How To Combine Keynote Presentations? A Complete Guide

Yet, there is a noteworthy question prevalent among Apple users that is: How to combine Keynote presentations? The copy-paste option is the best alternative to try. But the steps can vary between Apple devices.

Keynote is Apple’s response to Powerpoint. And when it comes to built-in customization and transition options, the Keynote has surpassed the Powerpoint.

In today’s discourse, we will cast light on this question and come up with multiple methods to merge more than one Keynote presentation. And doing so will relieve you from the troubles of redoing the slides all over.

So, without further ado, let’s solve our query.

How To Combine Keynote Presentations- 2 Easy Ways

We will show here 2 ways covering the steps for Mac and iPad devices.

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Method 1: Copy-Paste The Slides

Let’s start the steps for Mac first.

For Mac Users

Wait! Don’t get jumpy. If you simply copy-paste the slides of one keynote presentation into another, that won’t do. Rather, the slides you copied into the original presentation will be ignored when you press the “Play” button.

So, combining Keynote presentation with copy-paste mode needs a more technical approach. What you should do is

  • Create a “new document” and copy the slides from two or more presentations into a new document by pressing Cmnd and C keys.
  • Keep a new document prepared in the background and follow these steps.
  • If you need all the slides from a presentation, you have to click on the left of the slide (on Navigation Panel) and Hold Command and press A.
  • This will select all your presentations. Then Command+C to copy and Command+V to paste to an active navigation panel (Where the Slides are listed)
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If you need individual slides, you can select them individually by holding the Command button and clicking the slides.

We suggest changing the view into “Light Table” from toolbars. In this mode, you can see a preview of all slides and pick them out smoothly. Thus, you can choose the needed files swiftly.

Moreover, if you are copying from multiple presentations, the themes and fonts might be different for each. Therefore, invest some time to fix and assort them so that they look presentable and appalling.

For iPad Users

For iPad, the solution is very specific. Here, you can just copy the slides of the presentations you want into your present one.

  • To copy, tap and hold the thumbnails left the main slide and a few options will pop up. Then you have to opt for “copy”.
  • Open the main presentation and tap twice on an empty (or replaceable) slide from the left navigation. Select “Paste,” and you should be done.
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If you need to copy multiple slides from a presentation, just tap and hold the first one you need and tap on the other slides as well.

When you paste on even a single blank slide, every selected slide will be copied, replacing the blank one.

This should solve all your doubts about how to combine keynote presentations on iPad.

Method 2: Using Other Apps

You can otherwise make the presentations on Keynote utilizing all the customizations. You can then export them as .ppt or .pptx files. From there, merging a Powerpoint presentation is easier, particularly for Mac users.

For this, you just have to copy the specific slides and paste them into another PowerPoint presentation instead of creating a new document. You can save them as .ppt or .pptx afterward as both file extensions are playable on Keynote.

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On the other side, you can use iBook, which gives a more natural alternative to merge and export the file as Keynote presentations or pdf. But for iPad users, following the first method would be easiest. With this, we hope we can answer all questions like how to combine two Keynote presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you merge two keynote presentations?

Yes, You can merge them with an iPad by pasting the required slides on the presentation file you want them to. With Mac, it’s a bit tricky because you have to create a new file where you have to paste the required slide.

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How do I import Keynote into Keynote?

You can import any keynote presentation simply by opening the Keynote app. At the onset, you can import your premade presentation. However, if you want to merge two or more such presentations, follow our short guide.

How do you take part of one keynote presentation and put it into another?

If you want to take part (some particular slides) of a presentation and embed it in another, you have to select the slides and simply paste it (for iPad) or create a new file and paste presentations from both slides.

How do I merge keynote presentations on a Mac?

Merging keynote presentations on a Mac is a little complex. You have to copy the slides and paste them into a new document.

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Final Words

Many of the presenters of any institution go for Keynote presentations because of their huge personalization privileges.

So, let not a query simple enough to be solved like how to combine Keynote presentations stop you from them. We hope our guide helps you. Happy presenting!

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