How to Run Disk Cleanup on Lenovo Laptop- Different Ways to Speedup

Is your laptop running low on disk space? Then a disk cleanup can meet your long needs. But how to run disk cleanup on a Lenovo laptop? A disk clean-up includes deleting the junk files and unnecessary temporary files that you can easily do within minutes.

Insufficient space on a hard disk may affect the performance of your laptop. With this, you will not be able to install all the essential updates.

The best way you can make more space on your drive and make your laptop faster is disk cleanup. Cleaning the hard disk will help to keep your pc updated and run faster.

Check this for all the possible ways. Here we suggest some possible methods of cleaning the disk and get more space on your computer.  Don’t worry we’re not showing ways for deleting your essential files.

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Let’s go for detailed procedures.

How to Run Disk Cleanup on Lenovo Laptop- Easily Explained

There are different processes you can run disk cleanup and free up space on a Lenovo laptop. We discussed some of the techniques here for you

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Run Disk Cleanup from File Explorer

You can run disk cleanup from file Explorer. With this, the temporary files, the junk file saved by the browsers, and the system files can also delete.

Process 1:  Cleanup Space by Deleting Files from File Explorer

You can either perform disk cleanup selecting each drive of your laptop or from the start menu.

To clean up space on your Lenovo laptop, follow the steps-

Step 1: First, you have to open File Explorer

Step 2: Now, Click on the hard drive

Step 3: Go to the Manage Tab/ Drive Tools,

Step 4: On the manage tab, click on Cleanup

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Step 5: The Disk Cleanup will scan and calculate the space you can free.

Step 6: You can also select more or deselect if you need from the list. And then select OK to confirm the cleanup process.

Step 7: Select Delete. And then, you will see the disk cleanup on your system is done within your blinks.

Process 2: Clean the System Files

If you need more space, you can free up more space by deleting the System files. Here are the steps-

Step 1: Go to the manage tab again

Step 2: The Disk Cleanup will do the initial scan

Step 3: In the resulting dialog, you will notice the ‘Cleanup System Files’

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Step 4: Now click on ‘Cleanup System Files’

Step 5: The Disk Cleanup will run another scan

Step 6: Click on everything in the list and select them

 Step 7: Tap on Delete.

How to Cleanup Lenovo Laptop Windows 10/7

There are other ways you can make more space on your laptop. If your laptop has the Windows 10 or Windows 7 operating system, you can follow this process to run disk clean up. You can free space by deleting drives, system files.

Process 1: Deleting Temporary files

Step 1: Go to the taskbar

Step 2: On the search box, type Disk Cleanup

Step 3: A list will appear; select Disk Cleanup from there.

Step 4: Now click on the drive you want to delete and select it

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Step 5: Click on OK

Step 6: To confirm, select Delete files.

Process 2:  Deleting System files

Again, from the start menu, you can clean the system files also. For this-

Step 1: Go to Disk cleanup  from the Windows menu bar

Step 2: From their select Cleanup system files.

Step 3: Now, mark the file types of file you want to delete.

Step 4: Select the file to get a file description.

Step 5: Click on OK.

Step 6: Click on Delete file to confirm.

How to Make Lenovo Laptop Faster

If your Lenovo laptop is running slow, it will affect the performance. There are different ways that you can make more storage and faster Lenovo laptop. There are five methods that You can follow For more on freeing up space on your PC.

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Method 1: Clean Out All the Bugs

Like any dust can make your hardware systems slower, any bugs or corrupted files can also make your system run slower. In that case, delete those corrupted files and always perform a disk cleanup once or twice a month to keep your laptop run smoothly.

Method 2: Disabling the Unnecessary Auto-Startup Programs

If your laptop has so many auto startup programs, they will make it slow. To faster your computer, you can disable those programs.

You can check the auto startup apps from the Task Manager. To disable the auto startup programs w follow the process below:

Step 1: Go to the settings.

Step 2: Select Apps from there

Step 3: Click on Startup

Step 4: Now, find the unwanted program

Step 5: Turn it off

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You can also stop them from the notification bar if you’re a Windows 7 or 10 user.

Method 3: Keep Your Lenovo Malware-Free

A malware attack is another reason your laptop is running slow. When your computer gets infected with malware, it slows down the performance of any computer.

To get rid of malware, you can install a good Antivirus program on your laptop. However, an updated Windows defender can work here as an alternative also.

Method 4: Upgrade your Hardware

Upgrading the hardware is the most effective way to fasten your laptop. You can upgrade RAM and SSD.

If your laptop gets frozen during photo editing, video making, 3D modeling, you may need to upgrade your RAM. Adding more RAM to your laptop will speed up and give fast performance.

To speed up your laptop, you can also upgrade From HDD to SSD. It will improve the performance of and run your computer 100 times faster.

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Method 5: Clean Up the Hard Disk

If your hard drive becomes 80% or more full, the laptop will slow down. The space may get filled with temporary files, third-party apps, or useless junk files from the browser.

To make your laptop fast again, you need to know how clean up your hard disk. You can clean the hard drive manually or can use different apps for this.

Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I do a disk cleanup on my Lenovo laptop?

There are different ways you can do disk cleanup on your Lenovo laptop. The process is on the chart: File Explorer > select hard drive> Manage tab> Cleanup> mark from the list > tap on Delete.

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How can I make my Lenovo laptop run faster?

You can make your Lenovo laptop run fast if you keep the system clean and free from any virus or malware bytes. However, performing a disk clean-up on a monthly or weekly basis can keep your system smooth running.

Is it safe to Disk Cleanup?

Yes, Disk cleanup is always safe. It deletes the temporary, cache, and log files that are created by the different programs. Disk cleanup never harms the documents, media, or programs in your laptop.


The processes of how to run disk cleanup on Lenovo laptop help you clean up the unused files and data of the laptop. If your laptop becomes slow and gets frozen, you need to free some space.

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Disk Cleanup helps to clean junk files and unnecessary data. This program does not delete any of your essential files. This is one of the best and free methods to clean the temporary cache and log files. These files sometimes slow down the laptop and finally affect the performance.

If you follow the processes, we assure you that you can easily run disk cleanup on your Lenovo laptop. For better performance, read the content carefully.

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