How To Change Font Color On Android- Here Are 3 Hacks

How to change font color on android as most of the android phones do not have the feature to change color rather, you can change the font styles only. But using some reliable third-party software, …

How to change font color on android as most of the android phones do not have the feature to change color rather, you can change the font styles only. But using some reliable third-party software, you can easily do this.

Sometimes we become bored by watching the same color and font on our android phone. And that is why to bring some change and customize the android device, people use different colors of font with various styles.

Like the saying, every problem comes with a solution, you can now change the font colors on your android mobile without changing any system protocols.

But due to not knowing the tricks or ways, we make it impossible to change the font color on android. Today, we will show you the tips to change the font color. Keep on reading.

How To Change Font Color On Android- 3 Ways

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Today, we are going to show 3 easy methods of changing font color on an android device. So, let’s not delay anymore and discover the ways.

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Remember, each method can vary from android models. Not all methods can be effective for all. So, know all to get the exact one that your phone supports.

Method 1: Change Font Color Using Action Launcher App

If your phone doesn’t have the font changing feature, you can try various android launcher apps. Among so many launchers, the best launcher app for changing font icons, color is the Action Launcher.

You can effortlessly transform your font color, style using it. But for that, you have to proceed with a systematic step. The steps are as follows-

Step 1: Install And Open It

Go to Google Play Store and download the “Action Launcher” app. Install action launcher app. After installing it, open the launcher and scroll down a bit.

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Step 2: Tap On It

Then tap on the option named action setting.

Step 3: Scroll And Click On It

Now scroll down and click on the appearance option. Later clicking on it, you will notice a preference titled font.

Step 4: Scroll And Choose

Tap on it. There you will find eight kinds of fonts. Each font has different color & style. Scroll these fonts and choose your preferred one. Apart from this launcher, you can also use the go launcher app. Its using process is the same as the action launcher. To use it-

  • Firstly install it.
  • Then go to its settings.
  • There you will see an option named font. Tap on it. This launcher offers five types of fonts, choose your favorite one among those. Save it.
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Besides, you can also use some other launcher apps like Nova, Microsoft launcher, and some other reliable ones to change the font colors and customize your phone.

Method 2: Using The Zfont App

If your device is among Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, or Huwai, zfont is an adequate app for changing font color for your device. It is best suited to these devices.

It doesn’t even affect any boot loops and, the best part is it has been updated, so you don’t need to reboot your android when a new font shows.

Moreover, it works both in unrooted and rooted devices. So, if your androids category doesn’t fall among those listed names, then you can root your device and use it.

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To use this app, just download and install the app from the play store and open it to select your desired color. If you are looking for how to change color of text on home screen, this Zfont can show its charm well.

However, there are another apps called iFont, which does not work on Vivo, but work on Samsung and some other devices,

Method 3: Root Your Device To Customize Your Phone

If you don’t want to try the launcher app to change font color, you can root the device to change the font color. Some android mobiles like Samsung do not support such font customizing apps.

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So, to enable them to work on your phone, root your device. If you don’t know the rooting process or how to root an android, you can follow this process to root your phone.

  • Install a Twrp recovery app.
  • Now keep your android in a recovery mood. Download the Super Su zip apk file and then install it on your device. Open the super zip after it finished installing.
  • After opening, touch the option named swipe to confirm flash. This will be completed in  just a few seconds. After finishing it, you will see an option called Dalvik/wipe cached.
  • Click on it and confirm it. If the twrp app shows to install Supersu again, choose the not to install option. The reason is many times the twrp inefficient to discover the installed supersu in the phone.
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A fresh supersu will be installed automatically in the menu, operating the android’s root permits. However, there is another app called “Root Essential”, available in Google Play Store. You can also install that and root your device using that app.

After rooting your android device, go to the play store and install the app that is compatible with your device and change the font colors according to your choice. Moreover, changing the font styles and formats is available on almost every android device. Just-

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Scroll down& find “Display”.
  • Go to the “Font Style & Size”.
  • And set the font styles and font sizes along with the bold or unbold option available there.
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Now, you know how to change font style and sizes on android and font color-changing ways. Now, enjoy your personalized phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change the font color on my home screen?

If there is no built-in feature in your device, you can use third-party apps such as the Zfont, or any launcher apps like the Nova launcher to change the font color easily.

How do I change the font color on my app icons?

Some flagship phones like Samsung come with the pre-built option to customize the font color and text color of the phone. You can enable these options from the settings. But if there is no such feature, use third-party cont customizing apps like Z font or iFont.

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Final Words

Using one type of font for a long time can make one person feel boring & gloomy to operate. It’s normal to have the wish of changing font color as well as styling the beloved android. There are numerous types of strategies to change the font color on android. But due to not knowing the exact process, many people can’t change their android font color.

If you are among those people, you can evaluate this article. Here we have illustrated 3 practical methods of how to change font color on android. After reading it, we’re pretty much sure you will be able to change your font color easily.

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