How To Freeze Your Camera On Zoom (PC & Mobile)+ Video Instructions

How to freeze your camera on zoom meetings & classes? You can freeze your camera with the virtual background option of Zoom. So, this is a hack! If you are bored of your monotonous virtual …

How to freeze your camera on zoom meetings & classes? You can freeze your camera with the virtual background option of Zoom.

So, this is a hack! If you are bored of your monotonous virtual classes or face-cam meetings on zoom, and you want to hide for a moment or skip an awkward capture, this trick is gonna save your life. The trick is none other than freezing your camera.

Now you may be thinking about how to do this, right? This article will guide you through the process in detail. If you are using the zoom app on your mobile or your pc, here you will get the solution for both.

However, remember it is just a hack, do not practice it on a regular basis. It is just for fun and for any urgency.

How To Freeze Your Camera On Zoom

When you are in a zoom meeting or attending a class, there is a chance of freezing your camera for a while. To apply the trick, you can follow the procedures carefully that we’re presenting below.

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No matter if you are a mobile phone user or a PC or laptop user. You can use this trick on your iPad as well.  Then again, if you’re looking for the solution on how to freeze video in zoom on laptop you can follow this too.
So let’s dive into the entire process.

Freeze Your Camera On Zoom Using a Computer

When you are using the zoom on your pc, you can follow the steps shown below to freeze the camera. Moreover, to change your background, the steps are exactly the same as the options of your zoom app on pc.

Step 1: Make A Video /Take A Picture Of Yourself

First, make a short video of yourself. Or Just Take a Picture if you don’t want to freeze it too long. Open your webcam and sit down at a place where you are going to sit for your meeting. Recording the video tries to make it real by acting like you are listening to the speaker and writing down anything.

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Do it smoothly. Then, save it on your computer. Rename it whatever you wish so that you can identify it after a while.

Step 2: Sign In To The Zoom

Now, sign in to your zoom account. Then set up your web camera. Test the camera; does it match with the recorded video. If you freeze for a short time, then it is effective to test the camera. But if you want to freeze the camera for the whole meeting no need to test the cam. Rather you can sit anywhere, anyhow.

Step 3: Go To Settings

As you signed in to your zoom account, you are on zoom’s home page. Now go to the settings option. You will find it on the upper right side of your zoom screen. Select on the icon. Then you will go to further advanced options.

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Step 4: Select Background & Filter

Have a look over the options, and select the ‘Background & Filter.’ After opening this option, you will find an option called virtual background. It is the one that basically works fork for the trick.

Step 5: Tap Virtual Background

Now, tap the Virtual Background. You can see there are some background objects. You can change the background of your webcam if you want at this point.

You may see people attending important meetings from the beachside. How do they do it? Simply because they know how to intentionally freeze the webcam on zoom.

However, you are looking to freeze your camera. So follow the further steps.

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Step 6: Choose Add Video/ Add Picture

While you are selecting a virtual background, you will find an adding option (+). Tap there on the + icon. There will be two options. Select add a video. At this time, add your pre-saved short video.

Similarly, you can add a picture too.

Step 7: Now Open The File

Now open the video file. You can see it is on the background list. Select it and play.

The process is done! Now you can set aside your laptop or PC’s web camera and do whatever you want. You can go anywhere from the chair in front of your PC. On the other side viewers will think you are present and participating with them. They do not understand that you are not in the meeting.

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But make sure, when you record your video, try to act like you are writing something and listen to the meeting or the online class, whatever. Then the trick will be helpful for you.
Now let’s see the steps for mobile.

How To Freeze Video In Zoom with Mobile

If you are a mobile phone user, you will find the process a bit different. Have a look at the steps. Oh, most importantly you can freeze your zoom cam only if you are on zoom using an iPhone. Android smartphones do not support the feature yet. So follow the steps-

Step 1: Take A Picture Of  Yourself

In iPhone, you cannot freeze your zoom cam by using any video except a photo. So, that’s why take a photo in a good location with a good posture.

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Step 2: Start A Meeting

Sign in to your zoom account as before. And open the app. Select the ‘New Meeting’ and go to start a meeting. Then, tap start meeting without any participants. The interface will come as like you are in a video call.

Step 3: Select More

When you enter the meeting interface, look at the right lower side and select the three dots (…). You will get more options.

Step 4: Open Camera

Now, the process for mobile is a bit different. For mobile, if your device supports the split-screen option it’s a great deal, then. However, if not, use any third-party app to get the split-view screen option on your device.

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Basically, here what you need to do is open your camera as a pop-up or split-view option, in the middle of your meeting. Of course, the camera should be in the recent apps before you join the meeting.

And your zoom camera will be frozen.


Can I freeze my screen on Zoom?

Yes, you can freeze the camera on Zoom by using the virtual background and it will freeze your screen on Zooom chat previews.

How do you fake a frozen screen on Zoom?

Using the virtual background option, you can fake a frozen screen on Zoom and take some spaces from the zoom meetings. But it should not be for regular practices.

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Final Thought

To sum up the hole tricks, we will say that apply this trick if you feel more necessary to skip the zoom meetings or class. Otherwise, do not apply this frequently. It is not ethically legal.

So, basically, this is the procedure for how to freeze your camera on zoom. Now you may get all the related answers regarding the process. If you have any urgency to go anywhere or if there comes any messy background object behind your webcam, then you can apply this trick for your convenience.

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