Do I Need A WiFi Adapter For My PC- If Yes, How to Connect?

Do you need a WiFi adapter for PC? Not all computers come with a built-in WiFi facility for which you need to connect your PC to the router via ethernet cable. In that case, yes, …

Do you need a WiFi adapter for PC? Not all computers come with a built-in WiFi facility for which you need to connect your PC to the router via ethernet cable. In that case, yes, you need a wireless adapter for your PC to connect to the WiFi network wirelessly.

But suppose your computer is located far from the router or placed in an area where it’s difficult for a cable to access. In that case, you can’t connect to WiFi via ethernet cable.

But you need to go through a process to successfully connect the network through a wireless network which we’ll discuss below.

Do I Need WiFi Adapter For My PC?

Almost all laptops now come with wireless networking options. So, you don’t think of installing a WiFi adapter on your pc.

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But in the case of a desktop, you might need. As not all cpu comes with WiFi adapter inside.

So, suppose you want to enjoy the wireless network connection. In that case, you need to connect a WiFi adapter to connect to the wireless network using your pc.

Wireless networks have become popular for home and work usage in the modern world. WiFi adapters are generally used for connecting WiFi to computers wirelessly.

A wireless adapter overrides the built-in wireless function of the computer and gives you a fast, secure, and reliable connection through a USB port.

On the other hand, wireless routers provide an internet network through invisible radio waves; thus, you don’t have to deal with multiple cables.

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Here are some benefits that you’ll get using a WiFi adapter:

  • Wireless set-up is easy and quick compared to wired set-up.
  • Use networkwith an adapter instead of cables.
  • Less expensive and provide a similar network speed to a wired network.

Things You Need To Set Up A Wireless Network?

You need the below things to set up a wireless network for your PC:

Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband internet connections are known as high-speed internet connections. There are many broadband internet connection providers available; contact a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How to find a reliable ISP? You can either talk with someone you know has a broadband connection or search on the internet for the best ISP near me; you should find one.

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Wireless Router

A router aims at sending information between the internet and the network. You can connect your PC to a wireless WiFi network with a wireless router.

It works by transmitting radio signals in the air instead of sending signals through a cable.

Wireless Network Adapter

When you want to connect your desktop to a wireless network, a wireless adapter for PC is a must-have. Most tablets and laptops come with a pre-installed wireless adapter. But a PC rarely comes with a wireless network adapter already installed.

How To Connect Desktop To WiFi Adapter?

If you want to connect your desktop to a WiFi adapter, you can follow the below steps to connect to the adapter successfully:

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Step 1: Set Up The Wireless Router

First, you need to set up your wireless router. The setting up process can be different depending on the router’s models. That’s why it would be wise to follow the router manual’s instructions for setting up your wireless router.

Step 2: Look For Wireless Network Adapter On Your Computer

You need to have a wireless adapter on your computer to connect it to WiFi. But you’re most likely not to find the adapter since computers don’t have them pre-installed like a laptop or tablet.

The process of checking whether your PC has a wireless network adapter is simple. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the Start, and type in the search box Device Manager.
  • Now look for Network Adapters and click on the > arrow to expand.
  • If the wireless network adapter is already installed on your desktop, you should find it here.
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If you can’t find any pre-installed wireless network adapter on your computer, a wireless adaptor USB can save you. Connect the adapter, and it’ll work as a WiFi cable.

However, before proceeding with the further process, make sure the network adapter driver is up-to-date. Otherwise, it can cause some errors while working.

If you don’t know how to update, then you can use any updating software such as Driver Easy. It’s easy to use, and the premium version is cheap; all you need to do is –

  • Open the app
  • Click on the Scan Now
  • Choose the drive and update.

Step 3: Connect Your PC To Wireless Network

The process of connecting your computer to a wireless network is pretty easy and straightforward. Just go through the below steps, and you’ll be done with the process within a few minutes.

  • First, you need to place your wireless router somewhere close to your PC. Both don’t have to be placed in the same room but close enough for the PC to get a sufficient WiFi signal strength.
  • Now go to the network settings or click on the network icon displayed on the notification area. The notification area is located at the lower-right corner of your PC screen.
  • Now check the available network list and click on the network with your router name. If you don’t know what your router’s network name is, check the router or contact the network administrator.
  • Now enter the password to connect with the network. Again, if you don’t know the password, check the back of your router or contact the administration.
  • Next, click on Connect Automatically if you want your computer to stay connected to WiFi every time you log in.
  • Few wireless network connections need extra authentication. In that scenario, open your browser and go to the authentication page. Fill in the required information correctly to successfully log into the network.
  • The final step is to check the notification area to see whether you’re connected to the network or not. If the network icon is showing that it’s connected to a network, then your process of connecting your PC to your desired WiFi connection is complete.
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Is A Dongle And A Wireless USB Adapter the same?

Most people get confused with a Dongle and a Wireless USB Adapter. Even though a Dongle and a Wireless adapter for PC are described as the same thing, they’ve got a very subtle difference between them.

DongleWireless USB Adapter
A Dongle is a monthly paid device for mobile broadband.A wireless USB adapter is used for computers to connect to a network wirelessly.
Dongle operates by mimicking the smartphone’s 3G, 4G, or 5G connectivity.A USB adapter works through radio waves that transmit through the route antenna.
It can still provide connection even if there’s no wireless network available.Your computer needs to have an existing wireless network available to connect near the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Windows 10 require a WiFi adapter?

In Windows 10, wireless adapters operate by simply plug-and-paly. Windows 10 comes with minimal drivers for several devices that allow you to go online without downloading the drive individually.

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Is it worth getting a WiFi adapter?

Yes, it’s worth getting a WiFi adapter. Wireless adapters are easy to set up and don’t involve multiple cables. Besides, it offers a faster and more reliable network signal to PC, making it worth investing in.

Do I need WiFi adapter for laptop?

In most of the cases, NO. Generally, laptops come with a pre-installed wireless adapter to connect with a wireless WiFi network.

Do you need WiFi adapter for gaming PC?

WiFi adapters are a worthy investment for gamers. When you play online games, it’s really necessary to have a strong network connection. And a wireless adapter can ensure a great speed even when multiple devices are using the same network.

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When there’s no WiFi on your computer, and you’re looking for a WiFi connector that’s quick and easy to set up, a wireless USB adapter is a good choice for you. If you still think that, do I need a WiFi adapter for my PC, then don’t.

Wireless adapters might not be as secure as a wired connection. Still, these are capable of providing fast and robust network connections. So, you won’t regret choosing it over a wired WiFi network.

But, also keep this in mind, the ethernet cable can meet the fastest data speed than a wireless network connection. So, if you work on heavy-duty mining rig or streaming, going with wired cable network is safer.

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