How to Reset Cooler Master Keyboard- 3 Effective Ways

Suppose your cooler master keyboard suddenly stops functioning. On the very first things, you may think of resetting it. But you don’t know how to reset cooler master keyboard. Before connecting the keyboard, hold the Fn and Alt key altogether and connect the keyboard. It should be reset.

Well, there are 2-more ways by which you can reset the cooler master keyboard easily. We will vividly discuss these three options and add some tips to solve the keyboard issues if the reset fails to achieve the goal.

So, you need to read through to discover more about these affairs. Hopefully, your cooler master keyboard may work after applying these methods.

How to Reset Cooler Master Keyboard

As we all know, the cooler master keyboard is the best out of all the keyboards. In general, everyone uses different brands such as cooler master CK552, MK730, etc.

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But the problems occur when it stops working without any reason. The issues may seem to be like these,

  1. cooler master keyboard LEDs not working,
  2. Sometimes when you use a keyboard, it often stops working while plugging
  3. You may fall trouble typing any words
  4. One of the keys working while other keys remain unresponsive
  5. You’ve tried plugging it into 2-different computers, but it still doesn’t work.

So, here are the reset solutions that you may try to fix those issues.

Resetting Method: 01

  • First, start from the cooler master keyboard manual.
  • Unplug it to your P.C. or Windows.
  • Remove all the connections from your keyboard.
  • Now hold the F.N. key from your keyboard and press the right Alt key with the other finger. Remember, you need to press and hold them all together.
  • At this time, try to connect the keyboard with your computer again. But do not leave the button FN+Right Alt key.
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These options help to go back to the keyboard factory settings or demo mode. For which, you can reset it to fix the issues.

Resetting Method: 02

If the first options don’t work for you, then try this second reset. For this,

  • Let your keyboard be plugged into the P.C.
  • Now, tap on the Fn key and E altogether, and hold on like this for 3-5 seconds.
  • This option will delete all the onboard memory access of your keyboard.

Now, check the keyboard if this will work then or not.


The above methods will delete any saved or important documentary of previous. But it doesn’t harm your keyboard. So, you should save your necessary profiles before applying them.

Method 03: Profile Reset

Sometimes profile reset will help to fix the problem manually. For this, your keyboard will start to work like a new one.

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Now, you might be asking why I should do the profile reset. Profile reset will help to default to a single color cycle whenever you prefer the color wave.

However, do follow these below methods.

  • For this, go to your keyboard.
  • And press the function keys Fn with your one finger and hold the R.
  • Keep it holding like this for a second.

You are all set. Now, you can continue all your work with the keyboard. You can check out the cooler master manual to figure out the issue conditions.

Tips to Follow If Reset Options Of Cooler Master Keyboard Does Not Work

Many things could cause problems with your more incredible master keyboard. We won’t predict that the above method will solve your keyboard problem manually. But these are the particular fixes that may work.

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Hence, you can follow these below tips to solve any further issues if the reset options will fail to work in the future.

  • Try to use a different USB port.
  • Shut down your P.C. before unplugging a keyboard, and then plug it back in.
  • If you find it troublesome to type with your keyboards, you should restart the p.c first because restarting the P.c could resolve the software issues with your keyboard’s driver.
  • You can test your keyboard on other USB ports on the P.C. Sometimes, a dead USB port or wrong driver may force your keyboard to stop functioning. In that case, resetting the keyboard won’t act.
  • Try another keyboard on your P.C. If this works, the problem might be a driver or windows issue.
  • Hard reset your P.c.
  • Take your keyboard to any service centre or buy a new one if possible.
  • Detach the keyboard for some time and reattach it.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Reset My Mechanical keyboard?

Reset your mechanical keyboard by unplugging the keyboard from P.C. Then grasp and hold the function key and F4 key altogether for 10-12 seconds. Plug your keyboard into the computer again. At this time, your keyboard will flash and reset forever.

How to Get My Keyboard Back to Normal?

To change the functions of your keyboard in normal mode, press the CTRl and shift key together, then click on the quotation mark from the keyboard. It should be back to work again. If not, then press the shift key again.

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Final Verdict

Some users often added that their newly purchased keyboard gets stuck or hangs in the middle of the work. This may happen for the cheaper components or replicas.

If you felt this sort of issue and a recent purchase, we must advise you to return it or see if it has a warranty because a more excellent master keyboard didn’t cost you more.

However, try these above reset methods once step by step. We assure you that there’s no mechanical fault inside your keyboard. These options will work.

Perhaps, we might give you helpful information about how to reset cooler master keyboard on your own.

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