How Do I Fix My Dell AC Adapter Is Not Recognized: Expert’s Guide

The Technical problems of a gadget are not new to all of us. Recently, we have received a mail about how do I fix my Dell AC Adapter is not recognized. And we thought of making a complete guide on that because I have suffered a lot when my Dell laptop adapter was not recognized.

In this article, you will get the required guidelines to fix this problem so that you can cope with the hassles you are going through currently.

At first, the reasons for which you face this problem are discussed. Then, the complete steps of solution for each of them.

So without further ado, let’s start the troubleshooting.

How Do I Fix My Dell AC Adapter Is Not Recognized?

Before jumping on to the fixing, at first, let us check the reasons that might be causing your Dell adapter to be the real culprit. Who knows, the real culprit is another one!

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Reasons for Dell Adapter Not WorkingEffective Fixes to Try Out
Connection problemCheck AC adapter ports and wall socket
Battery problemReplace battery
Static charge stuck insidePerform a hard reset
BIOS issueUpdate BIOS
Outdated Battery DriverUpdate the battery driver

If any of the above problems arise, then you may find your laptop battery is not charging. When the battery is not charging, you need to realize that there are some technical issues with the battery or the AC Adapter.

Now, get a sip of some detailed symptoms of the above reasons, and according to the reasons, we will get the required solutions to fix it as soon as possible.

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Solution for AC Adapter Issue

Mainly, a faulty AC Adapter will not get recognized in your laptop because of connection issues. Due to loose connection, the AC Adapter may not get recognized when you connect the AC Adapter with your Dell laptop. Again, the charging port may be damaged for which the AC Adapter is not getting connected properly.

So, when the problem relies on the AC Adapter, you need to test it so that you can find the spot of origin.

At this point, unplug the AC Adapter from the power supply socket on the wall. Then take the adapter off from the laptop. Now plug it in on both ports.

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Solution for Battery Issue

Sometimes, the laptop battery gets too swollen because of getting old. You know that most of the laptop batteries of Dell and other laptops use Li-ion batteries. Though the lithium-ion batteries are capable enough to hold maximum charges, these get swollen after using few years. In this case, the AC Adapter of your Dell laptop will not get recognized.

In this case, better to replace the battery.

Then again, sometimes, the static charge stored in the system can make your Dell AC Adapter is unknown.

Reset the AC Adapter. Take out the laptop and then hold pressing the power button for at least 20 to 30 seconds, then again connect it and see it should be fixed.

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The adapter will get recognized on your Dell laptop if it is in a good state.

Well, it is better to try changing the AC Adapter through you are trying to charge your laptop battery currently.

Most of the time, it may result in a heavy explosion when your laptop’s battery is swollen, and the adapter is faulty also.

You can get the original AC Adapter for your Dell laptop. But remember that adapter of another brand or other laptops may result in further technical issues that will ruin your laptop’s performance.

In this way, you can also solve the issue when the AC Adapter of your Dell laptop is not recognized.

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Fixes for BIOS Problem

The BIOS or system setup may cause this problem sometimes. As a result of which, the adapter may not get recognized in your Dell laptop.

So, when the BIOS of your laptop is not updated yet, then update it quickly. During startup, keep on pressing the bootable key that may be F2 or F12 according to your system.

When another window comes up select the BIOS setup to update the BIOS in your system.

Updating the Battery Driver

Again, not updating the Driver of your Dell laptop battery is also an important reason for uplifting this issue.

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If you see that the problem is relying on the Driver of your Dell battery, then it is time to update it.

Go to the Dell drivers and download the Dell Quickset application from there. Now, install it and complete the updating procedure. Then the adapter will be recognized.

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IN most cases, due to the above reasons sometimes, you may face an error message on your screen ‘Adapter can not be determined’ for many days. This may result in issues like Dell plugged in not charging. When the Dell AC adapter not working, then just try the above steps one by one and you can get your problem resolved within a couple of times.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make my Dell laptop recognize my charger?

For doing this, you need the find out the origin of this problem. Usually, resetting the adapter, replacing the adapter and the batteries are enough to fix this issue. For more information, read this article from top to bottom again.

What to do when Dell AC Adapter is not installed?

At first, Right-click Start. Then the device manager will be opened. Now, choose the device battery option and there you will find the Driver. If it is not available, then uninstall it. Then restart your laptop to install it again.

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The batteries of an electric gadget are like a powerhouse. Here, the energy to run your laptop is gained from the batteries. And the AC Adapter is like the digestive system of your laptop. When the system gets faulty, the body will not work.

Hopefully, now it can be said that you are not asking anyone how do I fix my Dell AC Adapter is not recognized. Just follow the ways given above after finding out the root of this issue. For further technical issues, you are welcome to comment or mail about that. This is all that is have got for you today. Have a nice day!

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