[Fix Revealed]How To Reset Laptop Battery Chip- 2 Ways

How to reset laptop battery chip when there are some charging issues? Using battery analyzing software or shorting out the chip directly, you can reset it. If you are a laptop user, indeed you have …

How to reset laptop battery chip when there are some charging issues? Using battery analyzing software or shorting out the chip directly, you can reset it.

If you are a laptop user, indeed you have faced charging issues with your laptop battery. When the battery of your laptop malfunctions, it becomes hazy to use that gadget.

The batteries of laptops like HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc., usually show such types of malfunctioning. But this is a common issue, and there is no need to be tensed about that.

Stay with the last word of this article to get a complete package of solutions.

How To Reset Laptop Battery Chip- 2 Ways

We often face questions like how do I reset my reset HP laptop battery chip! My laptop battery is not working yet. But the battery is new and in good condition. Then resetting the battery chip of your laptop surely works.

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There are some easy ways to reset the laptop battery chip. At first, you have to perform a lithium battery BMS reset when the battery is of Li-ion.

For different laptops, the steps for the solution will be different. Here we show you 2 ways- one using a battery analyzer software and another one is shorting out the battery chip.

Method-1: Using a Battery Analyzer Software

Generally, in this method, for resetting the battery chip of a laptop, another device is needed.

This process is stated below.

  • At first, remove the battery from your laptop which you want to fix. Then connect the battery with a battery analyzer of another PC or laptop. There are many battery analyzer apps available on Google.
  • You also find other famous apps for analyzing the battery condition of your laptop. We suggest using the “BatteryInfoView” app for analyzing your battery chip. Many professionals use another device called batter checker NLBA1 to check the battery parameters, reset the chip to the factory unit, unlocking, etc.
  • There you will find the laptop battery reset tool on the analyzer app. Click here for further stepping. After that, You will see that the battery is locked as the chip is having some issues. There will be no current flow showing on the current flow counter.
  • Now you will find the reset option on the screen beside the data. Before clicking there, let the analyzer read the data of the battery chip of your laptop.
  • In some of the laptops, you may not find the laptop battery reset button. This feature was in the older version of the laptops. So, in the analyzer app, click on the Reset data option.
  • Here you will see three options. The first one is ‘Read SBS Report’. Allow the app to read the SBS report of the chip of the battery. Then you will see that the battery is supported there.
  • After that, you can see the second one auto-enabled. It will automatically identify your battery chip. Then go for the third option. Now, clear data from the battery so that flags can be removed from the chip of your battery.
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If you have done all these steps one by one, you already know how you can reset the laptop battery chip. Using a battery analyzer on another PC or laptop, you will be able to reset the battery chip.

Method-2: Shorting out the Laptop Battery Chip

So, another method is short out the laptop battery chip and it can reset the entire battery chip cycles. for this-

Take out the laptop battery.

  • Open the battery. Here, you can use a flathead screwdriver to open the battery casing. Don’t pull out the cover with too much pressure, lest it should ruin the battery casing.
  • When you open the battery, you will see the battery chip circuit board closely connected to the port that you use to connect the charging adapter plug. Slightly pull that out a little.
  • Now, check there can be more than one shorting points named a chip with some digit. Touch that points with the screwdriver metal side. And hold on with it for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the same for other shorting points chips. After that, push the chip back inside and wrap up the battery casing correctly.
  • Now, insert the battery inside your laptop and after a few minutes turn on the laptop.
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By now, the battery must be reset and all the problems related to the laptop battery must have gone.

Why Does The Battery Chip Of A Battery Malfunction?

The battery chips protect both the battery and the IC from the damage of high voltage supplies. It also prevents the loss of system ground in a low voltage supply state.

This supply problem and overuse of the gadget may lead the battery chip of your laptop into technical issues. As a result, it does not work the way it came right out of the factory.

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This process will also need the removal of the battery from your laptop. Then, hold the power button for 20 to 30 seconds to shut the laptop down. Now reconnect the battery.

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Now, enable it to charge for at least an hour without powering the laptop on. After that time, you will be able to reset laptop battery not charging. After that, you can hope to get a more accurate battery reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Reset HP Laptop Battery Chip

If you want to know the laptop battery BMS hack of an HP laptop, first remove the battery from the gadget. Then power the laptop off by pressing the power on/off button for an average of 20 seconds.
Then attach the battery again. Now, insert the cable on your laptop and power it on. Just usually start the Windows. Reset will be done easily.

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How to Reset Toshiba Laptop Battery Chip?

For a Toshiba laptop, at first, you need to reset laptop battery EEPROM. Connect the battery to the adapter. Now let the analyzer read the data on the battery. Then it will request to read the data remaining in the chip of the battery.
Now, allow that. Then you can reset the battery chip of your Toshiba laptop. Just follow the same procedure for resetting the battery chip using an analyzer app that has been discussed above.

How Do I Reset My Dell Laptop Battery Chip?

For resetting the battery chip of your Dell laptop, all you need to do is find out the laptop battery reset pinhole. Most of you will not find that pinhole easily because it is very tiny and a negligible one.
Just flip your laptop back, and you will see a tiny hole beside the battery. Then push a pin or paperclip there with a little force. A little button will do the rest of the resetting work.

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So, this is how to reset laptop battery chip. While resetting your laptop, make sure that the power cable is out from the port.

Follow the steps shown here, respectively. If you notice that the battery is not working normally even after reset, you need to buy a new battery.

But at first, try to communicate with the customer service center of your laptop provider.

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