How To Get Dark Mode On iMessage iPhone: 3 Simple Ways

How to get dark mode on iMessage iPhone? Whether it’s the iMessage or any other app, you can enable the dark mode easily from the control center or the display settings. IOS 13 comes with …

How to get dark mode on iMessage iPhone? Whether it’s the iMessage or any other app, you can enable the dark mode easily from the control center or the display settings.

IOS 13 comes with a new awaited feature, and that is the dark mode. Dark mode can allow you to get the factors on your device to an additional darkish color to ease your eyes while operating it. This mode can help to remove pressure from your eyes. Also, it makes it easier to view the message, contacts, and everything at night time.

Let’s show you how you can enjoy this feature.

How To Get Dark Mode On iMessage iPhone

So, iPad iOS 13 comes with some additional features and larger screens. However, there are 3 effective strategies to get the dark mode on the iMessage iPhone. We will describe these methods for you. So keep on reading.

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Method 1: Through The Control Center

Though control center is not a very initiative to get dark mode. But if you want can apply this strategy to get the dark mode on your iMessage iPhone.

Step 1: Open “Control Center”

Go to the upper-right corner of the home screen. Here is a “Control Center” you can see. So, by swiping sideways down, tap and open the control center.

Step 2: Hold On The “Brightness” Option

Tap and hold on the icon of brightness after opening the control center. On the screen, there will come another interface.

Step 3: Select The Dark Appearance

Interface your device’s entire screen and pop up. At the bottom of your screen, you can see three options. Select appearance: There is a light in the downward left. tap on it.

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After selecting it, you can see your device immediately switch to dark mode. However, now the toggle will feature the appearance: Dark. So, finally, your iPhone will get into dark mode.

Alternatively, if you don’t do it this way, you can cut out a step. Instead of this step, you can choose the shortcut way.

So, the shortcut way is to go to the Setting>Control Center>Customize Controls.

Under this option, you can see the Dark Appearance. Go to more Controls and now tap the green plus sign to the left. The iPhone iOS 13 system will add it under the interface of the Control Center.

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Method 2: Get Dark Mode Via Settings

Many iPhone users like to use the settings app to do their modifications or changes on their devices. If you are also one of them, then the Setting app is the only solution for your dark mode enabling.

So, with this section, you can easily change your iMessage to a dark mode. However, remember that turning on dark mode provides a darkish appearance to the other options, not only the Message app.

Step 1: Open Setting App

Go to the Setting app on your device from the springboard.

Step 2: Hit The “Display & Brightness” Option

Inside the Settings app, scroll down and find the “Display & Brightness”. Just tap on this option and open it.

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Step 3: Choose The Option “Dark”

At the top of your screen, now you can see two options-The first one is “Light”, and the second one is “Dark”. Now to get the dark mode, choose the second one, which is saying “Dark”.

So, after selecting the dark mode, you can finish the work, and you are done. Now you can see your iPhone iMessage, and your entire phone is in dark mode.

Still, there is an exciting option that you can find on this menu. So, the alternative is automatic toggling dark mode. It allows you to switch on the dark mode between sunrise and sunset times automatically.

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Hence, if you want, you can set it right under the dark mode selection feature. Check there is an option saying “Schedule”. Tap on it and select the timing to automatically get the dark mode on iPhone.

Method 3: Get Dark Mode Via Siri

The most straightforward strategy to get the dark mode on the iPhone iOS 13 is using voice assistance- that is iPhone’s Siri. So, here comes the real iPhone-like vibe.

With it, you can turn on the dark mode quickly in a single command. To get dark mode with Siri is a simple way. Just tell Siri to enable the dark mode. Quickly Siri will accept the command. After receiving your order, the dark mode will be on, as you can see.

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Instantly you can see the changes. Also, with these changes, your iMessage will get the dark mode “on”. So, now you can easily read your messages at low light conditions without giving pressure to your eyes. If you want dark mode off, tell Siri to disable or turn off the Dark mode. Then you can see this dark mood will turn off.


Can I enable dark mode in my all other apps iPhone?

Yes, you can easily change the appearance from the phone display settings and enable the dark mode.

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The method for enabling dark mode is the same as on iPhone 12 or 13. So, you can get the dark mode from the display and brightness settings option or throw command to Siri to enable it for you.

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Final Word

Well, in this article you can quickly learn how to get dark mode on iMessage iPhone. With this easy guide mentioned above, you can easily turn on and off the dark mode on your iPhone.

However, if you are a new user with your iPhone and want the dark mode “on”, these three methods can help you for sure. Dark mode switches the white screen into darkish. And it is beneficial for the eyes as it can save from the direct light coming into the eyes. Read it and make your device usage with more comfort and better view.

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