DT 990 Pro Vs Premium: Slight Differences Can Impact Hearing

What is the difference between DT 990 Pro and Premium? 990 Premium comes with more impedance, ideal for hi-fi systems in contrast to the 990 Pro. But some people still prefer the 990 Pro. Why? …

What is the difference between DT 990 Pro and Premium? 990 Premium comes with more impedance, ideal for hi-fi systems in contrast to the 990 Pro. But some people still prefer the 990 Pro. Why?

Are you professional spending all your days in studios or looking for something for your gaming environment, or just want to level your song listening experience one step up?

You must know the debate result when it comes to Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro vs Premium. Both are good, still remain some controversies when 2 are on side by side.

Today, we will sort this out as we have gone through every user, from gamers to recording room professionals. 

And based on the analysis, we are presenting here the major differences, benefits, and other aspects of the 2 headphones.

Read it out.

DT 990 Pro Vs Premium- Table Comparison

Beyerdynamic DT 990 ProDT 990 Premium
Sound Quality
Treble and neutral soundCalm & sharp sound
0.55 lbs0.68 lbs
Bass Quality
More bass hereMild bass
250 Ohm Available in 32, 250, and 600 Ohm
Cord Style & Length
Coiled, 9.8ftStraight, 10ft
Frequency Response
5Hz to 35000Hz15 – 24,000 Hz in 250 Ohm and 20 – 23,000 Hz in 600 Ohm
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Winning Pick- Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro- Lightweight, Perfect for Studio Works 

Why Buy This?

DT 990 Pro is lightweight, and this is the strongest point of this headphone compared to the DT 990 Premium series. Besides, it gives you the solid bassy sound which most professionals would like to go for. Check out more to know the entire biography of DT 990 Pro.

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Dynamic Treble Sound Ideal for Studio Works

When buying a headphone, the first and foremost thing we do is checking the sound quality. And DT 990 Pro comes with broader sound with intensifying every frequency range to its higher level. Thus it results in an exceptionally robust sound.

Beyerdynamic claims it-

Transparent, spacious, bass and powerful sound

But this strong and wider sound does not harsh your hearing. Instead, you get a transparent and polished sound by redefining the melody back to the depth of the musical tone.

Yes, sometimes, it gives a louder sound, but the sharpness is redefined with a wide response to the sound frequencies ranging from 5Hz to 35000Hz.  

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With 96 dB/mW sensitivity, it can provide a neutral and crisp sound.

Quality Build Concerning User Flexibility

Next, that comes in your checklist is the building design and quality. And undoubtedly, Beyerdynamic has passed this point with 9 out of 10. 

These Germany-made over-ear headphones are made robust and rugged using spring steel. 

And thinking about the comfort and flexibility of the user, there has been used extreme soft ear cups with finely viscose padding.

Beyerdynamic calls it-

Soft, circumaural, and replaceable velour ear pads

Moreover, the ear cups padding is replaceable, so no need to tense for long time usage. And in terms of comfort, DT 990 Pro is best for its lightweight feature. So, people wearing for a long time face no headache eventually.

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The headphone sits on your head firmly with the rig, no chance of loosening away. And these are adjustable, too.

A Strong & Louder Bass

Do you like to listen to music with deep bass? Then, if you have to choose from DT 990 Pro or Premium, you would love to go with the 990 Pro.

The bass quality of the 990 Pro is pretty the same as the Beyer Dynamics DT-880 Pro. So, folks who have already used that can feel the sound.

However, with 250 Ohm of impedance, the strong bass does not make it bad at all.

Best Known as Studio Headphone

For studio recording and editing, this headphone stands on the top in the battle of DT 990 Premium vs Pro

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And maybe this is why it is remarkable as studio headphone specifically. 

Headphones for professional mixing, mastering, and editing

So, professionals working in recording studios can fall in love with these headphones.

Besides, the single-side wiring option with a coiled cable helps to avoid accidental tangling issues.

What Users Say

Different users have several opinions. But the majority rating concerns most. Many users claim DT 990 Pro is a good reproduction with a wider sound stage and value for money. 

You can keep it on your hea, all day long with your Play Station or watch your favorite series on Netflix without any ambient sound or distortion.

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Beyerdynamics just remade these headphones to give the professional touch with utmost user comfort. And maybe so, a buyer from Amazon gave his honest opinion on this as –

If you want analytical sound, avoid these headphones.

If you want to lay back sound, avoid these headphones.

If you want clear, beautifully piercing highs and decent lows, Get these headphones!

Overall, I would rate this 5. Some people may say: I can always EQ stuff out. But for me, I buy different headphones because I want to listen to their original, signature sound. I like it.

