How To Send A Blank Text On iPhone? 2 Hacks to Try Now!

How to send a blank text on iPhone? Is this even possible? Yes, it’s possible. In the iOS older versions, you can just hit a spacebar to put space and can send the message without …

How to send a blank text on iPhone? Is this even possible? Yes, it’s possible. In the iOS older versions, you can just hit a spacebar to put space and can send the message without using other texts. But the latest iPhones do not allow this anymore. Still, there is a trick.

Usually, we see people speaking or searching for ways to stop receiving a blank text on an iPhone. But today, you will know how to send blank message on your iPhone. Yeah, you read the right thing.

So, without delaying any more, let’s learn the fantastic steps.

How To Send a Blank Text On iPhone

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Unluckily, the iPhone has not provided us with an option by using which we can send a blank text. Before the update of the software of the iPhone, it was a straightforward task to do. But after its update, things aren’t as easy as It was before.

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Now the iPhone’s function is entirely changing, and sadly, it does not give us an option like before. However, we have found a way of sending a blank text. Also, the significant part is it’s so easy.

According to the iPhone rules, the user can only send text, emojis, stickers, photos & gifs in his chat. Apart from these, he cannot send any text without typing anything. The present generation loves sending blank messages to their close friends and beloved persons and making them surprised.

But whenever one tries to send blank messages, the send button stays grey. For which, he cannot send any empty text. Moreover, by any chance, if the send button shows though when one presses it, it does not work until one types any Text. More again, some android phones let you send the empty message by typing a space button once. But sadly iPhone does not even allow this.

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So, many people think that to send a blank text on an iPhone, one needs to have a pc, laptop, or software. Luckily, it isn’t true at all. One can easily send a blank text on the iPhone without having a PC or laptop. Today we will show you the most straightforward way of sending an empty text on an iPhone.

So, let’s know the steps without being late anymore.

Method-1: For The Old iOS Models

Blank text can be sent using the default message app on the iPhone and this method is effective only if your iPhone is of older models, i.e. not updated.

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Well, the steps are-

Step-1: Open message chatbox.

Step-2: Tap on the text box.

Step-3: Just hit the space bar once, and the send option is highlighted with blue color, meaning ready to send.

Well, so far we all knew this method to be the one and only option to send a blank text on iPhone or Android devices. But if your device does not let you do that then the next option is for you to try.

Method-2: With The Help of Empty Character Site

Sadly, Apple does not let us send a blank text even if with the space hitting now. Yes, you heard it right. After the recent update, you cannot send a blank text on your iPhone even if you hit the space bar. The send button remains grey even after hitting a space bar.

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However, don’t worry. We have figured out the solution for this too. Method-2 is all about this. Then, let’s see the steps.

Step-1: Open your browser and go to “”.

Step-2: Here, you will find the guide to so each steps one by one. Just do as written.

Step-3: Copy the code given there and copy it to save it on the clipboard.

Step-4: Now, open your chat box and paste the code. You can also check if it was copied or not.

Step-5: After pasting the code in the messenger chatbox, you will find the send button becoming blue.

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Step-6: Tap send.

So easy it is! In this way, you can send a blank text to your friends and make them surprised.

But another way is if somebody sends you a blank message, then delivering the same message/forwarding the same will work in some cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I type any single text inside the box, will I be able to send a blank text?

No. The most important role of sending a blank text is you can’t type anything inside the box, not even a single alphabet. If you do so, then your text won’t remain blank.

Is it harmful to the iOS device to send blank?

No, there would be no issue if you send a blank text. Rather, you can get a chance to wonder about your close ones.

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What does it mean when you get a blank text?

Well, sending a blank message does not show something personal or any kind of warning. The best part of sending a blank text is the amusement that people find so curious.

Final Verdict

Sometimes, blank text is a problem for someone. Again, sometimes it is entertainment to someone. Though many people know how to stop having empty text not how to send it.

If you are among these people and don’t know how to send a blank text on iPhone, you can read this article. After flipping through this, we’re convinced you will be able to send a blank text on the iPhone easily.

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