How To Install Dual Channel Ram DDR4: Step by Step Guide

Many people don’t know how to install dual channel ram ddr4. Installing ram is a straightforward process. All you need to do is determine and install in the correct slots for better data transfer speed. …

Many people don’t know how to install dual channel ram ddr4. Installing ram is a straightforward process. All you need to do is determine and install in the correct slots for better data transfer speed.

Whether you want to install a new pc or upgrade the previous one, just install it by following a few steps.

But there is no proper information provided so; many people fail to find that. For this, we have provided all the steps most easily in the article. We hope, you will find this useful.

Check them out below.

How To Install Dual Channel Ram DDR4

As you don’t know about installing the dual-channel ram ddr4, we have provided all the details most efficiently here.

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For dual channel ram installation, If you are installing dual channel ram ddr4 modules and your motherboard has four memory slots, a question may arise where to put ram for dual channel

Place them in the slots serial 1 and 3 or 2 and 4, it’s the most effective way to make your Rams work with their utmost boost up. But remember don’t put them directly next to each other.

You can’t just stick dual channel RAM in any slot, or it won’t work properly. If you use the wrong slot, don’t worry, it won’t damage anything, and you can fix it afterward.

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You must first open a clip (or two) on the motherboard’s memory socket to access your memory slots. Different motherboards have a single clip or two clips to open memory sockets. Push the clip outward to unlock it. You may need to push hard, but not too hard, lest you press the socket in the wrong spot.

If you haven’t removed your RAM from the box yet. Remember to only hold your RAM module by the edges and not the sides if it has exposed circuitry (green bits). Do not make direct touch with the module’s connection cut-outs or pins.

The Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules are shielded, so they can be placed on their sides easily.

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Steps To Insert The Rams

There is just one technique to install a RAM module. To use the RAM module, you must align the bottom connector with the slot’s cut-outs.

Check out the steps-

  • After confirming the module’s orientation, insert it at a slight angle.
  • After lowering the other end, press down on the module’s top to secure the stick. If done correctly, the hinge/clip should re-snap into place. Don’t panic if it doesn’t.
  • To fully install the module, give it a strong push from the top, but don’t overdo it; if you’ve positioned it correctly, it shouldn’t need much force. To fully seat it, press down on both sides simultaneously:
  • It should automatically lock once you’ve correctly installed your RAM. If not, you’ll have to unlock it manually.
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That’s it for adding RAM; just repeat these procedures for any subsequent RAM sticks. Easily one of the simplest and fastest PC components to install.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which slots for dual-channel RAM?

Install memory modules in pairs, starting with the lowest-numbered slot, when using a motherboard with dual-channel memory. Channel A and channel B each have two slots on a motherboard; therefore, start by filling the slots for channel A (0 slots), channel B (0 slots).

Is DDR4 RAM dual-channel?

DDR4 is a dual-channel ram and is required for dual-channel architecture. Dual-channel mode allows different-speed modules to be used, but the motherboard will only use the fastest memory module.

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Is it better to have dual channel RAM?

It is better to have dual-channel RAM Because both memory modules are accessed at once as a result, the overall memory bandwidth increases by a factor of two.

How to know if my laptop supports dual channel ram

If your dual channel mode RAM is run in blue or black slots, respectively. Then you will know your laptop supports dual channel RAM but remember if one of your sticks is in the black slot and the other is in the blue slot, it won’t run.


At last, we hope you know and understand how to install dual channel Ram DDR4 that we have provided in the article.

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Dual-channel ram is a multi-channel memory and has several variations. Adding more Ram with more frequency will increase the speed of data transfer.

So, install dual channel ram ddr4, these will speed up your laptop performance just to make sure to install it into the matching memory banks, or else it won’t run.

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