How To Check My iPhone Temperature| Save from Sudden Die

How to check my iPhone temperature to prevent an unexpected shutdown? Though there is no practical way to check the iPhone temperature you can check it using third-party software. Since the extremely high temperature can …

How to check my iPhone temperature to prevent an unexpected shutdown? Though there is no practical way to check the iPhone temperature you can check it using third-party software.

Since the extremely high temperature can affect your iPhone’s battery life, you may be worried. This extreme temperature from a particular figure can shorten your battery life too.

In this article, we are going to show you effective methods to check iPhone temperature and how to protect the iPhone’s lifespan from overheating.

So read the whole discussion and follow the actions that are suggested below. You will get the relevant ideas also that are responsible for the rising heat of the iPhone.

How To Check My iPhone Temperature

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Listen, this is not something about checking your body temperature with iPhone that most are misthoughts. This is about checking the internal temperature of the iPhone chips to save the phone from facing overheating issues.

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Sometimes we experience that our iPhone is too hot while we are holding it in our hands. This is not occurring without any reason.  Again, our iPhone seems to show a warning sign of overheating and does not let us use any functions.

Basically, there are some tolerance figures of the temperature that absorb the iPhone’s battery and CPU. When the device somehow exceeds the operating temperature, it literally shows you a warning sign with an emergency call button—however, no need to worry about this. Just leave the phone for some time to cool down, and you can use the device again without any issue.

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Steps may vary between different iPhone models. To know far, you need to be informed of some other issues. These are scripted below.

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What to Do When iPhone Is Too Hot?

You can do some favorable tasks to cool down your iPhone CPU. The rise of temperature is mainly responsible for the CPU. As the iPhone is expected to do the functions as fast as a computer, it is sometimes restricted. So, when your iPhone shows you the notification, you need to stop using iPhone functions.

The followings are some steps you can do when your phone gets overheated.

  • First, switch off your iPhone. Then let it become cool. After waiting for a while, you can power on the iPhone.
  • Secondly, if you see your current place too hot for you, you need to move the place as soon as possible. If you are in the car closing the windows and straight to the sunlight, leave the place. Please go to your room and keep the iPhone at your room temperature while shutting down.
  • Last but not the least, stop charging. Unplug the phone. You can charge it after a while. Try not to keep in hotter areas of your home, for instance, a kitchen.
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Any Apps Available To Check The iPhone Temperature?

Our research got something to measure the iPhone’s temperature or any other 4th generation gadgets. However, the authentic Apple did not recognize any supervised application to calculate the temperature. So, the users who are curious enough to explore the era of the iPhone found an application that can calculate the battery temperature.

So the app is none other than “Apple Music”. You can use it instead of guessing the temperature. You will find it online. But things to be noted, this app is not recognized as a temperature calculator by Apple’s official website.

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The experts also recommend another app called “Battery and Charger test“. It will do check the battery temperature and keep you informed before your iPhone gets overheated.

How to Keep Temperature Under Control?

It is a common question, is there any manual setting to check iPhone temperature. Your iPhone has some device temperature sensors. But the sensors do not calculate the air temperature. They only measure iPhone’s battery and processor’s usage. 

However, if you are looking for keeping your iPhone at an ambient temperature, there are some options to add on the sensors by using wireless communication like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. And, after that, you can check the weather temperature and keep the iPhone within the safe zone.

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There is some explanation of the highest and lowest absorbable warm and cold situations. If it is crossed by ambient temperature, your iPhone will not tolerate it. It will notify you.

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Your iPhone Device?

Sometimes your iPhone gets overheated after finishing updates like iOS 11 or other updates. It is completely okay to become hot. However, there is an ideal temperature figure that is the normal temperature of the iPhone operating area. The operating ambient temperature is between 32° to 95° F. In other sense; it is 0° to 35° in Celsius.

However, when your iPhone is not in the operating mood, the temperature should be between -4° and 113° F. Besides; you can consider in Celsius by -20° to 45° C.

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When you operate your iPhone over the maximum temperature, it becomes overheated and can harm your battery. However, you cannot place your iPhone in the coldest place under -4° Celsius for a long time.

How to Notice It?

You can notice the temperature even if you do not measure the atmosphere temperature. In some cases, your iPhone will let you know by displaying a notification on the screen. When your ambient temperature is too high or low, the notification will appear.  This notification will warn you to put it politely and to stop using it.

The notification will be like, your iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it. That time you should stop using immediately. Otherwise, the iOS function will be hampered.

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When Is It Normal for iPhone To Get Heated?

We have experienced, sometimes iPhone gets much more heated, even at a normal room temperature. So what we find out is that when we update the iPhone for the first time, the temperature usually rises. At this time, there is no reason to be worried.

In some cases, you will find your iOS gadgets are overheated while they are charging. Not only sometimes, but your iPhone will also be overheated if it is connected with your charger and it is plugged in. No matter even if the switch is on or off.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check the temperature of my iPhone 12?

to check the iPhone temperature, use any third-party apps like battery and charger test and stop using your iPhone.

Can I check my body temperature with my phone?

Yes, you can. But for this, you need a third-party temperature checking software and enable the sensor option of the iPhone device. And after that check your body temperature or other health fitness tracking tasks with your iPhone.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, I can conclude that these are basically the way of checking the temperature of the iPhone. After checking or realizing the overheating problem, you have to take steps to control the overheating.

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Now, we firmly believe that you got the point and are no more worried with the question of how to check my iPhone temperature, So, you can now definitely operate your iPhone with its healthy life. Have a good journey with your passionate iPhone.

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