How to Put Spacebar Back on Keyboard And Make It Work without Replacing

If you are thinking about how to put spacebar back on keyboard, then it’s very easy, and anyone can do it if one is a bit careful and knows the real tactic. Sometimes the spacebar …

If you are thinking about how to put spacebar back on keyboard, then it’s very easy, and anyone can do it if one is a bit careful and knows the real tactic.

Sometimes the spacebar simply stops working for software-related issues. In those cases, upgrading or reinstalling the keyboard driver will fix the problem.

But in case of physical issues like falling off or getting stuck, fixing the software can’t get the spacebar running. In situations like this, you should put the key manually back to the keyboard.

If you want to know in detail, please carry on reading.

How To Put Spacebar Back On Keyboard- Easy Steps Explained

Every keyboard from different manufacturers does the same thing. Yet fixing problematic keyboards is not exactly the same task. Below we will discuss how to fix spacebar in keyboards from different vendors, and it will work on all laptop and external keyboards.

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Keep reading; you will find the specific process which can fix the spacebar issue of your keyboard.

How to Put Spacebar Back on HP Laptop

The keycap of the spacebar may get stuck or fall off. If it falls off you, just have to put it back. And if it’s stuck or half attached, you need to take it off first.

  • To take the keycap off, you need a flathead screwdriver. Gently put the screwdriver underneath at one end of the keycap.

Give the screwdriver a gentle nudge and pull the keycap off even more gently. You will hear a click, and it’s off from one end. Do the same to the other end. Now the keycap is in your hand.

  • Now look at the keycap – there are two metal bars attached to the keycap itself with two legs underneath either side. There is another rectangle made by metal bars in the middle of the keycap – it’s there to strengthen the keycap.
  • You will see two hinges, also known as retainer keys, on the keyboard frame. There are two hooks on the upper portion of the frame and two pin-holes adjacent on the outer side of both of the hinges.
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Determining the positions of the hooks and holes is crucial. You will see in a minute.

  • At this point, you need a small pincer. Have we forgotten to tell you that? Well, you know it now.
  • Start with the metal bar at the bottom – put the small legs inside the pin-holes with the help of pincer, opposite the bottom part of the keycap stands.

Do the same with the upper legs of the other metal bar.

  • When you put both sets of legs through the hole, the legs will lie side by side, and the bars will form a rectangle.

But you can’t see that as the keycap now sits on the keyboard frame. At this point, press gently over the spacebar so the hooks underneath can grab the metal bars.

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Kudos! Your spacebar is back on live.

How to Put Spacebar Back on Keyboard Lenovo

The Lenovo spacebar is pretty much the same as HP’s.

  • When you detach the keycap, you will see two or three bracket-shaped bars and a rectangle in the middle.
  • There are also two hinges or retainer keys. If, for some reason, they feel like they are loosened, pry them open gently from the frame with a flatbed screwdriver.  Use a dry and clean tissue or paper towel to clear off the dust and put the hinges back to the frame.
  • There are two holes on the keyboard frame and two tabs on the hinges – the tabs go inside the holes and attach the hinges with the keyboard frame. So, put the hinges back on frame in such a way that the holes and the tabs are perfectly aligned.
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Now, a gentle snap or nudge will do the trick, and the hinges will be attached to the frame again.

  • There are also two pinholes – just like HP – outside to both of the hinges.
  • You have to put both ends of the bracket bars through the pin-holes. Now you can put the keycap back on over the spacebar.
  • Start tapping gently from one end, and you will hear the sound of snapping.

The space bar of the Lenovo keyboard is fixed now.

How to Put Spacebar Back on Dell Keyboard

The structure of the spacebar of the Dell keyboard is pretty much the same as HP or Lenovo. The only difference is it has one extra stabilizing metal bar attached.

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The whole process is almost the same as HP or Lenovo

How to Put Spacebar Back on Keyboard Logitech

The build of the Logitech spacebar is a bit different from the spacebars that we have discussed so far. Well, if you can get the steps for this one, you can handle any other external computer or laptop as well.

It is different in that its hinges or retainer keys are part of the plastic keyboard frame. There are two plastic tabs outside each of them to grab the metal bar.

  • You will find only one metal stabilizer. You need to slide it through the hooks of the keycap and leave the small legs standing.
  • Put the legs through the tabs inside the fixed hinges.
  • Now push the keycap a bit hard but don’t go haywire – you would just want to set it up, not break it down.
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If your push doesn’t break the spacebar, hopefully, now it is fixed.

How To Put Spacebar Back On keyboard MacBook Air

Let’s see the steps if you need to fix the spacebar key on MacBook.

  • Like before, you need to take off the keycap first. When you do that, you have to slide it upwards and jiggle a little to unhook it from the bottom hooks attached to the frame.
  • Use the flatbed screwdriver to pry open two transparent end clips – the Mac version of hinges – that are holding down the butterfly mech. With the end clips opened, it will be easy to remove Mac’s signature butterfly mesh.
  • The butterfly has two metal frames attached on one side – when you put the butterfly back, the metal side has to be face down.
  • After that, put the transparent clips back. Make sure the clips are tight and snug.
  • Now have a look at the keycap – the bottom part of it has four hooks. When you put the keycap back, place the hooks of the bottom part in alignment with the clips of the frame.
  • Then clip gently at the top of the spacebar.
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You are done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reattach a spacebar on a laptop keyboard?

In most cases, the metal bars have to go through the pin-holes of the keyboard frame. And then a gentle push will do the trick. The Logitech and MacBook Air have slightly different builds, but they also work following the same principle.

What key can I use instead of a spacebar?

A built-in feature in Windows permits the user to remap the keys to be used as other keys. Another way is just to use software to transfer the spacebar’s functionality to another key. However, on Mac, you can use the virtual keyboard.

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Final Thoughts

So, you see that if you know how to put spacebar back on keyboard, you can get it back to work.

While the processes we have discussed are entirely possible to imitate, but you have to be careful not to break the hinges or plastic parts. Because if any parts get broken, then the whole practice may end up costing you more money.

But we believe that you don’t have to be a hardware engineer to have a few tricks up your sleeve to solve a computer hack or two.

You might need practice, but believe us when we say – it is totally worth it.

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