Half of LED Strip Not Working: Find out the Reasons & Fix!

If you find that half of LED strip not working in your room, isn’t it irritating? There must be a fused bulb, or the strip is bent that you have not noticed. But there can be some other causes too.

When you understand the reason for your LED strip problem, it will be easier to resolve it. This guide lets you know the common causes and the required solutions to solve the LED strip problems. You can easily use these solutions.

Half of LED Strip Not Working- Find the Reasons

Generally, LED strips are made in 50 mm/100 mm sections, and the wiring is also in enclosed areas. That is why the faulty can occur in those parted sections, which is the reason that affects half of the LED strip.

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Let’s know the most common reasons and their solutions in short, at first.

Broken or fused bulbChange unlit bulbs
Overloaded power supplyStrengthen the power supply
Static Electricity damageChange entire strip or a section
Too much bending of the LED stripStraighten the strip
Dry solder jointsChange the strip section
One colour of LED strip light not workingCorrect the connection between the strip and controller
Short CircuitResolder or split solder connections

Now we will know the fixes for LED light not working in a step-by-step guide.

How to Fix LED Light Strips If Half Is Not Responding

When half of your LED light strand is not working, first, you have to check bulbs. If there are broken bulbs or bulbs with a loose connection, it is why are my LED lights not working.

  • First, check all the lights starting from one end to the other end. If there are dim bulbs, you have to change them.
  • Then wiggle the strand a bit and check if there are any loose connections. If the strand flickers, there is a loose connection, and you have to change the link.
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Fix When LED Lights Flashing Irregularly

When you notice that your LED light is flashing in an irregular sequence, it means that the power supply source is overloaded. It cannot supply the right amount of power that the LED strand needs.

  • In this case, you have to change the power supply and connect the LED strand to such a power supply that has the ability to provide more power than required.
  • Another solution is dividing your LED strip into two parts and connecting it into two power supplies with the same power outlet.

Fixing to LED Colored Light Strips

It is common to have a different colour projection in half of the LED strips. You can see that the strip shows green colour when you select orange or blue instead of purple. This means that the RGB/W of the LED is not working.

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This problem can occur when the strip is bent too much, static electricity damage, dry solder joints, or cheap quality strip or damaged transit.

How to work LED lights colours?

First, touch and press on the LED strip where the colour of the light is wrong. Sometimes, it works miraculously only when the problem is with the dry solder joints. The lights come back in the right colours.

If this solution does not work, you have to change the strip. You can get only the section of the strip and solder it using the connector clips.

Another problem is that half of the LED strip light not working for one colour, sometimes.

  • At first, check the cables that connect the strip with the controller.
  • If you have extended the connection by a connector block, remove this connection. Then directly connect the strip and the controller directly to the power source.
  • Make connections right. Connect the black cable of the RGB/RGBW strips to the positive power supply. Then connect the negative power supply to the colour strip that is not working.
  • If it does not work after doing this, check the cable from the solder pad on the strip. It may come off the solder pad.
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So, correct the connection.

Why Won’t My LED Lights Turn On? Solution to Short Circuit

When LEDs get too hot, it damages the strip, and your LED will not turn on anymore.

If the 12V LED strip is connected to the 24V power supply, the LED’s light will be brighter. It seems incredible, but it damages the strip within a few hours.

If you connect the 24 V power supply to the 12V LED strip, you have to change it and connect the strip to the 12V power supply.

Another option is to connect a converter to the 24V power supply that power down it to 12V and correctly supply the power to the LED.

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When there is a touch between positive and negative connections in the power supply, it creates a short circuit.

A short circuit can fail the LED strip within a couple of hours. It will burn the strip and cause a fire hazard. How to fix LED lights now?

  • At first, thoroughly check each of the single strip parts closely.
  • Check the solder connections too. If you find any solder to go across the connections, you have to resolder it.
  • You can split the solder using a knife not to touch the power supply’s positive and negative ends.

How to Reset LED lights

When you do not get any loose connections or power supply issues, you can reset the LED. It is an effective fix for every LED strip problem.

  • At first, plug the LED strips and then turn the lights on. Keep it on for a few seconds. Now, turn it off.
  • Take the power adapter keeping the remote control on.
  • Hold the power button pressing it for a couple of seconds.
  • Now plug-in power again.
  • Again, press and hold the power button.
  • The LED light will take a moment to turn on. Wait for it and keep the button holding.
  • Now, the strip will turn on and change all the colours one by one.
  • When the yellow colour comes, release the button that you were holding till now.
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The LED strip is ready to run now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does only one-half of my LED lights work?

There are many reasons for this problem. First, you have to check all the bulbs and the connections. Then you can check cable connections and settings. Check the power supply and voltage. It is better to have the matched wattage supply to the LED strip requirement.

What do you do if one of your LED strips aren’t working?

If one of the LED light strips is not working at all, you have to make sure that the voltage and power rating of the supply match with the LED strip. Then check all the accessories connected to the circuit and be sure that there is no short circuit. Also, check for the loose connections to the strip.

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Is it safe if you leave LED lights on all night?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to leave the LED lights on all night. LED lights create much less heat comparing to incandescent bulbs. LEDs provide no threat to its heat production.

Final Words

LED lights are enough to turn your room into a party place. It increases joy for your children too. The hassle comes when half of LED strip not working. No worry there.

When you learn the reasons and solutions, you can fix them yourself.

You will find almost all the possible reasons for problems and specific solutions here. Learn the answers, and you will discover how easy they are.

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