How To Edit APK Files In Android & Trick Your Android

Do you know how to edit apk files in Android? Well, depending on what type of edit you want, you can edit and customize the android apk files yourself. But you must be aware of the steps very well.

Usually, many of us think of customizing the android apk files and half don’t know whether they are really editable or not. However, customizing apk files is not that simple. There are some great tools for editing apk. But unfortunately, not all of us have the idea about using them.

In this article, we are showing a method with easy steps for editing apk files. And by following this method, you can customize any apk file just the way you want.

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So, stick with us if you want to learn how to edit apk files in Android, no need to stress.

How To Edit Apk Files In Android

There are two basic ways to edit apk files: on PC, and on mobile

To edit or customize any apk file on PC, what you need to do first is to install some programs. And To modify apk files on your phone, you need to install some Apps. By using these apps or programs, you can easily change details in the apk files. So first, you need to decide on what device you are going to edit apk files.

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Luckily, there are so many great apps and programs available on the play store and the internet.  The use of these apps and programs is quite simple. But the app that people use most to edit apk files is the “Apk Editor” app.

With this app, you can edit apk files that are available inside your phone storage space. Also, you can edit other apps that you have installed on your phone, even the system apps.

Now, first, the things you need to do is-

Step-1: Download Apk Editor

First, you need to install the Apk Editor app on your phone.

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Step-2: Install Apk Editor

Now install the Apk Editor. The app will appear on your phone menu after you install it.

Step-3: Select Apk File

Now open the Apk editor app. Here you will see the option Select an Apk File. Click on it and go to the apk file you want to edit.

Step-4: Select Edit Mode

After selecting the apk file, a menu will pop out with three editing methods-

  • Full Edit
  • Simple Edit
  • Common Edit


To modify apk files, you need to select the Full Edit mode. This mode is the maximum level for modification of any apk file. You can edit anything in the apk file like JAVA files or .xml files.

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After selecting this mode, a menu will open up. At the bottom, you will see three options-

String: In the String option, you can change any text in the app.

Files: Here, you can change the images and interface. In this option, you will see the resource folder. Click on it and go to the specific “drawable” folder to edit a specific image.

After you see the image, you need to hard press on that image and tick them to replace it.

To change the interface, click on the “drawable and layout” option. Now you will see many .xml files. Then, you can modify or change the app interface.

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Manifest: Here, you can edit the manifest of the apk like app permissions. In the free version, the manifest option will not work. It will only work on the premium version.


You can not modify apk files in this method but can replace and extract all the files available on the apk file.

Extract A File: To extract a file, you need to hard press on the file, and the menu will pop out with the option: Extract, View, and Replace. Then you need to select the Extract option you want. And then, select the location you want and click OK.

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Replace A file: To replace a file, you need to hard press on the file like before. There you need to select the replace option you want. And then select the file you want to replace with the original file.

3. Common Edit

In Common Edit, you can see these options-

  • Launcher Icon: Here, you can click here and change the app icon. Click on it and then select a specific png file and set it as the icon for the app.
  • App Name: Here, you can change the app name as you want. Select it and type the name you desire for the app.
  • Package Name: Here, you can change the package name of the app. But you may not edit it since it may cause problems regarding the security and functioning of the app.
  • Install Location: Here, you can set the storage location of the apps. Since some apps are not available for changing location like system apps, you can easily change their location by this option. Click on it and then select the location you want for the app.
  • Version Code & Version Name: Here, you can change the version code and the app name.
  • Minimum SDK Version: Here, you can change the SDK version requirement for the app. This option is great since it helps install apk files with higher SDK version requirements into the phone with a lesser SDK version. Just type the SDK version of your phone, and it will work.
  • Target SDK version: Here, you can change the target SDK version.
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Now, you only have to select the edit mode from these three and edit the apk file the way you want.

Step-5: Save The Edit

After changing the requirements, all you need to do is click the “Save” button at the bottom. Then install the app. After that, the changes will appear on your app.


How do I modify an APK file?

Using Android apk editor, you can edit and modify the apk files. Oh, you can also modify them from the computer also.

Can we edit APK in Android Studio?

No, when it’s the apk file you can not edit them in Android Studio.

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Final Thoughts

Sometimes we need to change the details of an apk file like its default name, image, icon, storage location, version of the app, or interface. And for this, there are many great apps and programs that you can use. But many of us have no idea about these apps or programs. So it is a big problem for some of us.

In this post, we have provided the best method with easy-to-follow steps, by which you can edit any apk file. So if you do not know how to edit apk files in Android, read our article thoroughly. After reading the article, we believe you will be able enough to customize the apk file you want very well.

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