4 Effective Ways How to Receive Messages on IPad From iPhone, You Must Know!

The time has arrived as Apple lets you always be in a relaxed mood. If you know how to receive messages on iPad from iPhone, you can feel this in your iPad without cellular too. In an emergency, you can check all your messages on iPad if you have access to the same iCloud on both devices.

But you must know the proper steps to enable this feature with no pain in the butt.

Is it possible to have this feature on iOS? Is it too difficult to do? If you are looking for detailed information on receiving messages on iPad, you are at the right place. Have a look!

How to Receive Messages on IPad From IPhone?

You will need both an iPad and iPhone to continue this process.

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On iPad

Step 01: Go to settings.

Step 02: Tap on messages.

Step 03: Activate iMessages. You may be asked for an iCloud email address and password as they securely collect these messages on iCloud messages. So you won’t face any problem downloading messages from iCloud whenever you need them later.

On iPhone

Step 01: Tap “ok” first that will be sent from the iPad.

Step 02: Then go to settings.

Step 03: Tap messages.

Step 04: Click on “text message forwarding.”

Step 05: Turn “on” the switch to receive messages on the iPad.

Step 06: Enter the code on the iPhone that appeared on the iPad.

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And there you go! You will get messages on your iPad from now on!

If any problem arises in finding messages you have deleted or unable to get, you can also recover those. But you need to know how to view text messages on iCloud.

How to Get Text Messages On Both Iphone And Ipad?

This process is beneficial for those who own both iOS devices. You won’t leave any important messages unseen.

But you must sign in with the same Apple ID to use the iCloud on both devices. You will find all the messages iCloud-saved that you won’t have to worry further.

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Method- 01

Step 01: On your iPhone, select the settings option as usual.

Step 02: Tap on messages.

Step 03: Click on “send and receive.” But use the similar Apple ID account on both devices.

Step 04: Give a check on your phone number and email address.

Method- 02

Step 01: Go to settings.

Step 02: Then go to messages.

Step 03: Tap on “text message forwarding.”

Step 04: Choose the devices on which you want to get iMessages. If it is for iPad, then activate the option for iPad.

Step 05: Enter the verification code on your iPhone.

Receive Text Messages on IPad Without An IPhone

If you want to get messages on an iPad but don’t own an iPhone, there’s no problem at all. Still, you can continue communication through the iPad.

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In that case, you need to change the settings and use s feature like TextPlus given below:

On iPad

Messages app

Step 01: Go to settings.

Step 02: Tap on messages.

Step 03: Then click on “send and receive.”

By activating this feature, anyone can send or receive messages even though they don’t have an iPhone.

 Use TextPlus

TextPlus has brought a revolution in the world of technology since 2009. It allows you to turn any WiFi-enabled device into a phone for messaging or phone calls.

For that, you need to follow some steps-

Step 01: Download “textPlus” from iTunes App Store on iPad and from the Play Store on Android.

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Step 02: Open an account on any device- iPad or android.

Step 03: You need to open the account by choosing a number. After that, you can change it anytime. And that’s all for free.

TextPlus allows you to receive unlimited SMS or MMS on US or Canada contact numbers. Even making groups while chatting is allowed here.

Even nowadays, social media plays a vital role in communication. For example, Facebook messenger app, Snapchat, Skype are the medium to communicate with an iPad user even if one doesn’t own an iPhone.

On cellular iPad

Cellular iPads can receive SMS with continuity by using the cellular connection on the iPhone.

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However, you can’t receive text messages on a cellular iPad without an iPhone.

Did You Know You Can Receive SMS on Ipad Cellular from Android?

If you don’t have an iPhone, that means you own an android phone. Generally, it isn’t easy to sync up with iOS and Android devices. But I have come up with a fantastic method to remove the problem of sharing messages between iPad and Android devices.

Step 01: Install the “messages” app by Google.

Step 02: On iPad, go to any browser, be it safari or chrome. Search for messages.google.Com. Then. a QR code appears on screen.

Step 03: On android, go to the messages. Select the three dots menu in the right upper corner.

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Step 04: Tap on “messages for web” that will launch a camera to scan the QR code on the iPad.

Step 05: After scanning, your iPad will get synchronized with the ‘Messages’ app on an android device.

That’s a straightforward method to share SMS from android.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to sync old messages from iPhone to iPad?

It is possible by forwarding older text messages from the iPhone. Go to the message option and hold on to pressing the message. Then, tap the forward icon. Add a recipient that you want to send the message to and then send.

Why are my messages not syncing between my iPhone and iPad?

Maybe you forgot to turn on the iMessage option. It should be enabled to sync between iPhone and iPad.
Settings >Messages >iMessages.

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Can I receive text messages on my Ipad from an android phone?

yes, you can. To receive text messages from an android phone, you need to install the Google messages app. Then by scanning the QR code, you can synchronize it with the iPad. That’s it!


In messaging conversations, it’s essential to be synced up all the time so that you don’t miss any vital information. If you’re an iOS user, it would be easier to solve this problem.

Did you succeed in sending and receiving messages from android to iPad or iPhone to iPad? Read this content carefully; you will be able to do it without anyone’s help.

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We have discussed some methods of how to receive messages on iPad from the iPhone above. If you go through this article, you will surely be able to sync up messages between devices.

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