Foxconn Motherboard Problems You Should Know!

Are you confused about Foxconn motherboard problems people complain most? Display problems are one of the considerable problems of the Foxconn motherboard. Unknown reasons to your Foxconn motherboard can cause it. Some of the users …

Are you confused about Foxconn motherboard problems people complain most? Display problems are one of the considerable problems of the Foxconn motherboard. Unknown reasons to your Foxconn motherboard can cause it. Some of the users may face bios and PSU problems also.

Foxconn is one of the most popular brands for motherboards. They come at a low price with great features. But most of the Foxconn Motherboard can cause some issues that most of the users seem to face.

But these can be fixed if you know some simple tricks while using Foxconn Motherboards. Let’s get you some details of these problems and how you can fix and avoid them.

What Are the Common Foxconn Motherboard Problems?

At first, you have to know about the common problem. It is not so hard to solve if you have an idea of Foxconn motherboard issues and their reasons. You can identify your issue and fix them on your own.

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The users usually face display problems, bios problems, repeatedly shut down problems, and other issues.

Let’s have a brief discussion about the problems and their reasons.

Display Problems

The most common problem that the user’s complaint about is the Foxconn motherboard display problems. The problem may arise as to when you turn on your computer there is no video on the screen or no sign of electricity.

Some loose cables can cause it. Faulty graphics card or a misplaced card, a problem with PSU did it too. If the graphics card is not cleaned, specks of dirt can cause corrosion on the card contacts that resist the motherboard from working properly.

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BIOS Issue of Foxconn Motherboard

Bios issue is another problem that the Foxconn motherboard users usually face. To identify this problem, you need to identify the reasons for it.

This issue can happen due to physical removal of the system, CMOS battery failure, overclocking  RAM or CPU, CPU model is not compatible with the BIOS, and adding defective devices. It is also caused if the system is having any power issues or incorrectly installed hardware.

A Faulty Power Supply

The motherboard does not have any power is another major problem that the Foxconn motherboard has. Two main reasons which cause no power to a motherboard. Either there is a problem with your Foxconn motherboard or the power supply.

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To connect the power supply to the motherboard, you need a power connector. If the connector does not match the connector on the motherboard, this can happen.

If the motherboard itself is damaged, it will not get power. Sometimes the capacitor on the board gets broken and causes the malfunctioning of the motherboard.

When the power supply is not set to the proper voltage can result in no power to the motherboard. It’s not economical to fix a power supply unit. For a sufficient power supply, the only remedy is to replace the PSU.

Step By Step Clear Solution For Each Problem

Here we are discussing the possible solution to the issues that you may face with your Foxconn motherboard.

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1. Loose or Damaged Cable Problem Solution

Sometimes, the motherboard may not have a power supply, and the display may not work due to a loose connection. To make sure the display is working, check the motherboard video cable is connected correctly, and the monitor’s power is on.

If all the connections are correctly connected, and the display is still not getting any videos or power, the video cable may be defective. Replace the video cable with another one. getting the proper power supply, and then you should

2. Check for Graphics Card

If the video cable is not defective, but your display is still not working, you can check for the graphics card. For checking the defect or corrosion of the graphics card, it needs to be de-assemble from the motherboard.

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Process of Removing Faulty GPU

The process of replacing the Graphics card is given step by step

  1. Disconnect all the Peripheral Device’s Cables.
  2. Lay down your CPU on a table and unscrew the side cover with a screwdriver.
  3. Unscrew the Cabinet’s PCI Cardholder.
  4. Remove the graphics card from your PC.
  5. Now plug the video cable of the monitor directly to the Motherboard’s Video Port
  6. After plugging the port, try to start the PC again.
  7. If the PC works with the Graphics card, the card may not be compatible or faulty.
  8. Replace the card with a compatible one.

Process of Cleaning GPU

It is also possible that the card gets corrosion due to dirt. If you clean the card correctly, the physical connection between the motherboard and the card will work again. The process of cleaning is given below

  1. Use air pressure to remove the dirt from it.
  2. Take 99% isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud.
  3. Dip the cotton bud into the alcohol and clean GPU gently.
  4. Install the card in the PCI cardholder
  5. Connect it to the monitor  and motherboard with the video port
  6. If the PC works, screw the side cover.
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3. Reset BIOS

If there is a problem with the BIOS of your Foxconn motherboard, it may need to be reset. By removing the COMS battery, the reset can perform.

The Process is Given Below:

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Then unplug the power cord of your computer out of the power outlet.
  3. Open the computer case with the help of a screwdriver.
  4. Remove the CMOS using a screwdriver
  5. Keep it disconnected for 10 to 15 seconds
  6. Try to start the computer without the battery
  7. If it works, replace the CMOS battery
  8. At last, reassemble your computer

If the reset does not work, it means the CMOS battery needs replacement.

4. Others Problem Solution

If you installed two new RAM sticks on your computer, it might cause a problem with the motherboard. Remove one RAM stick from the slot and try to start your computer. If still, your motherboard is not working, replace RAM with a new one.

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Tips To Avoid The Problems

If you follow some simple tips, it will be easy to avoid the problems with the Foxconn motherboard and you can easily use your PC without further issue.

  1. Clean your computer and parts regularly.
  2. Check all the cables and connections if there is a problem with them.
  3. Use a PSU that is correct for your PC.
  4. Update your CPU according to your BIOS.


What are the common motherboard problems?

Among some other common PC problems, Foxconn users can face the BIOS or frequent memory crash issues. Sometimes, after installing a new RAM, the Foxconn motherboard may show some issues. In that case, memory re=installation works.

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How would you troubleshoot common problems of motherboard?

Most of the common problems can be solved by resetting the BIOS. However, depending on the problems, you can go for different troubleshooting steps.


Are you facing some Foxconn motherboard problems? They are not that vital. They can be fixed if you know some simple tips and tricks.

Here we give a brief discussion about the problems you can face with this Foxconn motherboard and their simple solutions. Before proceeding to any process, make sure to disconnect your computer from the power supply.

The processes are not complicated. From there, you can troubleshoot your motherboard. And hope you will be able to fix your motherboard problems by following the tricks discussed above.

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