How To Rename Pictures on iPhone? 2 Easy Methods

How to rename pictures on iPhone? You can use any third-party software or rename the pictures by saving them inside your iPhone files. And the steps are pretty easy.

Renaming the picture helps us to find out the particular image from the thousands of photos. But renaming pictures on the iPhone is kinda hectic.

So, we come up here with this guide where you will find some very simple steps for renaming the pictures on your iPhone.

So, let’s check it out!

How To Rename Pictures on iPhone?

When the question is how to rename photos on iPhone, there are so many useful apps in iTunes to help you out. Again, when you save images to files, it will also be easy to rename the photo.

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Perhaps the following steps can help you to change the photo name on your iPhone.

Method 1: Save Photos to Files

If you want to change the default photo name iPhone, you can go through these steps. Hopefully, it will also be the best method to answer how to rename pictures on iPhone 6.

Step 1: Go to “Photos”

First, you have to go to ‘Photos.’ Then simply open the picture that you want to rename immediately.

Step 2: Click On “Share”

After opening the picture, tap on the ‘share’ button. The find the ‘Save to Files’ and save the picture ‘On My iPhone.’

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Step 3: Make A Folder

After completion of the previous steps, make a folder to store the renamed photo.

Step 4: Rename the File Name of The Photo

Tap on the file name, which is just after the thumbnail of the picture. Then write down the name of the photo that you want to give by renaming it. After typing the new name, you can click on Done > Save.

Method 2: Use “Photo Manager Pro”

When you are looking for other alternatives for how to rename images on iPhone, the ‘Photo Manager Pro’ can be one of the best solutions. But how can you use it? Just follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Connect Your Computer with The iPhone

First of all, you have to connect your computer of tab with your iPhone. Then open iTunes on your iPhone. Then enter the browser to go to the ‘Photo Manager Pro’ site and click on ‘View in iTunes.’

Step 2: Download the App on Your Computer

In order to download the app on your computer, you have to click “Free”>“Download.” But remember that you must select the iPhone as the device to download the app.

After that, you can disconnect the iPhone from the computer and can sync to the ‘Photo Manager Pro’ from the iPhone.

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Step 3: Allow “Photo Manager Pro” To Access Photo on iPhone

After finishing all the previous steps, you now need to enter the new app by tapping on the icon. After opening, the app may ask you if you want to permit access to the photo gallery. Simply tap on ‘Ok’ to allow. Once allowed, it will show all of your photos on your iPhone.

Step 4: Change Default Photo Name iPhone

Select the folder of photos and tap on the picture that you want to rename. Then click on ‘Action.’ After that, tap on ‘Rename’ and enter the new name that you want to give to that picture. Then tap the ‘Ok’ button to finish the process.

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So, now you know how to rename pics on iPhone both using third-party software or without any software used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you rename photos on the phone?

If you want to rename photos on your android phone, then it is easy to edit. But the rename will only remain on your local device, not in other areas.

How do you rename photos on your iPhone?

To rename photos on iPhone, open the picture you want to rename. Then click on ‘Share’>‘Save to Files.’ Then click the ‘On My iPhone’ button. After that, choose a folder to save the renamed photo. Then rename the photo and press ‘Ok’ to confirm.

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How do I label photos on my iPhone?

To label photos on iPhone, first, you should open ‘Photo’ to open the picture that you want to add a label. Then tap on ‘Option’ to find out the information about that photo. After that, tap ‘Add a Caption’ to add a label that will enable you to write text.

Final Verdict

How To Rename Pictures on iPhone? perhaps this is no more a question for you. Though the default feature of the iPhone does not allow you to rename pictures, the third-party app can smooth the path to do that.

Whatever you need to rename a picture for SEO or find it from the gallery easily, after going through this article now, you will be able to rename photos iOS 14 or can change the default photo name iPhone within a few moments.

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