How To Make App Icons Bigger On Samsung- 4 Solutions to One Problem!

How do you make app icons bigger on Samsung? Samsung Store has some fantastic themes from where you can download and customize the fonts and icons and some other things. However, if you don’t want …

How do you make app icons bigger on Samsung? Samsung Store has some fantastic themes from where you can download and customize the fonts and icons and some other things. However, if you don’t want to use a theme, you can customize the icon sizes with any third-party launcher or other apps.

You should know that android comes with all of the customizations. But some of the Samsung devices have fixed icon sizes.

Still, if your app icons are getting difficult to see, mix up little things, you can change your app icons. Here are some easy tactics that you can try on your Samsung device.

So, let’s see 4 easy methods for doing it efficiently.

How To Make App Icons Bigger On Samsung: 4 Tricky Methods

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So with the below 4 easy methods, you can make app icons bigger on Samsung devices. Try any trick you feel desired and follow these step-by-step techniques to make your app icons bigger in Samsung.

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Method 1: Make App Icons Bigger Using Third-Party Launcher App

With a ton of third-party launchers, you can also change your app icons, even grid layouts, and more on Samsung. Below here are some launchers for additional control over the icons.

Some of the popular ones are- Microsoft Launcher and Poco Launcher. Using these Launchers, you can change the size of the app icons on Samsung.

Just go to Google Play Store, search the app name on the search bar and install the launcher. Using the launcher, you can customize the app icon size easily.

But what if you don’t want to use any launcher or any other apps? In that case, we have the solution. Read further.

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Method 2: Easiest Way To Make App Icons Size Bigger

Instead of another method, you can try this most effortless way to make icons bigger on your Samsung device. In this way, you can make your icons app bigger than before. Here below, we will show this step.

Step-1: For doing this, stay on the home screen.

Step-2: Touch on any empty area and hold on for seconds until you see another interface.

Step-3: Now, when the interface comes, select the home screen settings.

Note that you can access this from under the Settings app also.

Step-4: After opening it, you can see the App screen grid. To edit the app icon, you should select the app screen grid. By changing the grid style, you can easily make the screen bigger and smaller.

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Step-5: You can see the apply option on the below screen, so tap and apply it.

Step-6: And finally, you have done it.

Similarly, you can edit the size of the home screen icons.

Step-7: Also, you can go to the home screen setting. Tap and now select the home screen grids. In the same way, change the grid style, and the icon size on the home screen changes at a time. You can find this option from under the home setting display too.

Method 3: Change Your Home Screen Apps Size With Easy Mode

This is another hidden trick that you might not know. This is the Samsung Galaxy’s Easy Mode option under the settings. Using this mode, you can turn the app icon size bigger to some extent.

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The steps are as follows-

Step-1: Go to the settings option.

Step-2: Inside the setting, you can see the display option. Now, you need to click on this “display.”

Step-3: After clicking on this display, scroll down and find out the “easy mode.”

Step-4: Tap on the “Easy Mode” after clicking on it; you can see “Easy Mode.” So, select it.

Step-5: You can see the instructions here. These are simple home screen layouts with more significant on-screen items.

However, scroll down, and now you can see touch and hold delay. Also, change to the options of “touch and hold delay.” So, tap the options side and change these options.

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Step-6: After changing it, there come some instructions. Read them if you wish. Now below, you can see a number of the options. Here is showing how much time you need to save the icon bigger.

Step-7: So, after clicking on the one option, go back to the home screen. And see turning the Samsung phone’s app icons bigger.

Method 4: Make App Icons Bigger Using Gigantic Big App

In the above three procedures, we have tried to give the solution from phone settings. But now we want to share another easy method with you. By installing the Gigantic – big icons app, you can make app icons bigger.

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However, if you do not have this app on your smartphone, download it on the play store. After downloading it follow our below step and make app icons bigger on your Samsung device easily.

Step-1: From your Samsung device, go to the Play Store and install the Gigantic – big icons app. To install it, tap on the install options and wait for installing it. After installing it go to your device home screen, and you can see your apps are here.

Step-2: Nonetheless, open this Gigantic – big icons app. When you open it, you can see some instructions. So, read these instructions attentively.

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Step-3: Then, after reading it, follow and apply the instructions. Now touch and make space on your home screen. From this, find out the widgets and choose widgets.

Step-4: In the widgets, select the Gigantic. From this Gigant icon widget, you can see the icon of your app bigger in size

Step-5: This app will be displayed on your device’s home screen with adjustable size. According to your preference, you can make the size in the app icons.

On the other hand, this is the only easy method to make the icon size using a third-party app.


How do I change the size of the icons on my Samsung?

From the settings option, you can change the icon sizes and the font also. Just change the home screen grid layout and you will see different sizes available to opt for.

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Can you make icons bigger on Samsung S8?

Yes, you can change it by changing the home screen grid settings. And you can choose the icon size suitable to you.

Final Word

So, from these 4 methods, you can choose one easy process for you which you want. With these easy methods, you can easily make your app’s icon size bigger. However, we hope the above tutorial is helpful for you.

We think you will have no more questions about how to make app icons bigger on Samsung. It’s because our easy method is beneficial for those Samsung users who want to make it.

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