How to Recover Data from SSD Laptop- Still There Is a Hope!

Are you getting tensed because your laptop just crashed and fearing for the essential data inside the SSD? How to recover data from SSD laptop? Though sometimes it’s even impossible to retrieve data from a device, several ways are available to recover your data depending on the fault reasons.

And in this article, we will cover those parts. And show you the ways to recover data from SSD laptops. So, let’s dive in for more details.

How to Recover Data from SSD Laptop?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to detect SSD failures. The SSDs don’t create any audible signals like the HDDs do before getting dead completely.

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So, it’s hard to find out when your SSD laptop is going to stop functioning.

However, SSD laptops do display some warnings that an expert user can quickly identify. And you can easily intervene in probable SSD failure before it stops working.

How to Detect if an SSD is Failing?

You can detect the following indicators in your SSD laptop before it dies completely. 

  • Bad blocks hamper data storage as well as retrieval actions. You can have problems with saving, moving, or deleting files. However, the active applications may run slow and result in decreasing performance.
  • File system repair means your laptop has an issue with the connector port. Simply back up your necessary files and then take action. Disk Utility for Mac OS, fsck utility for Linux, and other pro version software for different OS users.
  • Crashing is another vital sign of your SSD failure. If you face crashes while rebooting, your SSD is going to fail soon. You can reinstall your OS or run software to rate your SSD health and performance.
  • If your SSD performs in read-only mode, it’s a sign that your SSD is failing soon. Save your important data by backing up and taking action to solve this issue.
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How Can You Fix Your Failed SSD? 

It’s a good question about how to fix a failed SSD. So, fixing a failed SSD depends on its issue’s source.

No matter what your issue is, trying these techniques can work with at least 90% possibility.

Let’s Know the Steps One by One on How to Retrieve Data from a Laptop SSD?

Some possible laptop data recovery options are:

  • Format your drive to redownload your OS (power cycling)
  • Leave your computer idle in the boot menu
  • Update your SSD firmware
  • Update your SSD driver

Brief details are given below for your better understanding.

Method-1: Reboot the SSD (power cycling)

This procedure may be helpful if the SSD disk becomes corrupted due to a power outage. 

  • Uninstall the SATA data cable but leave the connected power cable first. 
  • Power up the laptop (for 30 seconds) and turn it off for 30 minutes. 
  • Then, restart it for 30 minutes and keep it off for 30 seconds again. 
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A successful power cycling will back up your SSD laptop.

Method-2: Idling in the Boot Menu

Idling in the boot menu requires almost the same process. 

  • Unplug the SATA cable but leave the power cable connected first. 
  • Turn on the power for 30 seconds and then turn it off for 30 minutes. 
  • Then restart the device to let it idle in the boot menu. 

Note: Boot into BIOS and sit at the BIOS screen on a PC. To access the boot menu on a Mac, turn it on and press down the ALT simultaneously.

A successful idling reboot provides backup to your SSD laptop.

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Method-3: Update Your SSD Firmware

Try to solve your SSD data by following the below-stated steps in case of corrupted storage drive firmware.

  • Firstly, run firmware updating software to determine your SSD firmware update status.
  • Install the new version of the firmware update to restore the SSD actions. 

Method-4: Update your SSD drivers

Update your SSD drivers to reboot your laptop. It helps to restore lost data by applying the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to device manager from Windows menu
  • Select disk drives and right-click on the diver
  • Select “Update” and wait for the rebooting.

You will be able to access your SSD after rebooting.

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How to Recover Data from SSD Dead Laptop?

Now come to the main point of a dead laptop data recovery. Try the below-stated step-by-step tutorial to retrieve your SSD data from unbootable issues.

In addition, we discuss 2 different methods to practice to recover, access, transfer data from your dead laptop.

However, you can recover data from windows 7/8/10/XP without booting into the OS.

Let’s dig in for a clear understanding.

Method-1: Retrieve Files from Dead Laptop SS Drive with EaseUS Bootable Data Recovery Software

EaseUS data recovery software, a data recovery wizard, can retrieve your data from an SSD laptop. This lets you create a bootable disk that can be easily accessible from a WinPE environment.

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Scan to recover data by running this data recovery media wizard with a few clicks. 

Step-1: Create an empty USB flash drive.

Connect an empty USB drive to your PC. Now launch EaseUS data recovery software WinPE Edition. Then, tab the USB drive and select “Create.” You have successfully created a USB bootable disk.

Step-2: Recover data from your SSD laptop’s hard drive. 

Run the EaseUS software from the bootable WinPE disk and run a scan on your desired drive. Preview all retrievable SSD data to select your desired file and click “Recover” to restore your lost files. 

Method 2- Transfer Data from Your Dead Laptop to a New PC

You can recover data from your SSD laptop by transferring data to your new laptop. To do so, you will need a screwdriver, a new PC, and a USB cable. But, first, let’s find out how to act effectively. 

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Option 1- Recover data from SSD laptop Manually on New PC

To do it manually, follow these steps.

Step-1: Uninstall the drive from your dead laptop

Unlock your laptop’s case by using the screwdriver. Now, unplug the hard drive cable to uninstall the drive out of your PC. 

Step-2: Install/ connect the HD to your new computer.

You can install this HD on your new PC if it supports a second HD. First, remove the case by utilizing the screwdriver to install the HD through a power cable and SATA cable. 

On the other hand, install a USB disk as a new drive to your new computer. Use it as an external disk if it doesn’t support a second drive slot via USB cable.

Step 3: Restart your PC and enable the hard drive on your new computer. (For a second HD slot).

  • Reinstall your computer case to restart your new PC.
  • Now enter into the BIOS menu by pressing the required key like Del/ F11/ F2.
  • Select “Advanced,” and press the “IDE Configuration.”
  • In addition, select the “Configure SATA” and press Enter.
  • Don’t forget to click “AHCI” in the SATA menu before saving the changes. 
  • Follow step 4 if you connect the old HD as an external HD of your new PC. 
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Step 4: Restart your new computer to view files. Then, open your HD in file explorer and recover your data with ease. 

Option 2: Recover Data from your SSD laptop that is inaccessible to a new computer 

Firstly, utilize trusted data recovery software to get the files off your dead laptop. Then, follow these steps.

Step-1: Select a drive to scan the hard drive partition.

Select your desired drive on your PC’s hard disk. Then tab “Scan” to enable EaseUS data recovery software to scan all files or data from your desired HD. 

Step-2: Check the results

Click on the “Search files/ folders” or “Filter” to check the lost files. 

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Step-3: Restore the data

Click on “Recover” after selecting your lost HD data on the SSD laptop and save it for future use.

Method-3: Pay a Visit to a Local Disk Repair Center

If the above 2 methods can’t recover your file, visit a local disk repair center to retrieve the lost data. But make sure to go on a reliable store to avoid any data privacy hamper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can files be recovered from SSD?

You can recover data from an SSD laptop with several tactics. For example, try out reboot power cycling, idling in the reboot menu, updating firmware, or updating SSD drives.

Can SSD hard drives crash?

The simple answer is yes. Your SSD hard drives can crash. In addition, SSDs may be hit due to P/E malfunctioning issues.

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We are confident that how to recover data from SSD laptop is not a headache for you anymore. However, recover data from an SSD-dead laptop with ease by applying any of the given methods.

Try these out. Thus, you can easily retrieve your valuable data without getting panicked. Though recovering data from an SSD is troublesome, it’s more relieving than losing important files. 

Follow the method you like most to Store your recovered data in a new device for future use. We hope you are satisfied after retrieving your lost data from your laptop. 

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