How to Connect Monitor to Pc Without HDMI

If your monitor does not have an HDMI port, how to connect monitor to pc without HDMI? You can connect it using VGA or DVI cables. Some conditions may apply in different cases. So, if …

If your monitor does not have an HDMI port, how to connect monitor to pc without HDMI? You can connect it using VGA or DVI cables. Some conditions may apply in different cases.

So, if you want to connect your monitor to your computer without using HDMI, then look no further – we’ve got your back now!

We’ll talk about the different cables and adapters you may need to get things set up. We’ll also discuss how to set up your new connection so that it’s easy and intuitive.

How To Connect Monitor To Pc Without HDMI

One best and digital way to connect a monitor is by using an HDMI cable. However, if you do not have this one, there are other options available, such as VGA or DVI cables, that you can get from any computer store.

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The second-best alternative to HDMI is an adapter for the USB port and compatible with most monitors’ ports.

Another option would be to use wireless streaming from your phone, requiring you to find a suitable app like Chromecast or Apple TV Airplay (if running iOS).

These apps allow you to transmit and share content wirelessly onto another device without plugging anything in; they work by connecting through WiFi.

It is possible to connect audio and video signals over the same DVI or VGA cable (although separate plugs may be required).

However, this is only possible when both devices involved are connected to the same network so make sure you check your router’s settings to make it possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to find a way to combine both devices through an Ethernet cable or USB port, which can be found on most monitors these days.

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How To Connect Laptop To Monitor Without HDMI

Laptops do not have a standard monitor connection. Instead, there are many different types of ports on the back and sides of notebooks, such as VGA, DVI, USB Type-C, or HDMI because no one port makes up the majority of laptops on the market today.

 It cannot be easy to find monitors that accept these connections without additional adapters or converters. However, some laptop models come with an adapter in the box, so you don’t need to purchase one separately. But what if your model doesn’t? What should you do then?

  • You could connect via USB Type-C, but this will only support video – audio would still require another cable (which might already be included). If you need all-inclusive solution, it could be time to look into an HDMI monitor.
  • Many modern monitors come with multiple connections such as USB Type-C and HDMI ports which can help you connect your laptop without requiring additional hardware. If not, there are still other options available, so don’t panic! It seems like it would work in DisplayPort, but this will only carry video and no audio signal – remember to purchase the correct cable if necessary.
  • You might need another option: VGA or DVI cables can also carry audio and video signals over one port (though they may require separate plugs). The upside, though, is these connectors provide better resolution than their digital counterparts. It’s worth a shot if you’ve tried everything else.
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Connect Laptop To Old TV Without HDMI

Some people have an old TV monitor that doesn’t have an HDMI port. In this case, they can connect their laptop to the TV without using any converter or anything else. But, of course, they need to buy another cable for it!

The most common options are VGA and DVI cables because these ports carry both audio and video signals, so you don’t need additional wires for them.

You might also want to consider DisplayPort – although only suitable for carrying video (audio requires another cord), the connection is still better than digital alternatives like USB Type-C/Thunderbolt in terms of resolution quality.

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However, if your monitor has multiple links such as USB type C AND HDMI, then that would be an even easier solution 🙂 Hopefully, this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my computer has no HDMI port?

A DVI port is an alternative if your computer or desktop does not have any HDMI port. You can use that to connect your monitor to your pc

Can I use a USB port to connect to a monitor?

A USB to HDMI adapter is like an external card that you can use to connect your monitor to your PC. Generally, computers have a 3.0 port, and you will have to get a 3.0 adapter for the method to work.

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Can you add an HDMI port to a PC?

Yes, you can by using the available USB port on your computer. Use the USB port to get a new HDMI port, and you can enjoy all the benefits with almost any computer.


In conclusion, if your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port and you want to connect it to an old TV, buy another cable.

There are many different options available, so don’t panic! The most common ones are VGA or DVI cables, but DisplayPort can also carry audio and video over one port.

If your monitor has multiple connections, then that would be the easiest solution overall! And that is how to connect monitor to pc without HDMI.

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