How To Charge Razer Viper Ultimate? 2 Proven Methods!

How to charge Razer Viper Ultimate? You can charge it using the doc or only the USB. And it’s effortless if you know the steps. When a wireless mouse gives both advantages of a comfortable …

How to charge Razer Viper Ultimate? You can charge it using the doc or only the USB. And it’s effortless if you know the steps.

When a wireless mouse gives both advantages of a comfortable playing experience and a fast-ambidextrous design, the actual gamers will ask for it to buy. Razer Viper Ultimate wins the wireless mouse market ideally in this sector due to its high-speed transmission capacity and lightweight, stylish model.

However, the industry-leading Razer Viper Ultimate has improved its sensor quality with 99.6% resolution accuracy. If you bought a new Razer Viper Ultimate and eagerly search for how you can charge it, then go on reading.

How To Charge Razer Viper Ultimate

As we said, you can charge the Razer Viper Ultimate by using 2 methods. In the following sections, you get the precise information about these methods-

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Method-1: Charging With Plugging Into The Dock

When you buy the Razer Viper Ultimate, you find three things; a micro removable cable, a wireless mouse, and a charging dock. Ok, now I’m talking about the dock of this wireless mouse.

Here, by using the dock, you can get two opportunities to charge your wireless mouse. You can charge the wireless mouse when using the micro USB receiver with the dock itself, or you can directly connect the dock to your wireless mouse for charging.

Let us make clear to you about the two sides of usages of the dock for charging this mouse:

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Using The Micro USB Receiver With Dock

When you take the dock in your hand, you have to look upper side of the dock body. There you can find a tiny USB port and that place you can plug into the USB dongle or adapter. For charging this wireless mouse when using a micro USB receiver, you have to maintain the following steps:

Step-1: Take the micro removable connector (USB cable) in hand to plug it into the dock if it is in a plug-out mode.

Step-2: Find the wireless adapter, kept hidden behind the little door (bottom side of the mouse) of this wireless mouse.

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Step-3: Take out the adapter and plug the adapter into the USB type (the upper side of the dock).

Step-4: After the USB gets connected, then attach the mouse to the dock. It will start charging.

While charging, there you see RGB lighting at the top side of the mouse. The charging dock base (bottom side of the dock) also has RGB lighting, which features itself.

It feels real elegant when you are playing games with this wireless mouse. But when you shut down your pc, or the display turns off, the RGB light automatically turns off.

Using The Dock Itself As A Receiver

Plugging the USB adapter into the dock to run the mouse wirelessly is boring. So, the unique advantage of using the dock is that it should be another receiver by itself. It can charge the wireless mouse even if you don’t use the USB adapter.

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You can take out the adapter from the dock and put it back in the mouse hidden area, or you can connect the adapter to another PC for further usage.

For using the charging dock as a receiver itself, you must follow these easy steps:

Step-1: You may know that the dock has two large prongs with little magnet power. You have to search for it on the upper side of the dock.

Step-2: There are two small holes bottom side of the mouse. Attach the mouse and the dock so that both the mouse holes and the dock’s prongs get connected.

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Step-3: When the prongs magnets suck the mouse tightly, it starts charging.

After combining the wireless mouse and the dock, it displays the battery level while charging. It also creates a gaming atmosphere with RGB lighting around the rim of the dock itself.

Method-2: Charging With Only Plugging The USB Cable (Charging without Doc)

On the backside of the dock, you will see a USB cable. You can pull out the cable or plug in the thread. The cable line is so flexible and moveable. You can set up your gaming station at any corner of your house with this moveable cable.

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Some of you may buy the Razer Viper Ultimate without the dock or non-charging dock version. It is cheaper. So everyone wants to buy this.

Don’t worry about it. Follow these easy steps to charge your wireless mouse with the help of a USB cable:

Step-1: When you opened up your Razer Viper Ultimate wireless mouse, you probably got the USB cable. Now take the USB cable to connect.

Step-2: You have to connect one side of the cable to the USB port of your PC. At the same time, join the other side of the line to the front side of the mouse. Now you can charge your mouse by using the PC’s battery power.

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Since the Razer Ultimate has its micro USB connector, please don’t use any other USB-c cable to charge it. This Razer Viper Ultimate can run for up to 70 hours continuously. You have to charge it once a week, and it will give you the entire week’s continuous gaming performance.

Using the dock to charge the mouse will take more hours because of its RGB lighting system. But with the help of a USB cable, it will take 3-4 hours.


Do you need the charging dock for the Razer Viper Ultimate?

No, no need to bother if you bought the Razer Viper Ultimate without the charging doc, because it can also be charged without the doc, instead you can charge using the USB.

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Is the Razer Viper Ultimate rechargeable?

Yes, the Razer Viper Ultimate is rechargeable. And this high-end mouse can run up to 72 hours of functionality after charging once.

Does Razer Viper Ultimate charge when PC is off?

No, but if you can change the settings to charge while PC is off, the mouse will be charging.

Concluding Part

The Razer Viper Ultimate has a high-speed gaming capacity with versatile characteristics, and this is necessary for a wireless gaming mouse. The massive battery life is the core reason to buy this wireless mouse.

So to maintain the longevity of this mouse, you must know the methods of charging. We think this article will help you understand how to charge Razer Viper Ultimate correctly.

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