[Fixed] Dell Laptop HDMI Port Not Working

Laptops are a pretty useful tool. And the ports expand that usability. Until one of them kicks the bucket. 

One particular stubborn port can be the HDMI. Since it allows you to connect your laptop to an external monitor or projector, it not working can be a major bottleneck. 

Imagine you’re working on something with two displays connected via HDMI. And suddenly it stops working. How annoying would that be? It will take you out of workflow. 

Or worse, you’re doing an important presentation for a new client, and your laptop’s HDMI port suddenly stops working. It can be a nightmare. 

Knowing some solid solutions will help you get right back on your feet at that moment and start working again. So, how do you fix it? 

This guide will walk you through some possible reasons for Dell laptop HDMI port not working and solutions for them. Let’s get started.

Finding the HDMI Port On Your Dell Laptop 

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It allows you to connect to a wide range of output devices like TVs, external monitors, projectors, and more. So, you can see why it can be so frustrating when it’s not working.

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Ideally, the first step, if there’re any problems, is first to check the drivers. If needed, you can try updating the driver. Finding the driver and HDMI settings in Windows is pretty easy. 

Step 1: Search for ‘Device Manager’ in Start 

Start by searching for ‘device manager’ on Windows’ start menu. Just click on the bottom left Windows logo and start typing.

Or you can also press the Windows logo on your keyboard. This will bring up the start menu. Then just start typing ‘Device Manager. 

Step 2: Launch Device Manager 

After you search for it, the option will show up. Now, just press enter, and Windows will launch Device Manager for you. 

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Step 3: Select Display Drivers and Update

The Device Manager window will have a couple of options. All these are related to some functionality of the laptop. Since we’re having problems with the HDMI, we need to go into the display adapter section. 

Click ‘Display Adapter’; it’ll be on the left of the screen. Depending on whether you’re using an integrated GPU or a dedicated GPU, you’ll see two options. 

Right-click on it and select ‘Update Driver’. From there, you can perform a manual update by choosing the specific file on the laptop or automatic update. 

Auto-update will trigger the operating system to look for relevant drivers on the internet. 

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How to Fix Dell Laptop HDMI Port Not Working Issue 

If you have checked all the drivers and they seem to be installed properly, something else might be wrong. Some common problems and solutions for most Dell laptops are:

Reasons for Dell Laptop HDMI Port Not WorkingPossible Fixes You Can Try
Faulty or loose connectionDouble-check cables and connection
Improper Device Boot upRestart and reconnect
HDMI not set as defaultSet as default form settings
Choose the right display settingsPress Windows + P and choose settings
Hardware issuesGet hardware checked and replaced

These are some of the common reasons why your Dell laptop’s HDMI might not be working. Keep on reading for a detailed step-by-step and easy solution process to follow.

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Faulty or Loose Connection 

This has happened to even the best of us. We try everything in the world to fix a problem. Check the drivers, update the drivers, restart the device, and whatnot. But to no avail.

Then we notice that the cables aren’t connected properly—no need to be embarrassed. So, for what it’s worth, check if your cables are connected properly. The cables themselves need to be working correctly.

  • Try to see whether the cables will go in a couple of centimeters more.
  • You can also pull the cables out from both your laptop and device and plug them in again. This might fix the problem.
  • Check whether there’re any signs of damage to the cable itself. Look for any frays, kinks, or tears. 
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Improper Device Boot Up 

In some cases, if your devices boot up improperly, you might face problems with the HDMI. The picture won’t show, and it can be just a dud. In this case, the fix is very simple and easy.

  • Shutdown both your laptop and device
  • Restart your HDMI device first. By this, we mean your projector or TV
  • Then turn on your Dell laptop
  • Now, switch off your HDMI device (while keeping your laptop turned on) and unplug the connection
  • Connect the device and laptop again to reset the connection 

HDMI Not Set as Default

If your HDMI isn’t set as the default option, the device might not recognize it. Thus, you can check for that. This is done from the Sound settings.

  • Right-click on the Mic icon on the lower right icon tray. This will bring up some options 
  • Now click on ‘Sounds’. A small window will pop up.
  • You’ll see a couple of tabs on them. The leftmost tab will be ‘Playback’. Click that
  • And select the HDMI device you want. Easy peasy
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Misconfigured Display Settings

This is a common issue when you’re trying to use another monitor with your Dell laptop. Misconfigured display settings can be the culprit and will mess up your HDMI connections. Fixing it’s actually pretty easy. 

Here are what the display settings are:

PC Screen: Displays content on the 1st computer display 

Duplicate: Display the same content on both displays

Extended: Extends the content between two or more displays

Secondary Screen: Displays only the 2nd screen

  • Press the ‘Windows Key’ and the ‘P’ key on your keyboard at the same time
  • This will bring up the right options
  • From there choose the desired display configuration based on what you want
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While we’re on the subject of configuration, not choosing the right source for the HDMI device can be an issue. That means the problem might have nothing to do with your laptop at all. Make sure you have the right source chosen on your HDMI device.

Faulty Hardware

Last but not least, it might be just a hardware issue. And physical hardware issues cannot be fixed with software, no matter how much you tinker with it. 

You can go to a shop or a Dell service center and get the port itself checked. The hardware might be the problem on the device as well. This is where if you have the warranty for your laptop, it’ll come in handy. 

Switch up the devices. If you’re trying to connect to a TV, try a different one or a monitor. 

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Some models may have the wrong driver installed automatically. And the issue is most reported on the Dell 7564 models. But others may face it as well. The solution is simple. 

  • Uninstall Dell Update and Dell Assistant from your laptop
  • Install Dell Command Upgrade (Latest version 4.3)
  • Manually run the program and install new recommended drivers

Reaching Out to Dell Customer Service 

If you’ve tried everything in the book and nothing solved your problem yet, you can reach out to Dell’s customer service. Give them a call, and you can explain your particular issue. User cases can be different.

This is why if usual fixes don’t seem to be working, you need to talk to someone and explain your specific problem.

For more in-depth discussions and solutions, Dell even has a community forum. Users can post problems there, and others will post responses to help. Here are some tips before you dive into the forums:

  • Always give details about your particular Dell laptop. Mention the model number, specs, and any relevant information about the device
  • Give a detailed and clear explanation of what problem you’re facing. This will make it easier for people to understand. 
  • Basically, the idea here is to make it easy for others to understand what the problem is. Help them to help you, if you know what we mean. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to enable the HDMI on my Dell laptop?

Yes. After you turn on your laptop and connect the device, use the correct input. Now, hold the Fn key on your laptop and press F1. This will start the video output process.

How do I check whether my laptop has HDMI?

The HDMI is a physical port that will be on the side of the laptop. It is a narrow and long opening. Check the sides to see whether your laptop has it. Most laptops do come with an HDMI port. And chances are so did yours.

Are HDMI cables reversible?

Absolutely not! Unlike USB-C cables or Apple’s Lightning connector, which can be inserted either way, HDMI can’t. You must orient it correctly before you insert it. Forcing it in the wrong orientation can damage the cable or, worse, the port itself on your laptop or device.

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Wrapping UP 

There you have it. Now you should have a pretty good idea about any Dell laptop HDMI port not working. There might be something tiny that’s causing the issue.

In some cases, it may be a misconfigured connection or faulty hardware. Nonetheless, whatever the problem is, you should be able to fix it with the steps we mentioned.

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