The Ultimate Guide on How to Connect 8 Pin Graphics Card

Graphics Card or commonly known as GPU, is a vital peripheral of computers. When I first brought my computer, I didn’t buy any GPU. However, when I decided to add it later, I faced a huge hustle. Even had to change my PSU. So, today, we will show you how to connect 8 pin Graphics Card to your PC in simple ways.

Before getting into the discussion, we would like to share one tip. Please buy a better Power Supply Unit if you have any intention of adding or upgrading your GPU.

Anyways, let us hit into the discussion.

How to Connect 8 Pin Graphics Card to Your PC

You see, the first thing you need to know about your graphics card is the number of slots. The slot that connects directly to your motherboard is the PCI Express x16 slot, or in short, PCIe Slot.

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Usually, a motherboard has two PCI-E slots. You will have to attach the GPU with either one of them.

Now, moving on to the other part, which is the power slots.

How to Connect GPU with Only PCIe Connectors

Entry-level GPUs usually don’t have double or multiple slots, and it takes power from directly from the PCIE slot. So, to connect the GPU, first, you will have to align the GPU pins correctly with the slot.

You will see a cut on the connector, as well as the slot. This cut will guide you to connect the GPU correctly.

  • Now, first, align the GPU with the motherboard as well as the vent of your CPU casing. When you have found the right vent, take out the GPU and remove the vent to make an outlet for the HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports.
  • Connect the GPU with the motherboard then and adequately screw the side mounts with the vent bar to get proper stability.
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This way, you can connect your GPU with the motherboard.

How to Connect 6-Pin or 8-Pin Graphics Card

The major twist is here with the pins that need to be inserted in the right way.

Mid or high-end graphics card comes with additional power intake ports. These can be either a 6-Pin Connector or 8-Pin. In rare cases, usually in top-tier models, you will be able to find two 8-Pin and 6-Pin or both 8-Pin connectors.

The process of connecting the GPUs is the same as entry levels. Accept the additional connectors. You will be able to find the connectors from your PCU. These connectors are really easy to connect. All you need to do is to line them properly according to the pin orientation.

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Then gently push it down until you hear a click of the lock. To remove them, first press down the lock, and gently wiggle and pull it. This is really easy.

Some power supply units come with 6+2 pin connectors. I often face this question on how to connect 6+2 pin to 8 pin connectors. It’s very simple. The 2 extra pins are ground pins.

First, connect the 2 pins on the ground part. And then, you will have to connect the 6 pin part with the rest of the slot.

Power Supply Unit: Is It Crucial For GPU? 

Power Supply Units are mandatory for GPUs, especially for the mid and high-end ones. But, you will have to know the power consumption of GPU first.

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You see, as entry-level ones soak all the power from the PCI Express x16 slot, it doesn’t require any additional power. From the slot, it can get 75 watts.

However, moving on to the higher models requires a fair bit of juice from your PSU. A 6-Pin Connector can provide 75 watts, whereas an 8-Pin connector can provide 150 watts.

To sum up the calculation, every GPU has a minimum of 75 watts of power support from the PCI slot.

If it needs more juice, it can connect with a 6-Pin connect of the PSU or an 8-Pin. Some high-end models even may require all the connectors at once.

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Connection Converters

Now, there are many converters and adapters available in the market. These are very handy if you need an extra bit of power. These are:

Now, there are times when you need a PCIe power cable 8 pin, but you have 6 pins. Then you can easily use any of the suitable converters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you connect 8-Pin GPU with 6-Pin Connectors?

Yes, but here, you will need to buy a converter. However, you will have to keep an eye on the power consumption.

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Do I need a separate Power Supply Unit for my GPU?

Apparently, if you want to buy a powerful GPU, you might also need a powerful PSU. So, if your current PSU can’t cope up, you will have to buy one.

In what capacity a PSU works the best?

At 50% capacity, the PSU works in the optimal state.

Final Words

So, this was a detailed discussion on how to connect 8-Pin Graphics Card with your computer. There are some pro tips that I want to add up here. First, always plan ahead of time. If you want to or intend to upgrade in the future, then buy a better PSU.

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Second, sketch out your workload. Markdown the list of programs and processes that your computer will have to run. Then buy the GPU that suits your needs.

We have seen many people buying the wrong GPU. Other than that, have fun and explore the exciting computer components world!

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