Bottom Lines

In a word, it is a best for money headphone with extra comfort, transparent sound, and powerful bass. For daily usage like commuters might not suit it, but the professionals working and editing recording can master the stuff wearing this.

Runner Up Choice- Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium- Listen to Critic Sound with Ease 

Why Buy This?

DT 990 Premium is too good for its acoustic transducer availability in sound quality. With various impedance availability, it offers you the choice list according to your core needs in headphones. Though 990 Pro gives the best recording sound, Premium Edition is something huge.

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Stereo Revolutionary Sound

In checking headphone quality, the first thing that comes in the to-do list is sound quality. And of course, this dynamic headphone 990 Premium Edition does not lack here an inch.

If we start with the treble, DT 990 Premium headphones have pretty sharp and accurate treble, which is hard to find within this price range headphones. 

And according to many users, it is quite a shinier mid-tone sound. While comparing DT 990 Pro vs DT 990 Premium, the frequency response is the same.

After using the headphone for 3 years, a user said that he tried measuring isolation with an SPL reader. And this was around 4 to 5 dB of sound isolating out of the room. So, not that much isolation here, we can say. But pretty good to do for regular use.

Oh! People also know the Beyerdynamic 990 Premium as the 990 Edition series. 

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Ergonomic Build Design

Now, let’s move on to its build quality. You will see a classy simple design where C-shaped metal on 2 sides holding the cups. 

Compared to the DT 990 Pro, 990 Premium does not have many differences in the building design.

You can feel a pretty good weight on your head though slightly heavier than the DT 990 Pro. People thought it could be something premiums, but it is not a super tight fit on your head as 990 Pro can be.

However, in the case of flexibility, the ear cups are comfortable and replaceable. And resizable head fit sits on the head pretty well-sized.

Another noticeable difference from the DT 990 Pro is that 990 Premium comes with a straight cable what is a spiral type in 990 Pro.

Rich Mild Bass

The bass quality here is relatively mild if tangling with what you should choose- Dt 990 Pro or Premium.

Some users say the bass seems like something slapping on your ear, neither too deep nor avoided.

Beyer Dynamics claims it as-

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Innovative “Bass reflex” system for excellent audio performance

Well-performance bass you can enjoy. And it is available in 32 Ohm, 250 Ohm, and 600 Ohm impedance. So, you can assume you need better amplifier support to run the 600 Ohm resistance level.

32 Ohm is just a right fit with tablets and smartphones. 250 Ohm is a fine suit for regular gaming to listening purposes. And finally, the 600 Ohm is better known as the ‘Hi-Fi system’ with powerful amplifier speakers and support.

Best for Listening Music & Gaming

Apart from slight differences with DT 990 Pro, 990 Premium Edition is best for listening to music, hearing the enemy shots high in gaming, and watching horror movies on Netflix with gull mode.

Here, studio professionals might not take much interest in it, but it also masters the editing effect. This is not a neutral headphone, but the sound it can provide triggers the enjoyable mode.

And the high impedance actually resolves every frequency level responding from 5Hz to 32000 Hz, varying with different impedance rates.

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So, when you have the higher amplifier support to run your driver, the battle comes for DT 990 250 Ohm vs 600 Ohm. And of course, 990 Premium Edition with 600 Ohm wins the bet.

After this discussion, we think there needs no saying if you are looking for Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium gaming performance.

Users’ Review Can Change Your Mind!

We like to drop a weak point, and this is for the user experience and reviews. And many of us depend to a large extent on user reviews before having our own taste.

It’s also a fact that all can’t try out all, and so we would like to share one of the user reviews from Amazon.

The best general-purpose headphones you will find are under £250. I have owned the ‘Pro’ version of these in 250Ohm as well and can say that these ‘Premium’ versions have a nicer and more sturdy finish/build as well as a straight but still fixed cable. Besides that, they sound identical.

Excellent for music listening, especially those who like energetic or bass-heavy music. Top-end clarity is up there, along with the typical Beyer U/V shape mids; bass extension is fantastic. Great headphones for across-the-board music tastes, but powerful music such as Rock / Metal / Electronic especially.

Though different people have a different feel to the sound quality and so there can be a slight difference.

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Bottom Lines

So, the bottom part is if you’re looking for a headphone to run in your Hi-fi audio output with a full energetic level, DT 990 Premium can be the right fit for you. Comparing the DT 990 Pro, which has more comfortability in wearing, 990 Premium is not lacking in quality.

Which One Is for You?

Let’s sum up now by announcing the winner of today’s battle. But wait. We need a penalty here!

If you are tangling between DT 990 Pro vs Premium, think for your needs and support system first. DT 990 Pro is the right fit for studio works, recording, editing, and gaming also.

But the 990 Premium Edition comes with a higher impedance that needs either exceptional amplifier support or a massive output system.

Now you decide which one can be your winner!

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