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What is the difference between Gateron Yellow and Red switches? The yellow switches are popular for comparatively pleasing sound, and the red one is for a lightweight feel. But there are more that impact too. …

What is the difference between Gateron Yellow and Red switches? The yellow switches are popular for comparatively pleasing sound, and the red one is for a lightweight feel. But there are more that impact too.

Are you puzzled by Gateron Yellow vs Red? Though Gateron Yellow and Red run similar functions have a slight difference.

Now the question is, how do these differences impact the performance? To get to know the answer check out their respective features.

Comparison Table -Gateron Yellow Vs Red

Gateron YellowGateron Red
Heavier springLighter spring
Support RGB and SMDSupport SMD and PCB LED
Wide Compatibility
Firmer fit keypadsPlate mounted switches
High Quality
Provides an unparalleled smooth typingHot-swappable mechanical gaming keyboard

At the above table, I have shown a clear short difference between them. You can see they have a difference in their keyboard switch types. Now, which one do you better take? Both are mechanical keyboard switches, but they are different gateron switches.

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Have a look at their features below, and you will easily understand which one you need.

Basic Comparing on Gateron Red & Yellow

Gateron Yellow Switches are a great choice for mechanical keyboards. They are smooth in character and vertical pressing sensation with no snap. And the essential fact is that if you are concerned about the sound, yellow Gateron switches sounds your hearing the peace, not that crackling noise.

The travel distance is 4mm, the same as regular Gateron red, blue, and brown switches.

On the other side, the red Gateron switches are the typical linear switch that makes typing quieter. It is assumed they are lighter and smoother than Cherry red but more comfortable to use.

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Some may find Cherry reds scratchier than Gateron reds. However, the difference is minimal.

Gateron Red VS Yellow- Build quality

A 3-pin Gateron switch with a copper rattling leaf metal and a plastic rod is ideal for a mechanical keyboard.

Gateron Red, made from copper leaf and a plastic rod, is perfect for gaming purposes. For keyboards lacking steel plates, the machine uses two metal pins, a central column, and two fixed columns.

Comparison in Switch Design

It’s a linear switch that’s neither tactile nor does it make a loud clicking sound. This is helpful for the keycap’s tight fit and makes for a more comfortable operation.

The Gateron Red linear switch is different from the Cherry clear tactile switch.

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For people who play games, linear, soft tactile, and click tactile are the characteristics of mechanical touch. A key sound is a faint sound.

Actuation Force & Color Differences

Gateron switches are quieter and have a greater actuation point than Cherry MX switches. The actuation point is 50g. Smooth light but slightly heavier than red. Best mechanical keyboard switch.

Mechanical Keyboard replacement switch for Gateron red, which is lighter than yellow and Cherry MX. The actuation point is 45g. The Gateron red is more delicate and smoother than Yellow. However, best for gaming purposes.

Wider compatibility

Since the Cherry MX keycap shell may be used with any of the valve stems, the yellow switch allows you to select from a variety of keycaps, including ones for mechanical keyboards.

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The MX type 65 assorted DIY Mechanical Keyboard Switches are great for the typists. The G-axis has a clear shaft core characteristic that is expanded.

Increasing the core diameter compresses the space between the core and the cover, Gateron red switche helps balance the force applied and keep the keys stable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Gateron yellows better than cherry reds?

Gateron Yellow- Linear Gateron Yellow Switches provide a distinctive sound. The combination of a Gateron Milky Yellow top housing and a black bottom housing does this. There’s a really light, silent, and smooth vertical press with no clunky feeling.

Which Gateron color is the best?

Yes, Gateron offers a huge range of colors, including red, yellow, milky red, and black. All feature the lightest, smooth touch. For gaming, red and black are best.

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Are Gateron yellows bad?

No, Gateron yellows perform well. And people love it for the sound most.

Which One Do You Need?

Som after the full discussion, it clears the battle of Gateron yellow vs red.

Both are good and better in their functions. They are unaware that there are additional switch choices that go straight.

The Gateron yellow switch has a smooth feel and is somewhat heavier than the red one but has a similarly low actuation force. And that makes a difference, but it’s not too big of a difference.

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