Down And Right Arrow Keys Not Working –It Can Be Fixed!

I have three minutes left to submit my assignment, and my laptop’s down and right arrow keys not working. What should be my reaction? And the worst thing is I don’t know why the hell left and right arrow keys are not working.

Several reasons make the arrow keys stop working. For example, maybe the key is jammed, or the driver is broken, or you’ve activated num lock and the scroll lock, etc.

Wait! Don’t get frustrated after looking at the list of issues. Let us explain and guide you to get the proper solution through this article.

So let’s start looking for a quick fix of arrow keys.

Possible Reasons for Down and Right Arrow Keys Not Working

The maximum time you may face keyboard arrows not working in excel specifically while moving between cells.

Yes, we know that feeling you are facing.

The question is how to solve the arrow keys not working on laptop? Let’s check out the particular reasons for the arrow keys not working windows 10.

Enabled Scroll Lock

If you keep the scroll lock enabled, you will face the issue of arrow keys not working windows 10. So, when facing this problem, check whether the scroll lock key is enabled or not. You will understand it if the yellow light is on.

Locked Fn Key

Whenever you see your dell keyboard arrow keys locked, you have to understand that the function lock key is disabled.

Dust Issue

After frequent use, your keyboard may end up with a pile of dust, debris, hair, which causes disabled functional keys, especially arrow key lock.

Hardware Problem

When you end up trying every solution but still facing arrow keys not working on laptop then your keyboard is facing a hardware problem.

How to Fix When Down and Right Arrow Keys Don’t Work

Now it is time to check out the fixing issues of a not working arrow buttons of a keyboard. As for the solutions, they are simple and fast. You don’t need to spend hours or days fixing this key lock issue.

Here are some fast and working solutions for your arrow keys to work smoothly again:

Fixing Keyboard Settings

There is a number of settings that may make your keyboard buttons stop working. If you follow the steps properly, then your arrow keys will work properly.

Checking Scroll Lock Key

Step 1: Check your scroll key is activated or not. If the yellow light is on your keyboard, then it is activated.

Step 2: Press the scroll key button to turn off the yellow light to make your arrow button work again.

Step 3: If your keyboard doesn’t have the scroll lock key, then go to your computer menu bar. Then go to all programs then look for the ease of access menu. There you will find the on-screen keyboard. Look for the scroll lock key and disable it if it is enabled.

Checking the Num Lock Key

Step 1: Check the num lock key is off or on.

Step 2: If it is on then, you will see the light is on. Press the button to disable the light. Your arrow keys will work again.

Fixing Disabled Cursor

Step 1: Check if your keyboard has a button that comes with a touchpad with a line. You have to use this button to bring back your dead arrow keys alive

Step 2: You can also try the Fn keys to make your arrow keys work.

Keyboard Problem

When the keyboard settings don’t work, then your keyboard has a problem. You may face a jammed keyboard.

It happens mainly if you don’t take care of your keyboard properly, like cleaning the dirt and dust every day. These build up to turn your keyboard into a useless one.

You can clean your keyboard with a cleaning solution and a cotton cloth. You can also use a keycap puller to remove the keys to clean properly.

Fixing Keyboard Driver Problem

After trying all the fixing solutions given above, don’t make your keyboard work, then there is something wrong with your keyboard driver. It might have developed a faulty driver that needs to be fixed.

  • Try to restart your computer to let it fix automatically. If it doesn’t work either, then uninstall the driver from your computer.
  • To uninstall the driver, at first go to the control panel and then to uninstall the program.
  • There you will get the driver folder.
  • Press uninstall and wait.

After uninstalling the driver, restart your computer again to get a new driver.

Sometimes the computer will download the right driver automatically. If it doesn’t install one then you have to do it manually.

Keyboard Hardware Problem

This is the last option you have to opt for to fix the arrow key issue. If nothing works for your keyboard, you need to replace your keyboard with a new one as the keyboard may have developed a hardware problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my right arrow key not work?

It can be the scroll key lock or keyboard driver issue that you can fix by installing the driver or cleaning the keyboard.

Where is my Scroll Lock key?

On a keyboard, the scroll lock key comes with abbreviated words like Slk, ScrLk, SCLK. You will find this button near the control keys of your computer keyboard. And on your laptop keyboard, you will find it near the backspace key.


I know you are now grinning as you know why down and right arrow keys not working on your laptop as it comes with the simplest solution.  It is never late to learn about fixing things.

So don’t get panic if Arrow keys not working in Word, just follow every fixing solution given in this article step by step. You will make your arrow button work in no time. If you still face the problem, you have to get rid of your keyboard and get a new one.

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