How To Repair USB Cable: Soldering Or Use Glue?

How to repair a USB cable?Repairing USB cables isn’t that much difficult if you have some basic knowledge of cable connections.You can repair it by soldering the cable wire or using moldingglue to fix the …

How to repair a USB cable?Repairing USB cables isn’t that much difficult if you have some basic knowledge of cable connections.You can repair it by soldering the cable wire or using moldingglue to fix the loosening issue.

USB cables are an essential aspect of modern-day technology. But these cables tend to get loose over time. So, it gets hard maintaining the connections correctly.

If you need a more detailed view of the process, then follow through to getbetter ideas of repairing a USB cable.

How to Repair USB Cable

How to Repair USB Cable

Although fixing a USB cable is a straightforward undertaking, you need to be aware of the total procedure. It’s to keep you away from messing things up.

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Here you’ll find 2 methods: reconnect the cable wherever it’s worn out or glue the cable in certain cases that you need to follow while repairing a USB cable.

Let’s learn more about these methods in detail.

Method-1: Reconnect The Cable

You can reconnect the cable in 4 following steps. Here are they:

1. Identify The Problem & Cut It Off

Tools you need: Knife

Process: Here is the process you need to follow;

  • Identify the area that’s causing the problem and cut it off from the USB plug.
  • Next, hold the metal part up in the air. Hold on to the metal part so you don’t end up cutting your fingers.
  • Now use a knife to cut any side of the plug. Apply a certain amount of pressure while you move downwards along with the knife. But be careful not to harm yourself.
  • Keep going until you can separate the whole rubber casing and take the metal pieces out. If you can do it smoothly, you won’t need to cut the opposite side of the plug.
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2. Removing Wire

Tools you need: Wire strippers

Process: Here are the steps you need to follow;

  • After getting past the outer cover, get the wires too. Now, separate them from the main connector that’s inside the piece. Remember to keep the previous wires visible so that you don’t get confused about where to solder.
  • Then prepare the wire that needs to be connected to the plug through soldering.
  • Make sure to use proper tools here and remember to have a lot of patience. Or else you’ll get frustrated and end up with a room full of broken wires.

3. Tinning & Soldering

Tools you need: Desoldering wicks, screwdriver

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Steps to to follow;

  • The first thing is to tin the wires. Tinning is applying a thin layer of solder on the outer side of the wire. This makes it much easier to work with.
  • Next, you’ll need to strip the gunk out that’s currently stuck on the connector. Some desoldering wicks can assist you in this particular job. But feel free to use any types of material that you are comfortable with.
  • Now, solder the wires to the connector. It should be an easy task identifying them as you’ve already kept them separated.
  • After soldering, check the connections. For this, plug the cable into a computer. It’s good if everything works. But if not, you’ll have to find out why. The most likely reason can be because of shorts along the wire or somewhere in the connections.
  • Check the points where you’ve soldered. A unique trick that you can use is to run a flat head screwdriver along the joints. It’s an effective way that helps make sure that there are no shorts.
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4. Glue The Cable

When the cable is just a bit loose or broken a bit, glue is enough to do the fixing job with the help of a few materials.

Tools you need:  Pliers, glue gun, knife

Process: Here are the steps to follow;

  • Re-assemble internal metal parts and insert them in the container. Close the metal cover-up and tighten the grip using a pair of pliers. You can use a glue gun for this purpose. It avoids ripping the cable right after it’s put back together.
  • After getting the metal cover back together, you’ve to put back the outer rubber cover. You can place it around the metal casing and use a glue gun to glue it afterward.
  • Then hold the piece together until it’s stuck for good. Let the glue dry out, and then use a knife to brush off the excess glue.
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Method-2: Fixing A Broken USB Cable with Moulding Glue

Talking of a unique formula to fix a broken USB cable, Sugru is the one to lurk in mind first that sticks to glass, plastic, metal, and wood surfaces. You just have to firmly cover the item you want to seal off, stick, or fix and wait until it dries out.

It takes around 30 minutes to set. About 24 hours later, the seal turns into a solid and flexible rubber-like material. It keeps the structure until you decide to move it. The insulation is so powerful that it’s also used to cover up small electrical supplies.

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After using this product to repair electrical wires, the risk of electrocution gets very minimal. Avoid repairing cables whose metal parts are visible or while the cable is functioning.

You simply follow these steps, and your USB cable will be secured in a minute-

Step: 1

Open the packet containing Sugru. Now, roll ½ of the product into a sausage-like structure and press it until it becomes flat.

Step: 2

Wrap the Sugru that you’ve flattened around your cable. Make sure that it’s evenly covered around the broken area. Keep repeatedly pressing until the shape starts looking nice.

Step: 3

After you’re satisfied with its shape, try rubbing it gently to make the surface a bit smoother.

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Step: 4

Leave the product on for 12-24 hours to set, and after that, your cable will be ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you repair a broken USB cable?

Yes, of course, you can. Following the Sugru method discussed above, you can easily fix your broken USB cable.

Can USB ports be replaced?

If anything feels out of place with the USB ports of your USB cable, or if you think you’re going to require more connections, it won’t be that difficult if you’ve some mechanical expertise. Or else, you can call an expert.

How much does it cost to replace a USB port?

It can cost about $2 – $30, based on the models you are using and the cable you have. And professional experts might land with some extra charges.

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Broken USB cables are a very common thing in this technologically advanced era. If you own an electrical device, it obviously comes with an additional cable of some type. Usually, these cables have very low durability and will inevitably break down after a while.

So, it’s a good thing if you know how to repair USB cable as it’ll surely be of great help. You can fix your and all your friends’ broken wires, and they’ll be eternally grateful to you for your services.

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