How To Prevent Water Cooling Leaks With 5 Expert Tips

How to prevent water cooling leaks and save your beloved CPU parts? Some pro tactics like tightening and sealing the gaskets can save you from being the victim of a hot potato. We all know …

How to prevent water cooling leaks and save your beloved CPU parts? Some pro tactics like tightening and sealing the gaskets can save you from being the victim of a hot potato.

We all know a liquid CPU cooler is a popular and effective way to keep the PC parts safe from overheating. But on the other side, because of the water cooler failure, sometimes you can face the worst situation.

So to avoid such issues, we will show you some effective tips and techniques regarding the liquid cooling leak and increase your CPU’s liquid cooling lifespan.

How To Prevent Water Cooling Leaks

Because of the water cooler’s settings error or lack of proper knowledge in installing a water cooler, many of us have to face leakage in our cooler. Do you want to know how you can prevent unnecessary leaks of your water cooler? Let’s make these easy for you just get through these 5 techniques-

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Tips 1: Tightening The Correct Torque

If the cooling system is a custom loop tightening to the correct torque, double-check the fittings. This is the core basic stuff to ensure a leak-proof cooler system inside the case.

Make sure that they are properly sealed. If it is a closed-loop, there is no chance of leaking problems other than misuse.

Tips 2: Applying Silicone Grease On The Gasket

It’s perfect for the gasket in the water block and various plugs. It acts like slightly lubricant material for your gasket and makes prevention for leaking.

Here is how can you apply it-

  • Firstly, wear a glove on your hand and put some silicone on your finger.
  • Then apply the silicone onto the gasket. You must remember that you have to use it as a thin layer. For sealing any water cooler’s hose connection, you may use any RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone. Oh, there is a hyped RTV silicone- Permatex Ultra Black that you can use if you need it.
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People are taking a deep sigh for having their thousand dollars CPU build-up saved with just a tiny silicone tube.

Why do We recommend This?

  • Superior resistance to fluid, oil, and coolants
  • Excellent torque retention capacity
  • Meets OE standard specs
  • Perfectly works with an ultra-thin layer

You have to use a small amount of RTV silicone for building a thin layer. It will seal the hoses and save you from leaking damages.

Pro Tips:

Don’t forget to wear gloves before applying RTV silicone.

Tips 3: Picking A Right Radiator That Is Suitable For Your PC

For improving overall cooling capacity in your water cooler, you must choose a suitable radiator. Radiators work to dissipate the heat absorbed by pumping water from the CPU to another part of the system.

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If your cooler’s radiator is of superior quality, reducing heat becomes easy for your cooler and will not pressure the whole system.

So, indirectly to prevent leaking, you should choose a water cooler, of which radiator is pretty much better than the other cheap ones. Well, get a good brand of cooling system for your PC.

Tips 4: Using Teflon Tape

You can also apply Teflon tape around screw windings. It’s a cheap household remedy to try to prevent liquid cooling leaks.

Tips 5: Using Highly Performing PC Coolant

PC coolant moves heat quickly out of the PC in a couple of seconds. It is reliable for emitting excessive heat from your PC or computer.

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If you can get the best and most reliable one, it offers protection for all kinds of metal. It works for PCs made from copper, nickel, steel, and aluminum. Undoubtedly, Corsair Hydro X Series coolant is rocking with its damn vibrant colors.

Why do We recommend This?

  • Ready to use, no additives needed
  • Much cleaner & runs for months without trouble
  • Budget worthy pack
  • 10% glycerol with 89% ultra-pure water

When you use a better coolant for your water cooler, it will reduce the pressure and prevent leakage indirectly.

Is Water Cooling More Efficient Than Air Cooling?

Water cooling is found more effective than the air cooling system. That is why high-profile gaming enthusiasts love to install water cooler systems in their CPUs. As water can conduct more thermal than air, a water cooler system is more effective than air cooling. It is best to use an air cooler for your PC if you use it for general work.

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By the way, you should think twice before using the air cooler for an intense gaming PC, as the gaming PC produces more heat than a general task doing one.

When you export videos and images for a high-end gaming stream with superior video graphics, consequently, you emphasize the cooling system of the entire system up to its limit. This is why, after a couple of years, you will be changing your mind to the liquid cooler for sure.

If you choose air cooling instead of water cooling in this situation, you will change your decision now or then. Because water cooler will not just prolong your hardware lifespan, it consequently ensures a cool environment ideally at all times.

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Water coolers are generally quieter because the attached fans don’t have to work more to dissipate heat. Again, a water cooler can dissipate more heat than metals can in traditional air cooling systems. 

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What are the chances of water cooling leaking?

If you can pick the best cooler system, there is hardly any chance for leaking. However, not tightening properly, or any missing clamps can cause leaking. So, better ensure all the sealing properly before powering.

Does liquid cooling need maintenance?

Generally, it does not need any maintenance as long as it is a closed-loop type. But in some cases, there may need a little maintenance for the open-loop type coolers.

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Concluding Part

It is easier to shut down something in the first place than repair the damages after it has happened. That means prevention is better than cure. It would be better if you took the necessary measures to prevent the leakage of the water cooler.

Some water coolers are filled with distilled water or other non-conductive fluids. These fluids substance can pick up ions from the metal that are inside. For this reason, springing a leak in a well-designed loop can happen at any time.

To avoid that type of leakage problem, you should know how to prevent water cooling leaks, and in this write up we have just cleared out all about this. Definitely, it will save your PC programming system or important software cards. You should make sure that whatever brand of water cooler you buy must have a reputation to cover the cost of other damaged parts.

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