laptop and docking station are updated,
  • Enable USB option in the BIOS set up,
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the port and power adapter may help in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reset a Dell docking station?

After turning off the device, press anf hold on it for at least 10 to 15 seconds. This will reset your dell docking station to default factory settings.

How do you know if your docking station is working?

The LED light on the docking station will illuminate if it’s working properly.

Do docking stations need drivers?

Yes, installing docking station drivers and keeping them updated is mandatory.


Peripheral devices like the Dell dock station can make our workstation organized and allow us to connect multiple functions yet they can malfunction. They are not indifferent to any other technological device. 

If you detect your Dell docking station not working or malfunctioning, make sure to follow the mentioned tips properly.

There is a 90% chance that your issues will be resolved within this. If not, try to contact with manufacturer’s website. Make sure to maintain a good conditioning cable and power system to ensure your docking station setup well.

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