How to Change Cooler Master Fan Color- 2 Ways to Go

Many of us love to enjoy the vibrant display of colors in our monitors, keyboards or cooling fans in the CPUs. If you are one of them and particularly want to know how to change cooler master fan color, you can change it using the Cooler Master Controller software or without the controller.

As we know, RGB comprises red, green, and blue hues which are capable of creating a broad range of different colors when blended together. You must know that we will get white when RGB primary colors are set at full intensity. And likewise, at the lowest point, we will get black from cooling fans.

Now, let’s get to know more about changing colors and controlling RGB fans of Cooler Master.

How to Change Cooler Master Fan Colors

Let’s start with the obvious. We will show you here 2 ways to change the colors.

  • Using software without the controller
  • Using the RGB controller
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Change Color without Controller

First, let’s discuss how to change Cooler Master fan color without controller.

Make Sure of the Proper Setup

If your motherboard has only one RGB header and you want to add more than one fan, you need to have a splitter with 2 to 3 RGB connectors.  As such, the splitter has 2-3 RGB wire connectors on one end. The other end will go to the Sys Fan slot of the motherboard.

On the other hand, the cooling fans have two cables attached – one goes into the power supply unit, and the other is for RGB connectors.

Since we are connecting more than one fan, we are using the splitter. So, another fan cable that was supposed to go to the RGB connector should be connected with the splitter.

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That is the physical setting completed for changing colors of the Cooler master fan without the RGB controller for PC.

Change the Color

To control or change the colors of fans through the motherboard, you have to use software.

The most popular Cooler Master Software to change or control colors is the Asus Aura Sync. The Aura window will provide you a vast range of color options from simple static to breathing effects. You can also have the famed Comet and Flash and Dash effect with software control.

You will find a list of various effects on the Aura window. For example, there is a Rainbow setting. If you select it to gradient, select the speed up to the highest and the range to the widest – you might get a full-on assault on your viewing.

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Or you just can slow everything down and perfect the lighting to match your subdued mood. The point is you can get the fans to change color – in the exact way you want and without the PC RGB controller. 

Change Colors with the Cooler Master RGB Controller

First, let us share a few brief things about how you can connect the fans with the Cooler Master RGB controller.

Make Sure of the Proper Connection

When you buy the RGB Controller device, you will get different types of cables, a 3-way splitter, and the actual controlling device. You need to get the device attached to your system first.

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There is one simple difference between setting up cooling fans with an RGB Controller and setting up fans directly to the motherboard. We need to plug in the splitter into the RGB Controller. The rest of the steps are pretty much standard.

Change the Color

Now allow us to share a few things about the RGB Controller device. It can change the intensity of red, green, and blue channels separately. You may want to do that if you want lighting with a specific mix of colors. For example, to get a purplish hue, you can increase red and blue while turning the green channel completely off.

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The next step is downloading the Cooler Master RGB Software, best known as the master Plus software. The software is pretty straightforward and fun to work with.

You can download the software from the official website of Cooler Master. After opening the window, you need to find the fans and drag them one by one on the window above.

You will see the light little light bulbs on the RGB Controller. To make it simpler, drag one fan on the top panel and click one light bulb. That’s one fan-activated. Repeat the same for however many fans you attach to the system.

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And now your Cooler Master RGB Controller is ready to roll.

Now, how to control Cooler Master RGB fans?

After downloading the software, open it, and the dark black background will open.

  • On this page, you see three options. Click the Main Control option.
  • Here you see a picture of the Cooler Master fan controller device on the left side.
  • And the color (hue bar, color plate) and speed combination on the right sight. Slider bars and decimals ( 0 to 255) for shade adjustment.
  • Also, there are eight modes on the down left side.
  • There is a picture of the color and speed of the current fan on the down left side. Now change their mode one by one.
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Like Asus Aura, the Cooler Master will flood you with more options than you can think of. There are loads of built-in options to choose from. And you can customize the lighting in every way possible.

Most of the options are pretty self-explanatory. So, as soon as you finish the complete setup of the device, you are only limited by your imaginations to get your desired lighting effects from the Cooler Master RGB fans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Cooler Master have RGB software?

Yes, the Cooler Master has the RGB software. You can download it from the official website. That is the safest source for running the operation smoothly.

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Is Cooler Master RGB software good?

The Cooler master software is a great option to control or change the color of the fans. The software is very easy to use and fun to configure with different lighting options. And we can control it through the motherboard.

Can I change color in BIOS?

Though we can change the settings of the fans from BIOS, it is not possible to change the colors from BIOS.

Final Words

We hope now you know about how to change cooler master fan color. You may find the physical setting a bit complicated. But if you try for a few times and have the basics covered about pins, slots, looks etc – you can do it successfully.

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And as we have seen, Asus Aura or Cooler Master RGB Controller with the software – both are great for tweaking and twisting with the color combination we want. There are other options available from other vendor companies. But these are the two options that are easy to use, available everywhere and offer most versatilities.

So, follow our guidance carefully and enjoy the colors.

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