How Much Does 8GB Ram Cost? Get the Total Idea for Best Buy

How much does 8GB RAM cost would be? Whether DIMM or SO-DIMM, it will cost you around $35 – $45 for a DDR4 module. But the prices may differ based on RAM module and type also.

The more the Ram, the more a computer works fast. If you do not understand the RAM vs price issue, this article will help you attain a complete idea about RAM. Let’s know the variations of rate based on the brands and capacity of random access memory.

How Much Does 8GB RAM Cost? Do Capacity And Brand Fluctuate On Price?

The price tag comes with the altered brands. In the case of 8GB RAM, your budget will differ according to the DDR (double data rate ) interface.

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You can have an overall budget idea by knowing your computer or laptop compatibility with DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4 to reduce latency and upsurge Speed.

Among the many brands, you feel puzzled about taking the right 8GB RAM for a computer. Here is the top 7 8 GB RAM of different modules.

The above short chart shows that the price of DDR4 is higher than the DDR3 module. Besides, if your pc is pretty older with DDR2 module compatibility, you have to buy 2 4GB RAM.

There is little difference among the brand’s prices. But the CL (Cas Latency) ratings make a variance in cost.

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For a fantastic gaming environment, you can have RGB RAM. Nowadays, these red, green, and blue LED lighting memories are getting comparatively cheap.

How Does RAM Costing Varies Based On Brands

Almost all RAM producers provide a quality product to the customers because the basic manufacturing of memory is all the same. But a good brand memory provides good service like RAM durability, long-lasting quality, heat resistance power.

In our above list, you will see the top brands and how much does 8GB memory cost. Sometimes it can be the demand and supply issues of the memory chipsets that impact the RAM price.

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RAM Costing Based on Different Ram Module

You can not put DDR4 RAM in the DDR3 or DDR2 slot of a motherboard.

As DDR5 is already on the way, DDR3 is now older memory used for the oldest PC models of pc.

In contrast, DDR4 is a new generation memory slot. DDR4 is more capable and faster than DDR3. Laptops with 8GB RAM DDR4 are more proficient in random access storing.

Most of the PC of this time entails DDR4 RAM. Before 2015, laptops and desktops used DDR3 interface memory. Your computer or laptop with 8GB RAM can only support DDR3 or DDR4 system for the RAM.

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It is easy to understand that 8GB RAM DDR4 is a bit pricy than 8GB RAM DDR3. Sometimes inserting the wrong RAM might get you in the situation of one stick of Ram not working; if you want, learn the reasons.

But, there is a great price difference on DDR2 memory. Why?

Here the demand and supply theory won’t work. DDR2 is the oldest version of RAM as it came to the market before 2008. Today, no manufacturers produce this interface anymore.

Still, this interface has a lot of users. As a result, there are few DDR2 Ram available in the market. That is the core cause of this older module RAM high pricing.

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Ram Costing Variation Based on RAM Type

Apparently, you don’t get any rate variance between two same types of different brand modules.

RAM module or stick is a circuit. This circuit mounts the RAM chips on it. Desktop compatibles are called DIMM, and the laptops are SO-DIMM.

Your motherboard has a minimum of 2 slots for memory. You can not use a DIMM type for a laptop as it is designed for the desktop. On the reverse, a SO-DIMM module will not attach to the desktop.

Concerns While Buying a RAM

  1. Before going to choose a RAM for a computer, checks its barebones. Marketers produce numerous capacities of memory for different models of pc.
  2. Check what interface does your laptop possesses. Go to the Task Manager > More Details > Performance > Memory. You will see the total memory and the DDR in the top right corner. Buy your new RAM according to that module.
  3. Always install the same brands of memory for better speed. In case of adding an extra 8GB of laptop RAM, match it with the older 8GB RAM MHZ and brand.
  4. Buy RAM of good ratings and reviews. Also, take suggestions from the previous user.
  5. Get the one that can meet your performance needs as well as load the working speed
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does 8GB DDR4 RAM cost?

A Good Brand DDR4 8GB RAM price for a laptop is approximate $35 – $45. The $10 difference comes from the clocking of the memory. The less latency memory you will buy, the higher the rate will be.

Can I add 8GB RAM to a 4GB laptop?

Yes, you can add 8GB RAM to a 4GB laptop. But it should match with one another by their same module and capacity. Placing a 3600 MHz RAM inside a 1600 MHz supporting slot won’t support each other. As a result, your ultimate goal to enrich computer speed will go in vain.

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How much does RAM cost for a PC?

Price is not a big deal for RAM. For better speed, more RAM is beneficial. It will cost around up to $25 for a DDR4 4GB RAM. A DDR4 8GB will spend your minimum of $45 or less. If you want to buy A DDR4 16GB RAM, make your budget for $ 70 or a little more.

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It is fairly cheap for how much does 8GB ram cost. RAM is significant for your pc work. Your pc needs the appropriate memory speed to complete all the tasks comfortably.

Whether you work in the office or play games with intense performance levels, adding a minimum of 8 GB can be a standard upgrade of memory units in your PC.

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Spending around $35 for an 8GB memory will cost you not a lot but improve your pc speed fluently.

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