Learn How Long Does A Dell Laptop Battery Last and When Replacement Needed

Do you have any idea how long does a dell laptop battery last? According to Dell, a Dell laptop’s battery can last for 2 to 4 years easily. But this timing can go under reduction …

Do you have any idea how long does a dell laptop battery last? According to Dell, a Dell laptop’s battery can last for 2 to 4 years easily. But this timing can go under reduction depending on several factors.

You see, battery life is a standard key factor considered while purchasing a laptop is Battery life. Though Dell has fame for its long-term battery performance, batteries lose efficiency after a certain time.

A Dell laptop battery starts to wear out, needs replacement depending on the use and how often the laptop operates on battery power.

We try to explore the average lifespan of a laptop battery Dell, how to improve battery life, when you need the battery replacement and its cost.

Dive down without ado.

How Long Does a Dell Laptop Battery Last

The life span claimed by the manufacturer is not fixed. It is changeable. The overall battery life is between 1.5 to 4 years or 1,000 full charges.

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The Dell experts say that “A noticeable reduction in run time will be observed after 18 to 24 months”. If your laptop battery is regularly running to empty, it will weaken the battery. When your laptop battery reaches its limit, the battery needs to charge more frequently.

Well, we all know the most crucial factor that measures the battery performance is the years a battery can operate a laptop with full capacity. This is called battery life span.

All the factors that decide how long a battery will last are the laptop model, battery capacity, and average use. The more you use the computer, the more you have to plug it for charging, the sooner you’ll have to replace it.

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How Long Does A Dell Laptop Battery Last On A Single Charge

Another factor that is used to calculate battery performance is the duration a battery can run a computer on a single charge. It is called the battery life hour. The average life hour of a laptop battery is one to ten hours.

The average run time for laptop batteries Dell is 6 to 10 hours. A laptop battery’s duration per charge differs from models, screen size, application type, and average use.

More number of application you use the earlier your laptop battery run out of charge. If you use the laptop for everyday uses like web browsing, word processing, checking email, watching movies, photos, or listening to music, you will get full running hours as it claims or more than that.

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For example, the batteries of Dell Inspiron 15 will last even more than 10 hours with these normal uses. But if you use the computer for video streaming, gaming, or graphic designing, it will use more charge and give you 4 to 5 hours run time.

However, the run time also depends on the type of laptop you are using. You will get less battery life with a low-class laptop or a higher-power gaming laptop.

A high-end laptop models’ batteries may have more run time than average. On the other hand, the lower-end laptop model’s battery lasts only three to four hours.

Oh, the brightness and size of the screen also play a significant role in the run time. The more the brightness of the screen is, the shorter the battery life.

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With full brightness, a laptop will run for halfway. The larger screen of a computer also needs more power to use than a shorter screen.

These conditions are applicable if you are using your laptop continuously. On the other hand, if you use it with a bit of break during use, it will stay much longer.

Check out Some Dell Model’s Laptop Battery Life Hours

The life hour of a laptop battery sometimes varies from different brand models and types of batteries.

We are showing an average battery life hour’s list of some dell laptops.

Dell Laptop ModelBattery Life Hours
Dell Alienware x17 R15 hour
Dell Alienware x15 R15 hour
Dell Latitude 952034 hour
DELL Latitude E64304 hour
Dell Latitude 742017:46 hour
Dell Alienware m15 r6.6:46 hour
Dell XPS 15 (9510)8.29 hour
Dell Inspiron 14 (5410)7 hour
Dell XPS 17 (9710)11.02 hour

Tips to Improve Dell Laptop’s Battery Life

Do you wanna make your laptop battery last longer? It is possible to improve your laptop battery’s Dell life span and its performance. That will make your pc battery last for longer.

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To enhance the battery life, you have to follow the instructions given below.

Keep Unplugged

When your laptop is not in use, try to keep the laptop unplugged from the charger. Unplug the charger from the power source too.

Turn off the laptop

To save battery charge, you should turn off your laptop and unplug from the charger when not in use. It is best to turn off the laptop if you are not using it for more than half an hour. It will help to save the battery from running out.

Plug to Charger When Need Charge

Plug your laptop with the charger only when it needs charging.  Otherwise, keeping the laptop charger plugged in all the time will compromise the battery capacity. So remember to connect the charger when your laptop tells you to plug the charger and unplug it right after the battery gets fully charged.

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Charge At least 50% Before Long Time Storage

Most laptops use lithium-ion batteries. Before long-term storage, ensure that the battery has at least 50% charge and remove the battery from the laptop. The laptop’s battery should be kept in a warm, dry place.

When Does Dell Laptop Need Battery Replacement?

If you wanna know when your Dell laptop needs the replacement for battery, you have to Invigilate for some signs. When you face more than one of those signs, it indicates that your laptop battery is about to die.

Little Run Time

When your laptop runs out of charge after a short time, you need to consider replacing the battery. A fully charged laptop battery will run a laptop for seven to eight hours. If your laptop battery doesn’t last long, it will run for less than one hour. It’s the most significant sign that your battery needs replacement

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Charging Slowly

If the laptop charges exceptionally slow compared to the usual speed of charging and drains charge fast is a sign of a damaged battery. Take more time to fully charge, and fast draining of charge indicates that your laptop battery needs replacement.

Failing to Charge

When the laptop battery fails to get charged and only works when connected to the outlet, then the battery also needs to replace it.


Overheating is another sign of battery failure. Heating a laptop is expected when the laptop is running. It also has its way of cooling itself. When the computer becomes hot and fails to cool, it may be because of the battery failure.

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Battery life

Usually, laptop batteries have a long-term battery life of one to two years or 1000 charge cycles. If you have a laptop that is more than one year old, this may be the reason that your laptop battery may die and need replacement.

System Warning

Laptops are equipped with a built-in system that will warn you if the battery reaches its low enough capacity. Both windows and mac have this technology. When it’s time to replace the laptop battery, you will receive a warning message.

To diagnose your laptop battery issues, you should consult with a professional while it needs replacement or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Average Dell Laptop’s Battery Price?

The original laptop battery of dell costs vary depending on the model and voltage. The new power pack’s price ranges from $30- $120.

What Battery Do You Need For a Dell Laptop?

Batteries have printed information, including battery type, model number, voltage, etc., on their surface. To determine the model and type of battery you need for your Dell laptop, turn off the computer, remove the battery and check for the information you need. Besides, most Dell laptops use the Lithium-ion battery.

How Do I Know If the Battery of My Dell Laptop Needs Replacing?

Some signs will let you know if your laptop battery is dying soon. When your laptop battery is aged 1-2 years, it gives you a little use time, charges slowly overheat during use, and finally, if you have a battery service warning, you need to replace the dell laptop battery.

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Do you know how long does a dell laptop battery last? Knowing this will get you to prepare for unexpected situations.

To have a long life of a laptop battery to avoid frequent replacement of a laptop battery, you should check for the long term and short term battery life.

Here we have explained what battery life is, why it is essential with some dell laptop model’s average battery life. After reading this article, we hope you can differentiate between a healthy laptop battery and a faulty laptop battery.

You will be capable of choosing the suitable laptop model for you. When the battery needs to replace laptop battery cost will no longer be a matter of your concern.

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