HDR 400 Vs HDR10 – Which one is the Better Monitor Display?

What is the primary difference between HDR 400 vs HDR10? The basic difference is in the display brightness. Wherein the HDR10 produces a high brightness level, the HDR 400 doesn’t offer amusing brightness.

Besides the dissimilation in monitor color, there’re many more dissimilarities between display HDR 400 and HDR10. Perhaps, that’s why it’s hard to find the HD 400 monitor for the gamers and high definition movie results.

However, and whatever the reason is, if you want the best display for your monitor, you must learn what’s better between the HDR 400 and HDR 10 monitors.

And so, we will differentiate these two types of HDR display to assist you in choosing the best monitor display.

HDR 400 Vs HDR10 Comparison at a Glance

Comparison pointsHDR 400HDR10
RelevanceDisplay HDR 400 is relevant to the computer world.HDR10 is relevant to the TV world.
LevelEntry-level monitorHigh-level monitor
HDR FormatCan read the metadata, but not so much.Display with 400 nits brightnessMetadata formats to describe HDR and send the HDR with videos
Contrast & BrightnessNot enough to give you a real-time experience while watching movies or gaming.Enough to give you a real-time experience of watching movies or gaming.
Supporting color BitsUp to 400 nits brightness and colorUp to 1000 nits brightness and color.
CompatibilityBest suitable for laptop and computer monitorsBest for a television monitor
Local dimmingScreen level dimmingZone-level dimming
Gaming and movie viewing performanceNot so good.Very good.


Undoubtedly, the HDR 400 display is relevant to the device of computer worlds like laptops, mobile, etc. Contrarily, the HDR10 is compatible with the TV world only.

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The HDR 400 allows entry-level brightness and performance. Perhaps, that’s why people don’t like the HDR 400 display on their television. Indeed, nobody likes to watch movies with low brightness.

Contrarily, the HDR10 allows high-level brightness and performance. The brightness enhances the interest of people to watch their favorite movie.

HDR Format

HDR offers the lowest requirement for the HDR format illumination that can hardly read the metadata.

HDR10 offers the complainant format to read the metadata to describe the HDR and send the HDR with videos.

Contrast & Brightness

The HDR10 offers high-level brightness with which you’ll get a real-time experience when watching movies. Not only that, when gaming on the HDR10 display, you’ll feel like you’re in the real world.

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But the HDR 400 isn’t like that. The HDR 400 doesn’t offer you real-world experience. It’s actually because the display lacks brightness and contrast.

Supporting Colors and Bits

The supporting colors and bits of the HDR 400 are up to 400 knits. The supporting color bits of the HDR10 are up to 1000 bits.


As you know, the HDR 400 is more compatible with laptops, PC, mobile, and so on. Contrarily, the HDR10 is more compatible with the television that remains at a specific distance.

Local Dimming

The HDR 400 offers screen-level dimming that may affect your eyes and brains if it’s placed close. Contrarily, the HDR10 offers zone-level dimming not to harm your eyes and brain.

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Gaming and Movie Viewing Performance

The HDR10 provides extremely better performance and brightness compared to HDR 400. You’ll game the real-time experience and feel your presence in the spot, whether watching movies or gaming.

Nevertheless, the HDR10 isn’t compatible with the computer monitor or laptop screen. The high-resolution picture might harm your eyes. That’s why the HDR400 is used on the computer and laptop screen. Contrarily, the HDR10 system is used on the television screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does HDR 400 Make A Difference?

Yes, the HDR 400 knits affect television’s brightness more than the SDR. But 600 nits are highly recommended for getting a satisfactory brightness. Furthermore, if you want excellent brightness from the television, the HDR must reach 800 to 1000 nits.

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Is HDR10 Better Than HDR?

Indeed, the HDR10 offers better performance and peak quality brightness than the HDR. That’s because the HDR10 is the newer and upgraded version of the HDR.So, unlike the HDR, the HDR10 allows peak quality brightness up to 1000 nits.

Are 400 Nits Enough For HDR?

The 600 nits satisfactory brightness from the HDR TV that offers good HDR performance. However, the 400 nits are also the minimum expected brightness for HDR television.

Is Display hdr 400 Good?

The DisplayHDR 400, 600, and 1000 are different sublevels of the HDR standard. Truthfully, 400 nits is a good Displayhdr that offers a minimum brightness level but less than 600 and 1000 nits. If you want to upgrade the display’s brightness level, you must upgrade the DisplayHDR level.

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Is HDR10 Good for Gaming?

Shortly, no! According to our experience, using HDR10 for gaming is inappropriate. However, the HDR format offers good brightness at almost all types of displays. So, when you play a game going close to the HDR10 format display, the acute brightness will directly smack your face. That’s why the HDR10 cannot be a good example of game-changing technology. Instead, it’s compatible with the television display whether you play a game or just watch it.

Which Display Can Be Your Pick?

HDR 400 vs HDR10 – Which is better? It mainly depends on the device you use.

Although the HDR 400 is dumped by the HDR10, it’s far better than the Dell, Samsung, and some other desktop displays.

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For computers, laptops, or mobile screens, it’s better to choose the HDR 400, although HDR10 is good from many perspectives. The HDR10 offers excellent brightness and a live experience of watching movies and playing the game.

Still, it’s inapplicable on computers, laptops, and mobile devices for the sake of safety. Instead, using the HDR10 on the television is good for watching movies or gaming.

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