How To Charge Logitech G703 with These 2 Proven Ways

Don’t you know how to charge Logitech G703? You can easily charge it using a cable extender or the powerplay system for wireless charging.

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How To Charge Logitech G703

Charging the Logitech G703 is not a hazardous job. For this, you need to follow some steps.

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However, you can charge the mouse using the charging cable included with the mouse or without using the charging cable also. We are going to show you these 2 different practical methods to charge your favorite aggressive gaming mouse.

So, let’s move on to the main point now.

Method 1: Charge Using The Charging Cable

One of the best methods to charge the mouse is using a cable. If you use a wired cable to charge your mouse, your mouse will act as the traditional mouse while charging.

Note that you can easily use your Logitech gaming enthusiast mouse while charging.

Step-1: Disconnect The Light Speed Adapter

To charge your Logitech G703 gaming mouse, first make sure your mouse’s battery has less charge. At the same time, you must have the charging cable in your hand.

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If you watch deeply, your charging cable possesses a light-speed adapter. It would be best if you disconnect the light speed adapter before charging.

Step-2: Connect The Charging Cable To The Mouse

When you disconnect the light speed adapter, you will find a port attached to the cable. Then insert that port to the mouse thus the mouse can be connected with the line.

Step-3: Connect The Cable To The Power

Once you connect the cable to the mouse, you now have to attach it to the power or electricity. You can also complete this step before the 2nd step. When you make sure that the cable is transmitting the power, it means your gaming mouse is charging successfully.

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Method 2: Charge By Using POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System

It is a unique technology to charge the mouse ever discovered. In this light-speed technology, you have to use a wireless pad or mat to charge your mouse. Then let’s have a look over the method step by step.

Step-1: Select The Surface To Charge

When you want to charge your gaming mouse by this method, you need the POWERPLAY wireless charging mat. Make sure your selected pad is compatible with your mouse.

Step-2: Set The Magnetic POWERCORE Module

You will find a magnetic POWERCORE module or chip with your wireless gaming mouse. You then packed out that module to place it into the mouse. Open the back part of the mouse and place the chip over the back piece. Then close the back part again.

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Step-3: Attach The Charging Cable With The Wireless POWERPLAY Mat

You have to attach the charging cable with the wireless mat that you have got with this mat in this stage. Place the port with the wireless mat. At the same time, attach another part of the cable to the power plug or electricity. Make sure the indicator light of the cable is on after the attachment.

Step-4: Place The Mouse Over The POWERPLAY Wireless Mat

Once you complete all the previous stages, now it is time to place the mouse over the mat or the wireless pad. When you place the mouse over the wireless charging mat, it will start charging and gaining power by the magnetic chip inserted into the mouse.

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What Is Logitech G703?

The Logitech G703 is a wireless gaming mouse that is designed for comfortable usage. The ultra-fast light speed technology makes the Logitech G703 wireless mouse unique from any other mouse in the market.

The POWERPLAY compatibility of this mouse is also another feature that makes the mouse different. With advanced technology, you can charge this mouse with a wireless charging system and a wired cable. This most acceptable modern mouse is also usable while charging.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time will the Logitech G703 need to charge?

Whether you change your Logitech G703 with a wired or wireless charger, it will need a maximum of 2 hours to complete the charge. But if you use the mouse during the charging, the time may vary.

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How long will the charge last after the full charge in Logitech G703?

Usually, the mouse needs more charge to run the computer games. Because of the fast speed of the mouse, it also requires a better charging facility. Once you fully charge your wireless gaming mouse, it will run a minimum of 24 hours. But if you continue with the dark mode, you can run the mouse over 30 hours after the full charge.

Can you use the Logitech G703 while charging?

Yes, you can use the Logitech G703 during the charging. If you use a wired cable to charge your mouse, it will play as a wired mouse while charging. You can also use the mouse while charging with the wireless charging system.

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Final Words

It is a general question that how to charge Logitech G703? If you love computer games, the Logitech G703 is very familiar to you. A wireless mouse is easy to use because of its outstanding design. But the problem arises when the mouse needs to charge.

Perhaps after going through this article, it’s clear to you how to charge your wireless gaming mouse. You can pick one method between the discussed two methods to charge your mouse.

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