How to Move a Window to Another Monitor on Windows & Mac PC

Working with multiple monitors can take you on a fast track for productive work management. But the question is how to move a window to another monitor? It’s effortless with the Windows project option, and you can do it either by tapping some keys on the keyboard or clicking on the mouse.

Are you a programmer or a system analyst who needs to keep an eye on multiple screens at the same? Then, this ride is going to meet one of your crucial needs now.

Here we will discuss how to move window to another screen for Windows and Mac PC. Let’s begin!

How to Move a Window to Another Monitor

Now, if you are a Windows user or Mac, we have the solution for both. So, stay tuned till the end to gather the ideas with shortcuts, as well.

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How to Move a Window to Another Monitor Windows

Basically, there are 2 methods to move window to other monitor windows 10. One is the keyboard shortcut method, and another is the same age-old method with clicking mouse.

You might not find the project option for the Windows 7, Xp, or older versions like you get on Windows 10. But we also have a solution: use a third-party software called Display Fusion. Using this, you can enjoy the window moving or expanding features as you can do on Windows 10 or later versions.

Oh! Wait a minute. Before you proceed with moving the window, enable the project option from your system.

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To enable this-

  • Press Windows key + P from the keyboard,


  • Click on the notification panel from the corner right side of the windows screen and click on expand for all notifications. From there, select ‘project’.
  • Now, you will see a few options like PC screen only, duplicate, extend, etc. Select ‘Extend’.
project selection

Method-1: Move Windows to Another Monitor with Keyboard

Let’s start with the easy method for moving the window that most want- the keyboard shortcut keys.

To move a window with the keyboard, press

Windows key + Shift + Arrow key (Left/Right arrow key)

keyboard shortcuts to move window to another monitor

Depending on the monitor location, you can either press the left or right arrow key.

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For example, if your other monitor is on the right side of your current monitor, press Windows key + Shift + right arrows key,

And if your other monitor is on the left side, and you want to keep the window on that side, press the Windows key + Shift + left Arrow key.


  • Before using this option, make sure the other monitor is connected
  • This method works for dual or more than 2 monitors. And when you reach the limit, the last moved window will be back to the first one.

Method-2: Move Windows to Another Monitor Using Mouse

Now, move on to another method: the drag and drop method. Yes, for folks who don’t like to span their fingers in pressing multiple keys, the drag and drop method is for them.

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Here, you need to do nothing critical. Just click on the window you want to move and drag the window to the edge of the screen towards your other monitor.

So, if you were lingering with how to drag screen to second monitor, now you know, right? Enjoy your work with multiple displays.

How to Move a Window to Another Monitor Mac

So, you’re struggling with your Mac and need to move the window to another monitor? Well, the best suitable option is to use the Spectacle app to move the window to another monitor on Mac.

After you download and install the app, open it, and using the shortcut keys, you can easily play the Window snap.

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According to the Spectacle shortcuts,

To move a window to the available previous display, press ⌃ + ⌥ + ⌘ + ←

And to move a window to the monitor next to the current one, press++⌘ +

However, another app recommended by some users is the Rectangle. As you can see, the Spectacle is no longer under any active maintenance support but yet works fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can’t drag Windows to second monitor Windows 10?

The common problem that most face. First, make sure the taskbar is not locked. To ensure this, right-click on the taskbar and uncheck the option of lock taskbar. After that, double-clicking on the window title bar sometimes works when you find it unable to drag. Again, rearranging the display settings also set things working fine again.

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How do I navigate between two monitors?

To navigate between two monitors, use the CTRL and Windows key of the left panel of the keyboard layout. It means CTRL + Windows + Arrow keys (left/right) to switch between the monitors.

Summing Up

Whether it’s your Mac or the Windows PC, if you know how to move a window to another monitor, your work level gets the rapid wheel to run.

Sometimes, users get glitched with the navigation or dragging option, but we hope you can sort them out after reading this complete guide.

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