How to Create Program Files on New Hard Drive- Simple Solution

Do you know how to create program files on new hard drive? It’s a bit tricky but can be your cup of cake if you know your computer well. A program file mainly stores the …

Do you know how to create program files on new hard drive? It’s a bit tricky but can be your cup of cake if you know your computer well.

A program file mainly stores the code to run the program of a computer. These files are also known as application files or executable files.

There are two types of file folders. One is the regular program file, and the other one is program files. Your computer’s SSD belongs to C Drive, and the HDD (hard drive) belongs to the D or other drives.  But if you want to create program files on other drive, you must need some tactical steps.

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Now, if you don’t know, this write-up is for you. Stick to the last to get all your answers about program files and hard drives. 

How to Create Program Files on New Hard Drive

If you are using an external HDD on your computer. You might need to create a program files folder on your new hard drive to store apps and work files and keep your PC organized. Well, this is an easy task to do. So, let’s see how to get program files on the new hard drive

  • At first, enter regedit and start the registry editor
  • Create some dummy folders on your D drive, such as D:\Program Files (x86), D:\Program files, etc
  • Then you need to paste regedit.exe copies into those folders.
  • Also, add these copies to your C:\Program Files (x86) and C:\Program Files directories
  • Now, check if the regedit is running or not from different locations.
  • The regedit must be present in the new paths of D drive, though it mainly runs from the C:\Windows
  • Now undo the prior registry edits after running it.
  • Click right on ProgramFilesDir. Then change the default location from C:/ Program Files to your newly created Program files
  • Now, Click Ok and exit the program.
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By default, now your Windows will install all the programs in the newly created program files on the secondary drive.

Pro Tips:

Create a new program files folder in the D Drive. Plus, create a subfolder of that program file folder for each software.  The 3rd party software will ask and allow you to choose an installation location. Move them to D drive. Hence, the other third-party applications in the future will not let or allow you to change the installation setting.

Programs Installation On Your Second Hard Drive

Many people get puzzled about whether to install programs on c or d drive. In that case, if you have 2 drives in your computer, typically, the Operating System and the associated programs are installed in the primary hard drive or C Drive, which is your SSD. Now, if you want to install other software programs on your secondary drive or  D Drive, follow the easy steps below.

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Here’s how to install programs on the second hard drive

  • Go to the start menu and open the Settings app (it’s in the gear icon)
  • Now go to the system option and select the Storage setting.
  • Change the location for upcoming software that you are going to install
  • Shift all the changes to D drive.

Also, setup.exe (application installer) will allow you to change the default installation location. Now that you know how to put program files on a different drive. You’ll get to free up some spaces in your primary hard drive in the bonus. As a result, your computer operating system will run smoothly.

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About Program Files (x86) Folder

The program files x86 folder is a bit different from the regular program files. This file folder is mainly used for 32-bit applications, while some other one is used for 64-bit applications.

When you install a 32-bit software program on your 64-bit computer, it will genuinely get directed to the program files (x86) folder.

But the question is can you Create Program Files (x86) folder on your own? Well, it gets automatically generated by windows when it’s needed to.  But you can create a regular folder and rename it whatever you want.

As the Program file x86 or the regular program file is already there, you can get to see it on the drive. Here’s how to get Program Files (x86):

  • At first, open your file explorer
  • Click on my computer or this PC
  • Go to C Drive
  • You will find the program files x86 folder here.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it better to install programs on a separate hard drive?

Yes, it is sometimes better to install programs on a separate hard drive. The operating system of your computer running in C drive can slow down the performance in certain issues with a load of other not-so-needed program files. So it will be good practice to install other software programs on a separate hard drive.

Can you install program files on another drive?

Yes, you can install program files on any other available drive. Check out if your desired drive has enough space for the program files. You can even move any files from one drive to another.

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Can program files be deleted?

Yes, it can be deleted. But it might delete the data and files related to windows. So, it is not recommended to delete the program files in your local disk.


So that was all about how to create program files on new hard drive.

In this article, we have also talked about the program files and program files x86 folder, how to install programs in these folders, etc. And, also provided some solutions in the easiest ways. All you need is to perform them according to the procedure mentioned above. Hopefully, it will support you in solving your queries.

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