How to Curve Text in Pages | Learn 3 Easy Ways

Curve style on text gives elegance and visual effect to your text or logo. But how to curve text in pages without using additional software? You can easily curve your text using the Shape Format …

Curve style on text gives elegance and visual effect to your text or logo. But how to curve text in pages without using additional software? You can easily curve your text using the Shape Format option in Pages easily. Using Microsoft PowerPoint also seems to work here.

So, don’t miss it. Catch up on the best methods for you to stylize your texts, logo, or posts. Here, we are showing the methods step by step with clarity so that you can make a curved text after following our guide.

How To Curve Text In Pages On Mac- Step By Step Guide

We can see many apps for curve text. Otherwise, you can make it in the online google docs. And freely you can make your application.

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Creating curved text is easy to make for Mac. You can do it in different ways by using Microsoft apps or other software. But now we make it in the pages for Mac.

Now we are going to explain it. So follow the below instructions step-by-step for the best guide.

Method-1: Using the Text Format Option

Let’s showcase all the steps serially for a better understanding.

Open Pages

First of all, open and go to your Mac Pages. You can see the home tab. Insert, and other options are on the top of the pages. These options help to meet your target.

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Hit The Insert

After opening the pages, click the insert. And then, it shows some options under the insert menu.

On the right side of the bar, there is the text style option. The text options may include a text box, word art, drop cap, and others. Among these, choose the word art option to give your word some reflections.

Now, Add Your Text

By clicking the word art, you get a box to write. The box is like saying, “Your text here.” So you can write the specific text that you want to curve.

Here, each letter of your text should be in a different text box.

Choose Shape Format

Now, choose the shape format on top of the document at the last option on the right side. This option is included in the autofill, outlines, and text effects. So you can choose a curve text shape as your needs.

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Continue the steps and make the suitable text style as you like.

Select Text Effect

The text effect option is right next to the Text fill. This includes shadow, glow, reflection, bevel, transform, and 3D rotation.

It can give a new look and shape to your lines. So you can hit this smartly. This selection is a comfort to anything of need.

If needed, you can select all the text boxes and choose the group to group them all for easily giving the curve effect.

Now Select Transform

Inside the Transform option under Text Effect, you can find many curving options that you can use to curve text or make the circular text on pages.

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Transform can show some path style and warp of your selected text. Now you can choose the desired look to curve text in pages.

Make sure to keep the wrap text option set to none.

Resize The Curved Text

Afterward, you can resize the curve text. It can get font theme, inside, outside, font size, up and down the system.

The text curving is quickly done through the lines of the box. Besides, you may create curve text, curve text word, colored, shape with gives a unique look. And it should check other options to get your creative features.

Finishing Curved Text

Finally, create your curving text. It gives a refreshing look with ease and is friendly. Now click on a pair out of the text box. And then hide the white line to give an elegant look.

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And your curved text is created without an additional text curving generator.

Now let’s see this short form to curve text easily

Select Insert < Word art < Add text < Shape format < Text effect < Transform < Curve text. So could you relax and enjoy it? Here the guide is so easy to carry out.

Method-2: Using the Baseline Shift on Pages

Another easy way to curve text in pages is to set the baseline as curved or arched to curve your text in Pages.

Just set the baseline using the baseline shift option after inserting your text. And your text will be in arch or curved shape in no time.

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Sometimes, people find this method critical, so curving the text using Baseline Shift is the best-suited option.

Method-3: Using the Microsoft PowerPoint

If you can’t find the text formatting option in pages with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can also curve your text. The process is as simple and faster too.

Just add text and select the text curving option from text style under the Shape Format option. After that, paste your curved text into pages and use it without hassle.

This Video May Help You Too!

Basic Info About Apple Pages

Day to day, Apple comes with a new invention to get us the most benefit from the system. Apple Pages is one of the wondrous software for the word processor.

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On user content of ratings and reports, Apple software is always bringing something unique. And the features in Apple Pages amazes that can sometimes beat some premium software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Apple pages let you not only type texts but convert your handwritten text into typing format within seconds. Besides, Pages has fantastic features like editing objects, dark mode, adding or recording audio in texts, text styling curving, and many more.

In this context, we will see how to curve text in Apple Pages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there word art on pages for Mac?

There is no direction of word art on pages for Mac. But, the company favors adding an application to different ways creatively but cooperative. For example, you can use word art to choose Mac 2016 or a later version. It provides you with the easiest way to word art.

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How do I put text into a shape in pages?

Firstly, click on the shape option of the pages. You can see many of the shape styles of ribbon. So, you can choose your need. Now write your text on the shape box with its maintaining the added test shape. Besides, you may apply the different font, arranges in your selecting shape. And then, you can move and set your choice shape by copy and paste.

How do you text wrap on a Mac?

We usually want to move our shape on text. It is easy and the same to move the shape of text or image. You can create a proper wrap to like up-down, left-right, or circle. So after selecting the text or image shape, click next arrange, then set around. Notice it be ok. Besides, you add anything to wrap on like space, top-bottom, in line with text, behind the text.

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Curve your text each time quickly and give your text the visual shape effects. It will be an easy job to know how to curve text in pages after reading this guide.

Hopefully, as a beginner, it will be an easy guide for you to understand all the steps.

By the way, make sure to share with others if you find this context guiding you an inch.

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